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Earlier this week, Delta came out with an incredibly generous status match challenge offer. It isn’t entirely clear whether or not it is targeted, but many will find it worth a shot even if they aren’t sure they are targeted for it. If you have elite status with Alaska, American, JetBlue, or Southwest Airlines and would like to get a level higher with Delta, this is definitely worth a look if you haven’t yet done it.

Delta Premium Select

The Deal

  • Delta Airlines is offering a big status match offer through October 31st whereby members of competing programs can get matched to a to a level that’s one tier higher through March 31, 2021 with the following requirements to keep status through January 31, 2022:
    • To keep Gold Medallion status, fly two qualifying round trips or four one ways
    • To keep Platinum Medallion status, fly four qualifying round trips or eight qualifying one ways
    • To keep Diamond Medallion status, you’ll need to fly six qualifying round trips or twelve qualifying one ways

Key Terms

  • Eligibility: Only Members who receive this communication directly from Delta Air Lines are eligible to participate in this offer. This offer is non-transferable.
  • SkyMiles Members must first submit online for participation in the offer by October 31st, 2020 (ending 11:59:59 PM, U.S. PST on 10/31/2020).
  • Promotional registration is required before complimentary Medallion Status will be rewarded.
  • Members must have current, elite status with a qualifying airline that was earned through that airline’s published requirements. Qualifying airlines include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, jetBlue, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.
  • Qualifying Activity: Offer valid for travel completed on or before March 31, 2021. Flights booked prior to enrollment and flown on or before March 31, 2021 will be included.
  • Promotional or temporary elite status on other airlines will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • Elevated Matched Status will expire on March 31, 2021, unless that level or a lower level of Medallion Status is awarded through the promotion prior to that date.
  • Medallion Status must be earned in subsequent years by traveling the required amount of MQMs or MQSs and spending the required MQDs (U.S.-based members only) or earning the MQD Waiver.
  • Flights that are marketed (flight number starts with ‘DL’) or operated by Delta and Delta Connection, including flights purchased with Delta eCredits, will count towards the challenge. Flights that are both marketed and operated by SkyMiles Partner Airlines, Award Tickets, Basic Economy/E fare class, and promotional (including complimentary, barter, or opaque) tickets do not qualify for this offer and will not count toward the challenge.
  • Medallion® Status Offer: If you meet the criteria to participate by providing valid elite status credentials from a qualifying airline, you will receive: complimentary Status that is one Tier higher than Delta’s standard Status Match through March 31, 2021.
  • The complimentary Medallion Status is effective the day following your approval. Members must complete the qualifying activity to extend Medallion Status through the 2021 Medallion Year, ending on January 31, 2022.
  • Extended Medallion Status is effective the day following the completion of qualifying flight activity.
  • Your complimentary Medallion Status will return to the applicable Status you qualified for during the Medallion year after your complimentary Status ends.

Quick Thoughts

Again, this offer is very generous as it means that someone without top tier status on another airline could get temporary Delta Diamond status for the next six months and then keep it for more than a year with just six qualifying round trips and no MQD requirement. That’s huge for anyone who can take advantage of the benefits.

As we noted above, the offer may be targeted. The fine print says:

Only Members who receive this communication directly from Delta Air Lines are eligible to participate in this offer.

That said, the web page isn’t a unique link, there is no code necessary, and you can find the page by Googling for it. It doesn’t appear all that targeted to me. I’d think that if you have status with a competitor and value the chance to match to Delta, you have nothing to lose by submitting for a match since I think the worst they’ll say is no.

Note that you won’t get Delta choice benefits until after you’ve completed the activity noted above to keep status through January 31, 2022. Still, picking up status benefits with such little flight activity, and no minimum spend requirement, is a fantastic deal.

Here is a look at the chart to see what matches up:

According to the terms, it sounds like those who have United Premier Silver thanks to Marriott Titanium can not leverage this opportunity as I believe that Delta wants to see both your membership card and qualifying flight activity that got you there (the terms note that you must have qualified with that airline’s published requirements). On the other hand, just as I noted above, it could be worth a swing if you think you’ll be able to use the benefits.

One hesitation I have here is whether this may lock one out of future status match opportunities with Delta. I’d ordinarily be tempted to just give it a shot with my United Premier Silver (courtesy of Marriott), but I’m not sure that I’ll have two flights during the qualification period and even less sure that I’ll fly enough in the next year to make the match meaningful. There is part of me tempted to give this a go with the thought to try to further match Delta Gold into something better down the line. I suppose there is also the chance that travel doesn’t sufficiently recover next year and there is another round of status extensions. I still think I’ll probably pass on this.

However, I’m sure that many readers will be thrilled with this opportunity and it certainly makes sense if you’re eligible and you know you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

H/T: Reader Wes and One Mile at a Time

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I wonder if lifetime status qualifies? I’m not flying right now, so this is just idle curiosity on my part.


If I matched to Diamond but only took 2 round trip flights, would I then get Gold through January 2022? Or would I be required to take 6 round trips to have status of any kind past 3/31?


Status is through January 2022? Is that really helpful?