Earning miles and doing good: jumping on a deal for a cause


In our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals post, I had included a couple of small appliances deals at Kohl’s. The gist of the deal is that you could come out with a bunch of small appliances and Kohl’s Cash for somewhere around free after rebates and rewards. I noted in the post that I’ve resold many of those small appliances in the past as a bit of a “holiday hustle” (usually locally since paying to ship them isn’t economical). However, Jen at Deals We Like does one better: she picked up 42 small appliances for something close to “net free” after rewards and she will donate the small appliances, which is a great way to do some good while earning rewards.

We see these quasi free-after-rebate small appliance deals every year around the holidays. Other readers have commented in years past to say that they’d donated these also, but when I saw Jen’s post I realized that some people may have missed that in the comments before. It’s a great idea that is worth a highlight even though the specific deals Jen purchased are no longer available via rebate. Read her post for full details of the stack and the math behind it.

It’s worth keeping this kind of play in mind for Cyber Monday sales also: for those who are looking for ways to meet minimum spend, these nearly free after rebate type of deals can be an easy way to knock out some legit spend without losing much money. If you know of a good cause in your area that can benefit, all the better.

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Mentioned this on the FB group as well, but if you bought them at more than $14.99 (current price) and it was less than 2 weeks ago, you can get a price adjustment on them….