(EXPIRED) Extrabux: Earn 8-10% Cashback On Slide Purchases + 4-5% Cashback From Slide + Referral Bonuses

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Update 3/23/21: As noted by Dee in the comments below, Extrabux has now added a two-tiered cashback rate – 8% for new customers and 2.4% for existing customers which you can boost to 10% and 3% respectively using a Cashback Boost Card. That changes the math after your first purchase as you’re then an existing customer.


Extrabux is offering 8%-10% cashback when buying gift cards in the Slide app which stacks with the 4%-5% cashback you earn from Slide itself. Add on referral bonuses if you’re a new user for one or both of these companies and you have an even more rewarding gift card opportunity.

You might need to be quick though as the 8%/10% rate could end today (March 17).

ExtraBux Slide

The Deal

  • Earn 8% cashback from Extrabux when buying gift cards in the Slide app. Earn 10% cashback on one purchase when applying a Cashback Boost Card to your purchase.
  • Greg’s Extrabux referral link (you’ll earn the following cashback as will we)
  • Stephen’s Extrabux referral link (you’ll earn the following cashback as will we)
    • Bonus #1 – Earn $25 in Cash Back, get a $5 Bonus
      Bonus #2 – Earn $50 in Cash Back, get another $5 Bonus
      Bonus #3 – Earn $75 in Cash Back, get another $5 Bonus
      Bonus #4 – Earn $100 in Cash Back, get another $5 Bonus
  • Greg’s Slide referral link (you’ll earn $5 bonus cashback on each of your first four gift card purchases of $10+ in the app, as will we)
  • Stephen’s Slide referral link (you’ll earn $5 bonus cashback on each of your first four gift card purchases of $10+ in the app, as will we)

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown

Quick Thoughts

If you’re not familiar with the Slide app, it’s an app created by Raise which offers a fixed amount of cashback for every gift card you purchase in the app. The gift cards sold by Slide are all first-hand, which means you aren’t buying second-hand gift cards like the ones people are able to list on Raise.

There are two different fixed cashback rates depending on how you pay for the gift cards. The standard rate is 4% cashback for every gift card in the app, but you can earn 5% cashback by prefunding your Slide account and using that to buy gift cards.

It’s often possible to get bigger discounts than 4%/5% on gift cards (such as buying them second-hand on Raise), but it’s shopping portals like Extrabux that offer additional cashback on Slide purchases which can make it more worthwhile buying gift cards from Slide.

In order to have everything track correctly, it’s best to completely close the Slide app on your phone after registering and after each purchase. Here’s the best way to play this:

  1. Download Slide and register (if you’ve not already done so). You’ll then earn $5 bonus cashback (on top of the 4%/5%) on your first four gift card purchases of $10+.
  2. Prefund your account with however much you want to spend on gift cards. Once you’ve done that, close the app in whatever way that’s done on your device (don’t just hit the home button).
  3. Register for Extrabux (if you’ve not already done so). You’ll earn $5 bonus cashback for every $25 of cashback you earn.
  4. Click through to Slide from Extrabux and buy a gift card. If you’re wanting to buy more than one gift card, close the Slide app again before clicking through from Extrabux.

At a bare minimum, you’ll earn 4% cashback from Slide and 8% cashback from Extrabux. If you prefunded your Slide account, that 4% will be 5%. Extrabux also offers Cashback Boost Cards which you can apply to pending transactions once they’ve tracked. If you have one of those, your 8% cashback will increase to 10% cashback for a total of up to 15% cashback which is a fantastic rate considering Slide sells gift card brands like eBay, Lowe’s, Airbnb, Chipotle, Google Play, Uber and many more.

That’s not even taking into account the $5 you’ll earn from Slide on each of your first four purchases when signing up via a referral link, or the bonus cashback you can earn from Extrabux as a new user. With regards to those Extrabux bonuses, note that each $5 threshold bonus is awarded when earning $25 rather than spending $25 through the portal. That means that at an 8% cashback rate you’ll earn a $5 bonus for every $312.50 you spend on Slide.

If you spend $312.50 across a total of at least four different purchases you’d earn the following at a minimum:

  • $20 (4x $5 Slide referral bonus)
  • $12.50 (4% cashback from Slide)
  • $25 (8% cashback from Extrabux)
  • $5 (1x $5 Extrabux referral bonus)
  • Total = $62.50

A total of $62.50 cashback (provided everything tracks correctly) works out to be exactly 20% of your $312.50 spend. If you prefunded your account in Slide and subsequently apply a Cashback Boost Card to one of the transactions, your return would be even greater. That’s even before rewards earned on your credit card.

I’m not sure how long the 8%/10% rate from Extrabux will last, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends today (March 17). Slide is only on a few portals including TopCashback and Dollar Dig. Both those portals tend to offer 3%-4% cashback on Slide purchases on a day-to-day basis although they do increase the rate for one day every so often. I think Slide being on Extrabux is new, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this 8%/10% earning opportunity is temporary and that the rate will drop in the next day or two.

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Hi Stephen,

I used your slide referral link but after getting on the app, no ebay gift cards! Which is what I need. Do the stores change pretty frequently?


ok thanks i thought it was just me being a new slide user. I added a payment method in the hopes that would make it appear, but it’s still not there. I don’t have Lowe’s either.


ok so ebay came back. i went to preload slide and they locked my account. and of course, customer service is closed right now. sigh.

I’m assuming that to get the cashback to work properly, I need to also have the extrabux app and click through from the extrabux app to the slide app, right? like obviously this isn’t going to work from a desktop login… or am I wrong?

Last edited 3 years ago by dee

their customer service is pretty nice. got it resolved. next issue is that on extrabux the 8%(10%) is for new customers and then it drops to 2.4%(3%) for existing customers. So I think the match doesn’t quite work out as posted because obviously after making one purchase, you’re no longer a new customer?


What do you think the best strategy now would be? Would you mind checking my math?

Seems like unless you really needed a lot of gc at 10% off, then the best strategy is to get the $5×4 slide bonuses, and not worry about getting the extrabux $25 threshold bonus.

Thus, if you spent 4 x $10 on gift cards and obtained the $5 bonuses, then the total cashback for the orders would be $23.72 and since you spent $40 then your percentage savings would be 59.3%?


good point if i’m only aiming to max the slide bonuses. i do have enough bonus cards though so I guess maybe it’s worth “practicing” at extrabux? I signed up for the account in 2016 and did nothing with it since. Now that I realize it has gamification, it’s kind of fun/addictive and weary all at the same time.

This may be a one and done “get about 50% off gift card” offer for me.


I have been using Slide to get the $30 Paypal reimbursement on Amex Platinum. So far so good, we will see if they clawback. Using TopCashBack has tracked fine for me on my phone, so I am hopeful ExtraBux will track as well.

Craig at Middle Age Miles

Hi Stephen – Thanks for the good article. I had never used Extrabux, so this was educational. I appreciate you outlining the steps so clearly. I have used TCB extensively with Slide and had good success, but Extrabux is even better at today’s rates. I used your referral link to sign up for Extrabux, then purchased a $150 Chipotle GC using funds that I had loaded onto Slide using Apple Pay/USB Altitude Reserve (for 3x USB points). The cash back from Slide posted instantly as usual, and Extrabux tracked my store visit to Slide – so far, so good. Assuming that the cashback from Extrabux eventually confirms, this is a great return. ~Craig


I miss your posts, Craig!

Craig at Middle Age Miles

Thanks, my friend. I really appreciate it. The part I miss most is the interaction with smart & engaged readers like you who also teach me things about points, miles & travel! I hope you’re doing well. ~Craig