Extend your Qantas points – don’t delete that email


Qantas Frequent Flyer sent a targeted email today to some customers about points expiration. In my case, it basically said that I have points expiring in January but I could extend them through June by clicking the link in the email. Hey guys: how about you just extend the points with no action required given that it’s impossible for US-based members to travel on Qantas right now? At any rate, if you have Qantas points, make sure keep an eye on your email and you click the link before deleting the email.

Literally all I had to do was click the link in the email (I didn’t even need to log in) and I received confirmation that my points expiry date was extended until 30 June 2021.

While that was easy enough, it seems like the much more customer-friendly thing to do would be to at least extend the points until, I don’t know, Australia opens its borders to foreigners? Given that travel between the US and Australia is now expected not to resume until late 2021, it just seems to be poor form to require members to proactively ask not to have their miles taken away.  I know that the pandemic has been taxing on airlines to say the least, but this seemed like it was designed to allow some points to expire unnoticed. To their credit, I suppose they could have let my points expire unbeknownst to me rather than sending an email, so perhaps I should be thankful.

Of course, US-based flyers don’t need to travel to Australia to get value out of Qantas Frequent Flyer given that it can be a good option for booking American Airlines flights in some cases. I believe I can also extend expiration by transferring points from Amex, Citi, or Capital One, so I’m not overly concerned about losing my balance, just that I might have missed this email and wouldn’t have assumed that Qantas points would be set to expire any time soon.

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I have some points schedule to expire at 12/31/2020. Why they don’t offer me an extension…
Eventually, I bough a Journal Subscription and deliver it to a friend in Australia.
Anyway, I do not complain as I got these points as a double dip. I transfer MR to purchase a great award when there was 20% bonus. With the 20% bonus, I had 500 point more than I needed. From some reason, Qantas gave me bonus on top of AMEX bonus, and now I have too much in that account.

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So dumb! This is what I got:

Your Qantas Points are due to expire on 31 May 2021. You can extend your expiry date until 30 June 2021 simply by clicking on the button below before 17 Feb 2021.

They’re probably hoping many don’t read/action the e-mail, but are they then going to deny those who call in and complain their miles have expired?

Why incur all that additonal work / erode loyalty, when they could just extend everyone’s miles?