[Expired] Free $10 Amazon credit & what I used it on

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Discover and Amazon are out with a presumably targeted offer for a free $10 credit for changing your 1-click payment setting to Discover. At the same time, I stumbled on a deal for $5 off for downloading the Amazon app on my wife’s account which may stack. I discovered the initial $10 offer while checking out a deal that I ultimately bought — a new convertible crib for $79 after the credit (which was $193-$200 in other colors).

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Deal 1: $10 credit for switching 1-click payment setting to Discover

I found this offer while browsing a product page on the Amazon app as shown below:

a screenshot of a website

Clicking through, these were the main terms I saw:

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What I bought

As some readers might have read, my wife and I are expecting our first child in January, so we’re in need of a number of things we’ve never owned. I saw this $10 credit offer while looking at a convertible crib deal at Amazon that I saw on Dan’s Deals for $87.69.

a crib with a crib on a website

Unfortunately, I just saw that this deal expired and the price has increased to $125 in that color (though it’s still $193-$200 in other colors). Luckily, I ordered it after I found the Discover $10 credit deal and changed my 1-click payment to Discover.

a screenshot of a shopping list

We had already settled on a different crib elsewhere and had just been waiting on it to go on sale — but at $79.69 after the $10 credit, plans might have just changed. I’m not absolutely positive that we’ll keep this one, but at that price we’ll have to set it up and and see if it works for us. If not, I imagine I’ll be able to add this to the list of things I’ve resold lately.

Will it stack with credit for downloading the Amazon app?

I pulled up Amazon.com on my wife’s phone phone and saw an ad to “view this page in the Amazon app”. I clicked the link only to see that it took me to Google Play to load the app — she didn’t have the Amazon app installed. I knew she wouldn’t want to download the app, so I clicked “back” to return to the browser version of Amazon, where I noticed the ad changed to this:

a screenshot of a phone

Perhaps $5 will be enough to motivate her to load the app. That link brought me to more information about the $5 offer and how to get it.

a hand holding a phonea cell phone with a menua cell phone with a screen showing a storea close-up of a cell phone

It looks like the offer is good today-only (for her at least). Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a Discover card to put this to the test and see if the offers could stack. If any readers out there get the same offer and are able to load the app and get the Discover offer as well, let us know in the comments.

Bottom line

Credit card issuers have been aggressive in trying to get their cards to the top of your mind when shopping on Amazon. Just in the past month or two, we’ve seen a promotion from Chase for a free $10 credit when setting one of their cards as your 1-click setting and an offer for money off when paying in part with American Express Membership Rewards points. In the past, Citi has run similar 1-click payment setting promotions. Hopefully, the competition continues to result in more credits for those of us with multiple cards.

Have you seen this offer in the Amazon app or on the website? Let us know in the comments.


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