Double check that you’ve enrolled in the Platinum digital entertainment credit


We’ve had a few reports recently of readers who put qualifying digital entertainment purchases on their Amex Platinum cards expecting to trigger the digital entertainment credit only to discover that they hadn’t enrolled in the benefit prior to purchase (failure to enroll will prevent you from getting the credit), so we wanted to quickly highlight the fact that you need to enroll as well as how to enroll in the benefit.

a hand holding a credit card

In Greg’s case, he is 96% sure that 2 out of 3 Platinum cards in his household had enrolled in the benefit, but when he realized that he had not gotten the credit he went to his account benefits page and found that it said he was not enrolled on any of those cards. I don’t know whether the 4% chance that he forgot about it proved that a non-zero probability means anything can happen or whether there was some sort of glitch in his initial enrollment, but either way it is a good reminder to check for yourself to be sure you are enrolled (and to keep screen shots when you do this sort of thing in case you need to follow up with Amex about a credit you’re owed).

To see if you are enrolled, log in to your Platinum card account and click on “benefits”. If you are enrolled, you’ll see a tracker at the top of the page showing how much of your Digital Entertainment and Airline Fee credits you have used so far this year.

a screenshot of a credit card
As you can see, I am woefully behind on using either credit on this card.

If you are not enrolled, you’ll see this as you scroll down the list of benefits:

a screenshot of a cellphone
In this case when it says “Enrollment Required” it means that you have not yet enrolled and you need to do that before making your purchase.

Click “get started” and then scroll down and tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions and hit “enroll now”.

a screenshot of a credit card

After doing that, you should see the tracker at the top of your “Benefits” page.

Again, I believe that you’ll need to do this before you make a qualifying purchase, so it is possible that you’re out of luck for July if you’ve already made your charges. Someone in Frequent Miler Insiders asked what would happen if you enroll after making the purchase but before the purchase posts to your statement and I don’t know for sure. Hopefully it’ll still work, though my instinct is that you probably need to enroll before making the charge. We’ll see – but double check to make sure you’re enrolled even if you thought you already were.

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Bulls fan

FWIW- my Saks $50 enrollment has shown as NOT ENROLLED on and off for at least 2 years now on 2 different personal platinums- and it has always worked just fine. I spent hours on chat(worthless) and phone support but no one could ever tell me why…

Mark R.

Thank you! I thought enrollment was automatic.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Happened to me on two of five cards that I activated and am sure of it and later they showed not activated.

Christopher S

This happened to me as well, I had to re-enroll which was frustrating. I chatted with support and they told me I never activated it, however, I believe that I did. Not sure if it was because it was a new card or my second. Who knows.


Thank you. Been wondering why I didn’t get Sirius credit. Signed up today.


Thanks for the reminder. I thought the benefit did not require activation. Almost miss the credit.


FWIW, I enrolled several weeks ago and it still says “Enrolled”. I got my credit in early July for a purchase.

A year or two ago, I made a purchase thinking I had an Amex offer added to a card, only to realize a bit later that I had not added the offer. So I hurried and added the offer within a few hours and the credit did post. Obviously it is not the same situation, but possibly you can get credit by enrolling after making a purchase but before the purchase switches from “Pending” on your account.


I’m also 96% sure I saw this on my AmEx Bus Plat page when announced and did not get credits, finding the section now missing. It’s a very deceptive way to do this.