Targeted Amex Offer – $60 off $300+ with Delta Airlines


delta amex offer

American Express has released yet another very nice targeted offer, this time for Delta Airlines.

The Offer

Get a 1X $60 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $300+ with Delta Air Lines by 1/2/2017.

Key Terms

  • Valid only for purchases made online via, mobile app, or by phone. Flights must originate in the US, including US territories.
  • Purchases must be in USD.
  • Valid for purchases made directly with Delta Air Lines as the merchant of record, such as (but not limited to) (i) flight reservations & fare upgrades, (ii) seat selection fees, change fees, baggage fees, (iii) purchase, transfer, gifting or donation of Skymiles®, Sky Club membership fees or passes, (iv) Delta Shuttle® Flights and Delta Vacation® packages when purchased online at
  • Excludes Delta Cargo, Delta Private Jets®, and Delta Flight Museum. The following do not count as qualifying purchases and are excluded from the offer: (i) purchases in-person at the airport, lounges, or sales offices, (ii) purchases on-board flights for food, beverage, & WiFi, (iii) stand alone hotel or car rental bookings on, (iv) Skymile Marketplace purchases, Skymile Experiences™, Skymile Cruises.

How to Load

This appears to be a highly targeted offer and thus can only be loaded to eligible cards on the American Express website.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

HT: Running with Miles

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Do you know if there was a code or something associated with this offer? I was enrolled, made a purchase, and now Amex is acting like it didn’t exist and won’t honor it for me.

Nick Reyes

Hi Brian — this offer expired back on January 2nd, 2017. If you made your purchase before that time, you should have received a “Congratulations, you’ve used your Amex Offer” email when it triggered the offer. You could try sending that email over to Amex.

If you never received that email, I don’t know of another way to prove you triggered it. However, in the future, most Amex Offers credit within a few days of making the purchase. In general, if you don’t receive the credit within a week or two at most, I’d call Amex to check on it. If you do that before the offer expires, it’s a lot easier to get this resolved — back in November/December, if you added the offer, Amex could easily see the offer in your added offers list. This far down the road, it’s now disappeared and much harder to prove that you added the offer. And if you made your purchase after January 2nd, it would have been too late to trigger this particular offer — so you wouldn’t be eligible for a statement credit.


Thanks for the explanation. I made my purchase on Nov. 18 but never received an e-mail. I’ve been dealing with them on this since January and keep getting different explanations. Oh well, lesson learned…amex may have lost a user.

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[…] Targeted Amex Offer – $60 off $300+ with Delta Airlines […]


0/21. Guess I shouldn’t have cancelled the Amex Delta cards.

Scott S

Which AMEX card(s) is this offer being targeted on? I checked all of my offers, and sadly it does not show.

Mark O

Got it on my wife’s spg biz card…a lot of random cards have gotten it according to the DOC post


I got it on Amex platinum, Blue Sky, and Blue Cash


Could I stack this offer with the $100 rebate on Delta purchases with my new Delta Business Platinum Amex card?

Mark O

Should work if you have the amex offer for that card


Oops, I should’ve checked before I got so excited… I wasn’t targeted after all.


Do you think this offer exclude giftcards? Not clear from the T&C…

Mark O

I did it last night and did not get an email…so will have to see once the charge posts what happens. If it doesn’t go through I will chat them since it should count according to the terms of the deal.


Thanks for being a DP!

mike t

Did it work??