Easy win: $0.80 off per gallon


Dan’s Deals and Doctor of Credit are both reporting on a way to stack several deals to save $0.80 per gallon on up to 20 gallons of gas — that could be up to $16 in savings — at Shell Gas Stations. I’m not participating in this one because there aren’t any Shell stations near me, but this is a pretty easy deal that will enable most folks to save some money on a necessity.

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The Deal

  1. Buy this free Groupon or this free Living Social deal to save $0.25 per gallon when you sign up for Shell Fuel Rewards
    a screenshot of a computer
    Whoever told you nothing is free was wrong.


  2. When the Groupon (or Living Social) shows up in your account, click it and set up a new Fuel Rewards account and you’ll be starting with $0.30 off per gallon straight out of the gate ($0.05 for signing up and $0.25 for the Groupon/Living Social). Remember the phone number you use to sign up for Fuel Rewards as you’ll need it at the pump later.
  3. Sign up for a free Stop & Shop (grocery store chain) loyalty program account here
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  4. Follow the automatic prompt at the end of registration to link your Stop & Shop account with your Fuel Rewards account — this will add $0.25 more to your Fuel Rewards discount for a total of $0.55 off per gallon (be patient, this might take a few minutes to show up)
  5. Sign up for a free Giant (grocery store chain) loyalty program account here. You’ll need to use a different email/phone combo.
    a purple and white card with a logo
  6. You should now have $0.80 off per gallon in your Fuel Rewards network account. Now find a participating Shell station here.
  7. You will need to use these rewards by 11/30/17Use your ALT ID at the pump to activate your savings (this is your phone number from step 2). If you can’t remember that, it’s here or you can find it in the Fuel Rewards app.
    a screenshot of a phone

Bottom line

This is a simple way to save a few bucks — up to $16 on a fill-up. Thanks to Dan’s Deals and Doctor of Credit for putting this one together.

H/T: Dan’s Deals / DoC

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Pretty sure this is dead


I created a new account with StopandShop and linked my Shell fuel rewards account. Its been more than 5 hrs and I dont see the extra $0.25 cents per gallon discount. I only see the $0.30 cents (New gold account + Groupon offer). Am I missing something here





I think its dead. I follow steps and completed the process 11/4/17. My Fuel Rewards only shows $0.30 discount.


What if you’re already a member of Shell Fuel Rewards?


Use a different phone number/email.

Russell Hawkins

You can earn $0.15/gal more by linking a MasterCard to your acct:

The additional credits posted 2 days later (Ts&Cs say it can take 10-15 business days).


Never got a link to to link both accounts on either sign ups


Great article, and well written, Nick. Was able to do all the steps in a matter of minutes. Free money for this Uber driver!


I completely agree. It was a piece of cake.


Good find. You may be able to save additional 31c per gal if you live in MD/DC/VA area by registering for the Upside app and using the friend referral code mentioned at http://plumbucket.com/refer-a-friend/upside-gas-grocery


that’s a lot of work for $16 lol


I understand what you mean but it’s fun to stack things. You could combine these savings with Upside app I mentioned in the note below to get an additional 40c to 45c per gallon.

Laloo Yadav

Both of them are owned by the same Company. just change the email or add a “.” if you use gmail. change the phone number so some random #


Can the discount on one account be used on multiple fills, up to a total of 20 gallons? Or it can be just used once up to 20 gallons?


Once up to 20 gallons.




You will need a large truck to fill full 20 gallon or we take two cars and fill them together to get the max benefit. It’s a pain 🙂


it won’t let me signup with the same email and phone for giant food


Same here…whats the catch?