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So upsetting. It said it was valid until March 24th but down the offer on March 9th.


I am wondering if this link will ever come back or is the offer done ?


I applied on 2/15, was approved and given an account number then about 2 weeks later was told no, not approved. I called last Friday and told because my work has me listed with a different name/ same SSN so it was rejected and to apply again because it is still a valid offer until 3/24. I went online and couldn’t find it. I chatted with someone and they said it was invitation only. I called the same number again and was told also that you had to get the email or letter in the mail to get this discount. Looks like they changed it. 🙁


Online Wells Fargo chat told me that it’s only available for certain zip codes. If yours is a good zip code, a promotional banner will pop up when you enter it.


where’d it go? I can’t find it.


Looks like the offer was withdrawn…I have tried several different links and they are all dead.

Ivan Y

Hopefully it comes back!


What is wrong with the link? Took me to a dead page.


Is this offer dead?


The link appears to be dead.

r m h

i signed up for this a few weeks ago. approved.

sent an email for the date by which i needed to complete the 10 transactions to get the $250. got a weird reply that they were going to send me a physical form for my tax payer id. and that i couldn’t get the bonus until i fill out the form and return it.


i am a us citizen. with ssn that i submitted with my app.

any ideas what’s going on?



Just do the transactions or the direct deposit. I just received the bonus without sending the form. However, I am going to send it anyway today. It basically asks for the same information as the one you filled in the application … Weird.

r m h

thanks ryan. glad to know someone else is in my boat. it seemed weird. it is weird. i’ll cross my t’s and dot my i’s. and i hope to see the $250!

Kevin Mulshine

Not available to residents of the District of Columbia. No selection for DC.


and get 10 more accounts opened for free (without your consent).