(EXPIRED) Dell Amex Offer: Spend $200+, get $40 back (stack with Dell credits)

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There is a new targeted Amex Offer out that’s good for $40 back when you spend $200+ at Dell.com. While these targeted Dell offers come out a lot, this is noteworthy in that the spend required to hit the bonus is much lower than usual and it’s found on both personal and business Amex cards. This means that it’s possible to stack this with the Amex Business Platinum’s $200 Dell credit.

The Deal

  • Get a one-time $40 statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card to spend a minimum of $200 in one or more purchases online at Dell.com by 7/25/2022 (enrollment required).

Key Terms

  • Expires 7/25/22.
  • Must first add offer to Card and then use same Card to redeem.
  • Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards are eligible.
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels.
  • This offer does not apply to refurbished items, systems or spare parts and is not valid for online auctioneers, Professional Associations, or other Dell Member Purchase Programs. Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases, international transactions, international contact center, Global events, Dell Financial services, Dell Outlet for Home, Dell Outlet for Work, Dell PartnerDirect, Dell Premier, Dell Premier Connect, Dell Premier Select, and authorized Dell® retailers.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside the US, Puerto Rico, USVI and Guam.
  • Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 7/25/2022.

Quick Thoughts

Normally, Dell Amex offers are for $500+ of spend, with 20-25% off (ie, $120 off $599, $200 off $800, etc).  While this is only 20%, the lower spending threshold is extremely useful.

Xbox cards have recently had a 10% off code on Dell (currently GAME10), which allows you to buy $225 in XBox/Microsoft credit for $202.50 ($225-$22.50=$202.50). Note that the code only works with one item per transaction, and the maximum Xbox gift card denomination is $100, so you have to make 3 separate transactions to apply the code to the whole kit-and-kaboodle.

If you have the the Amex offer on a personal card, using it to get $225 of Microsoft credit for $162.50 is a pretty good deal. Although the terms say “no gift cards,” in practice that has only applied to Dell gift cards, not Xbox.

But it’s much better if you find it on a Business Platinum, as it will stack with the $200 twice-yearly Dell credits that are a feature of the card.

In my opinion, the best use for the BizPlat Dell credits (for most people) is to buy Xbox gift cards and either resell them or turn them into Microsoft credit on the Microsoft Store. This allows you to deposit up to a maximum of $1000 at any one time, effectively banking the $200 credits and reaching a much more useful amount.

I’m not entirely sure how this credit will stack with the Amex offer. There are a couple of way that it could happen:

a) If the offer is applied first, it will take the total of the $225 in Xbox cards down from $202.50 down to $162.50, meaning you would get $225 in Xbox/Microsoft eGiftcards for $162.50 of Dell credit and still have $37.50 of usable Dell credit left over (which you could turn into another $40-45 of Xbox eGiftcards).

b) If they both apply to the same $202.50 charge, it would still behoove you to spend an additional $40 to avoid a clawback…although it might be tempting to try and sneak a $37.50 win by the RAT folks. 🙂

If you have a Business Platinum (or several), take a look to see if it’s there.

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Tim, if I have no use for any more Dell items or XBOX cards, have you found any good way to sell these? I have tried buying some fairly hot items (SSDs) from Dell and selling on eBay – not great as the costs are quite high. The best I have done is get about $150 for my Dell $200 credit. Now that I have 6 of these, it’s getting more serious.


When I bought the Xbox gift card on Dell, I was given a license key on the Dell Digital Locker and told to redeem it via Microsoft’s website. How are you liquidating these on gift card sites? I don’t see anywhere to get a PIN. thanks.


Recommended sites to sell Xbox gift cards? I know there are many, but any specific ones you’ve used?


$100 is the largest donomination I can find in the XBox gift cards. The code only applies to one item, thereby only giving me $10 off. Do you do multiple purchases to get $10 off on $225 – or am I missing something?


If this offer is not on your Amex Business Plat card, one other option is to split the payment on a $400+ Dell.com order i.e. $200 on Biz Platinum for the Amex credits and $200 on personal order to trigger the Amex offer.

Jake from MSP

This isn’t a business card offer, so this is half-irrelevant.


Lucky her. It’s not on my Biz, only Personal.


Also found $75 off $150 on Verizon.


Not on any of 5 Bus Plat cards, but it is on 2 Personal Plat cards … so not much use for me.


Terms you posted say “ Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases”?