(EXPIRED) Earn 8x At U.S. Supermarkets With Amex Offer On Marriott Bonvoy Amex Cards (Targeted)

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A new Amex Offer appeared this week on Marriott Bonvoy Amex cards that’s giving +6 points per dollar on spend at U.S. supermarkets.

Marriott Bonvoy Amex Card US Supermarkets Amex Offer +6

The Deal

  • Earn 6 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points per dollar at U.S. supermarkets with a targeted Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires August 10, 2023.
  • A “qualifying purchase” means a purchase made with your enrolled Card on or before 8/10/2023.
  • Offer valid for in-store and online eligible purchases at U.S. Supermarkets.
  • An “eligible purchase” means a purchase made with your enrolled Card at a U.S. supermarket location by 8/10/2023.
  • “Supermarket” means a standalone merchant in the U.S. primarily selling supermarket products.
  • Excludes gasoline purchases and gift card purchases.
  • Specialty Food Stores, Superstores, and Warehouse Clubs are not considered Supermarket stores.
  • Excludes pharmacy and indoor vendor purchases such as coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Limit of 7,500 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points per Card Member.

Quick Thoughts

Greg and I both had this on our Marriott Bonvoy credit cards – the cards that are no longer available for new applicants, but which the old SPG cards got converted to (if I’m remembering correctly). We didn’t have this offer on other Marriott cards or similar offers on other co-branded cards, but it’s worth checking all your cards in case there are other versions of this offer floating around. Update: Some readers are reporting it being on the Bonvoy Brilliant card too.

Our Marriott cards earn 6x at Marriott and 2x elsewhere. This offer is one that gives +6 bonus points per dollar, rather than it being an offer that gives 6x as such. That’s an important distinction because it means you’ll earn a total of 8x at U.S. supermarkets rather than a total of 6x.

With a limit of 7,500 bonus points on offer, you’ll max this out when spending $1,250. With this offer being around for four months, it should be easy to hit that spend on normal grocery purchases. If you want to get the spend knocked out quickly though, it should be possible to buy gift cards. The terms specifically exclude gift cards, but I find it hard to believe that Amex will claw back those points when they’re already limiting you to only $1,250 of spend for this offer.

Whether this is worth your time and spend though is another matter. If you have an Amex Gold card, you already earn 4x points on U.S. supermarket spend. The latest referral links generated from that card give you +5 on spend at grocery stores for a total of 9x. It might therefore be worth focusing on that opportunity if you’re limited in how much spend you can generate at supermarkets near you.

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+6 Bonvoy up to 7,500 on my Bevy card


Strange that I only got +4 point w/ a max of 5K. Since I mostly use the pts to transfer to airline partners, I may just keep using my gold card that earns 4 points. The math favors the gold.


Any tips to take advantage of this promo if I’m currently abroad? Can’t really get groceries delivered. Will buying JUST gift cards (not mixed in with groceries) get me in trouble? Any suggestions? Thanks!


I got 4x up to 5,000 on old SPG card




Got it on old SPG card. If nothing else, it should cover the 15,000 FNC top off next year.

Tim Tornado

DP – showed up on brilliant. Not business Marriott


DP – I only have a Bonvoy Business card (legacy SPG Business), but didn’t get the offer on it.


Got this on my Bonvoy (old SPG) card. Currently using the Hyatt 5x at grocery stores and will switch to this once the Hyatt bonus is used up.


Also got it on my old spg. Curious how did you get Hyatt 5x on groceries?


It was just an email Chase offer. 5x on grocery and gas until the end of June. $1500 max. We easily spend that in a month.


This is also on my Brilliant (but using the 7x on my British Airways card this quarter instead)