Delta’s jets don’t pull themselves


On Friday morning I’ll join 19 other “Global Hashtags”  teammates for the Delta Jet Drag competition.  Our goal appears to be to pull a jet faster than any other team.  The real goal, though, is to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Take a look at this video from last year showing people pulling jets:

You would think that Delta’s jets could propel themselves.  I guess not. 

It looks like we’ll be competing with some pretty fit teams.  We, meanwhile, are a bunch of lazy blog authors and miscellaneous others (note to team-members: if you take offense at being called “lazy” or “bunch” or “miscellaneous”, I didn’t mean you – you are the exception).  So, I think we have about as much chance of winning the jet pull as Lucky deciding that Spirit has edged out Lufthansa as his favorite airline.

That said, we could win the race to raise the most money.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Donate here; or…
  2. Tweet:  Go #globalhashtags and I’ll donate $25 for each mention*

* Up to $1000, total

The Team

Here is the list of Global Hashtags members (HT to Pizza in Motion via MJ on Travel):

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Hmmm… This is the perfect picture to go along with any post regarding the relative ease of actually getting an award flight from Delta using sky pesos.


[…] Delta’s jets don’t pull themselves – Teaming up with a number of other bloggers to pull a Delta jet to support the American Cancer Society. […]


Love your spirit. It’s nice to mix up what you post about.