FatWallet offers 6.5% cash back at Marriott through Thursday


Until September 13 (Thursday), FatWallet is offering 6.5% cash back for stays booked at Marriott.com.  This is an excellent cash back rate, and FatWallet is a reliable cash back service (see “FatWallet sets a high bar for cash back portals”).


You do not have to stay at a Marriott before September 13 to get this rebate.  Just book your stay now, and then 6.5% cash back should get tracked to your account after your stay.  I double checked this with FatWallet to be sure.  They answered quickly:

The Cash Back amount for a purchase or a booking is based upon the time of the purchase. So, if you book today and don’t stay until November or December, it would report to your account at the percentage that you booked it at. So, a booking today would be for 6.5% even if the stay is tomorrow or next year.

Platinum Challenge

If, like me, you’re doing the Marriott Platinum (or Gold) Challenge, this can be a great way to save a bit of cash.  All of the cool kids are doing it (or writing about it):

Of course, I’ve written a few posts about this too:

My plan is to make some “mattress run” bookings now for near the end of the challenge period.  Hopefully I’ll remember to cancel the ones I end up not needing.

Mo Money

FatWallet will give you $5 for each friend you refer who then earns at least $25 cash back.  Feel free to put your referral links in the comments below.

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Hi, I log on to your blogs like every week. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work!


It’s true for government rates as well I think. Have you had luck with government rates? I have to use those for work occasionally and don’t recollect having any luck with them either.

[…] is offering 6.5% cash back at Marriott through September […]


MidTierStatus: I wonder if that’s true for government rates too? My wife works for the state and we usually find govt rates to be quite good. That could explain the lack of UR points…

caveman: Yes, I think so. If you click on “cash back details” it lists some brands and properties that are excluded, but I don’t see Fairfield Inn or Residence Inn on the list. Just make sure to book via Marriott.com through the FatWallet link

Erin P

I used MaskofZor’s link. Here is mine! http://www.fatwallet.com/?referral=palermoerin


Does that also include Fairfield Inn and suites and Residence Inn? or just Marriott only


Mojo, I used your link. Here’s mine for the conga line…


Nice find!

My referral link just in case someone wants to sign up – http://www.fatwallet.com/?referral=geronimo31


This is a great find and just about when I am about to book a bunch of travel tickets through Apr next year.

I second your assessment of FW as a cashback provider. I always check cashbackholic.com for all possible cashback portals before buying anything online – however, even if FW ends up being a few percentage points lower than the best, I still go with FW due to the reliability factor.

http://www.fatwallet.com/?referral=mojoshtudd is my referral link for FW – thanks to whoever signs up with it. Of course, you can also directly sign up at FW without a link.

New Girl in the Air

Haha, I’ve never been considered a “cool kid” before. Unfortunately, I’m going to fail my gold challenge…would’ve hit it no problem with # of nights, but now that it’s based on stays, I just don’t care enough to mattress run to earn the status…even at 6.5% cash back.


Should be noted that corp codes are not allowed as far as I know. I’ve never really had any luck with cashback or portal points when using them.