Finding gold in old Wyndham points


Last week Wyndham offered a ridiculously lucrative deal.  The first 50 members to call could book an entire “cottage” in Italy, France, Ireland or the UK for just 15,000 Wyndham points per night.  Normally they charge 15,000 points per room per night.  This deal made it possible to book a mansion for just 15,000 points per night.

wyndham promo

Surprisingly, this deal did not sell out right away.  Or, maybe it’s not surprising.  Early on, phone agents incorrectly told people that the deal was capped at a fixed dollar amount.  And, people have been burned by previous Wyndham deals.  One that stands out in my mind is when Wyndham offered to give you 4 times the number of Wyndham points as SPG points that you donate to charity.  They killed that deal very early (Fortunately, I believe that those who donated their SPG points right away still got their 4X Wyndham points).  But this deal survived.

Nick called and found that there was no price cap at all (see: Smoking Deal: 9 Bedroom Villa for 15K points per night).  Last Tuesday, he booked this 9 bedroom “cottage”:


My wife had previously signed up for the Wyndham credit card and had 45,000 Wyndham points sitting around collecting dust.  So, on Wednesday, we searched for good options.  We already had tentative plans for a summer vacation in Europe with another family, so a house with multiple bedrooms would be great.  I started by searching randomly for the most expensive properties available.  I found some ridiculous options with 14+ bedrooms and unbelievably high standard nightly rates…

Wyndham Cottage 14 Bedroom

Unfortunately, those were not available for the dates and locations I wanted.  I do sort-of wish I had booked a 20 bedroom mansion and hosted a Frequent Miler meet-up for my favorite readers (yes you!).   But I didn’t.  Sorry.  Next time.

Instead, we found a “modest” 8 bedroom / 9 bath cottage in Dorset, England.  For just 15,000 points per night, we booked the Newton Manor House:

Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Living Room Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Other Living Room Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Dining Room Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Kitchen Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 1 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 2 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 3 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 4 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 5 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 6 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 7 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Bedroom 8 Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Outdoor Patio Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Courtyard Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom Lawn Wyndham Cottage 8 Bedroom

This is an example of a time where I’m glad that rather than earning and burning points, I choose to hoard and cherry pick deals instead.

I’m curious if any readers got in on this amazing deal.  If so, what did you book?  Please comment below.

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Yes ! While I was notified by Nick and the deal was being offered, it was becoming the Golden Goose for me.
Bummed by Wyndham seemingly no longer offering point-stays in their Oz & NZ properties, I sat on a pile of points … until Nick’s message arrived. I went to work and 2 hrs later had booked and got confirmed a 5-bdr mansion in Cornwall/Pensance to get my family together from all parts of the world for a small family reunion and big B-day celebration – mind you, this is in high season in July !
Thank you Wyndham (and Nick) ! – for this awesome deal after being so disappointed by my other attempts to use points for desired properties.

Nick Reyes

I’m glad to hear you were able to take advantage of it. That sounds like a blast!


I didn’t even try to do because according the the regular terms Wyndham has for booking at, the minimum stay is two nights and can’t be over 350 pounds per night, per bedroom (that is what they told me on the phone a while back). So, I thought it would be capped like that and that I would have to use up all my points for the second night. Dang.

[…] Finding gold in old Wyndham points […]


Wow, amazing deal. Sitting on 99K in Wyndham points between my wife and me, and can’t believe I missed out on the offer.

I’m a subscriber to FM’s Newsletter including Quick Deals but for some reason, I never received this alert in my inbox. Is there something else I should be subscribing to?

Nick Reyes

Bummer that you didn’t see it in time! I’m sorry about that. Do you know which form of the newsletter do you subscribe to? (instant / daily / weekly / monthly)

My wife subscribes to the “instant emails” and it came though for her. That’s actually how she found out I booked this :-D. It was marked a Quick Deal, so if you get other Quick Deals, I would have expected you to have gotten this one. Did you check your spam folder? We definitely want you to get our emails.

If you’re not subscribed to instant emails and you’d like to be, you can look at the different subscription options here:


Who are the transfer partners with Wyndham. My search didn’t find any.

Nick Reyes

You found all of them :-D.

I wish there were partners! I would have loved more than 2 nights.


Woooow. Congrats on the catch! (have two wyndham accounts & cards here in the family with about 100k in points stashed….. had been holding them in reserve for another all-inclusive stay at the Mexican Rivierra or some such VIVA beach retreat…. but oh, another deal like this — en france? Wow, thanks for the lesson learned….)


That is much nicer than the Super 8 Motel’s it wants me to spend my Wyndham Points on. Platinum gets me extra police crime tape to rope off where the murder happened.


I don’t have Wyndham points but think this should make for great reading once you visit and document it. Can you get Wyndham to sponsor this?


I see the next Ann Arbor travel hacker meetup location has just been moved, thanks!


So is there a bedroom open for me or what?!