is ours! Celebrate w/ huge swag giveaway


I started this blog as a hobby in 2011.  When I picked the name “Frequent Miler,” I made sure that the FrequentMiler ID was available on Twitter, but it never occurred to me to see if the domain was available.  This was just a hobby after all.

Less than a year later, this hobby became my career.  In the 2012 post “Up in the Air,” I wrote:

In March, my life imitated art when I walked into my company’s Cisco TelePresence room to meet with my boss via video conference.  He informed me that due to the latest round of reorganizations, my job no longer existed.  To be fair, he delivered the message himself instead of hiring Clooney, and the TelePresence room was way more life like.  It was more like how James T. Kirk speaks with Klingons and other villains “on screen”…

Actually, while the news was a shock, I wasn’t really unhappy at all.  I’ve been tinkering with this blog for the past 8 months and I’ve really enjoyed it despite not having enough time to give it my full attention.  Thanks to the latest company reorg, I now have 8 months of severance pay to safely call myself a blogger and see if the old “if you build it, they will come” philosophy works with blogs as well as baseball fields.

Well, the experiment worked out incredibly well.  Frequent Miler quickly became a successful career.  And now the business supports not just me but also a full time employee (Nick) and two part time employees (Stephen and Carrie).

Once the blog officially became a business, I suddenly wanted to own the domain.  A small part of the issue was that I probably lost readers who tried to find the blog by entering into their browser.  A larger part was simply pride in ownership.  I’m proud of the Frequent Miler blog and I wanted to own the domain that should go with it.

The problem was that the domain was owned by a shipping company.  They kept the domain with the intention to create a rewards program called “frequent miler” for their truck drivers.  Over the years, I made a few attempts to buy the domain from them, but without success until now.  I recently tried again and finally succeeded!  The domain is now mine… mine… all mine!

It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to have something in 2020 to celebrate.

New domain, same content

Nothing has changed about our blog other than the fact that if you’re reading this online you’ll see that the domain now starts with “” rather than the old “”.  Old links will still work thanks to the magic of redirection. Swag Give-Away

To celebrate our move to we’re hosting a big swag give-away.  Since this marks a small bright spot in an otherwise mostly dismal year, we’re using this year’s repeating numbers “2020” as the give-away theme:

  • 20 different products available to win
  • 20 1st Place Prizes
  • 20 2nd Place Prizes +
  • 20 More 2nd Place Prizes +
  • 20 More 2nd Place Prizes

First Place Prize Choices (20 Winners)

Dry Erase Board, Coasters (set of 6), Water Bottle, 5X Wallet, Mug, Shirt, T-Shirt, Shot Glass (set of 2), Socks, Fanny Pack

20 winners will get their choice of one of the first-place prize choices shown above.  If first-place winners prefer, they can choose from second place prize choices instead…

Second Place Prize Choices (60 Winners)

Playing Cards, Luggage Tag, Sunglasses (2 styles), Face Mask, Phone Ring Stand, Bottle Opener, Hand Sanitizer Wipes (set of 10), Notebook (moleskin style), Notebook

60 winners will get their choice of one of the second-place prize choices shown above.

How to enter

  • Everyone is free to enter but please note that we will ship winning products only within the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.
  • You may enter only once.
  • To enter, simply add a comment to the bottom of this blog page including the domain “” (with or without quotes).  You may write anything else you’d like in the comment, but doing so will not increase your chances of winning.  Submissions via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media will not count.
  • Important: You must put a valid email address in the email text box associated with your comment. We will use that email address to contact you if you win.
  • You may add additional comments without the domain “” listed. Those comments will not be treated as give-away entries.
  • Comments not in the spirit of this give-away (such as those containing vulgar language, mean-spirited attacks against others, commercial advertisements, multiple entries from one participant containing “”, etc.) will be removed and not valid for this give-away.  The authors of this blog will be the sole judge of which comments, if any, should be removed.
  • Comments will be accepted until Sunday, November 1st, 11:59PM ET.  Any comments submitted after that day and time will not be included in the give-away.

Method of selecting winners

  • 20 First Place winners will be selected by using a random number generator to select from the pool of valid comments.
  • 60 Second Place winners will be selected by using a random number generator to select from the pool of valid comments.
  • Once a person has been selected as a prize winner, they will no longer be eligible for additional prizes within this giveaway.  In other words, the same person can apply for a new giveaway promotion in the future if/when one is held, but cannot win more than 1 prize for this give-away.

How winners will be announced

  • Winners will be announced via a blog post on Monday, November 2nd.
  • Winners will be alerted via email and asked to choose their prize.
  • Check your spam folder. Any winners who do not reply within a week will forfeit their prize.

Support Us: Buy Swag

Many of the items in this give-away are available for sale through Zazzle.  If you like our swag and want to buy your own, here’s how you can support us and save money…

Sign up for Zazzle

If you sign up for Zazzle with our referral link, we’ll get a coupon for $25 off and you’ll get a coupon for 20% off.  Sign up here:

Buy Frequent Miler Swag on Zazzle (for less)

Here’s a link to Frequent Miler Swag:

Here are some tips for saving money with Zazzle (this is not limited to Frequent Miler swag):

  • Look for offers available through your credit card.  For example, currently Chase has an offer for 5% back, and Amex has an offer: Spend $75 or more, get $15 back (through 12/31/20)
  • Find a good portal option. As I write this, Giving Assistant is offering 15% back.  If you haven’t yet signed up for Giving Assistant, use my referral link to get $5 for signing up (and I’ll earn $5 when you earn additional cash back).
  • After clicking through from a portal to Zazzle, search within Zazzle for the term “frequentmiler” (but without quotes) to find our products. We’re adding new items regularly, so check back later if you don’t see what you want.  Note too that most items are customizable to your own tastes.
  • Apply a promo code for a discount.  Through October 31st, you can use the code SPOOKYTREATZ to get 31% off.
  • Get free shipping.  When checking out, sign up for a trial Membership to Zazzle Black.  Make sure to cancel Zazzle Black after your item ships, so that you won’t be charged a membership fee (unless you want to keep it: it only costs about $10 per year).
  • If you were able to stack all of the above options perfectly, you would buy $109 worth of stuff for $75, and you’d get back:
    • $15 from Amex for the Amex offer (Spend $75, Get $15 back)
    • $16.25: $11.25 from GivingAssistant (15% of $75) + $5 for signing up
    • Total cost after rebates: $43.75 for stuff listed at $109 total.


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Congrats! My browser will have to learn a new most-visited url:

Kelly Ranftl

I’m excited to check out !



Congrats on the acquisition of !


Congrats on getting I waited for years to score one of my domains.

Michael Danielson

Forgot lol

Michael Danielson

Love the blog!! Favor one in the mileage community!!

Steve Gayner The best info of all the travel blogs. Not just opinion, but WHY that opinion makes sense. Read you all the time.

Lucian S


I have been watching you blog for years. Very helpful and so many tips.

Raj congrats on the domain!! Looking forward to when we can have the local meetups again!

Anna Kruse

Great news that is yours. Keep up the great work.

Cathy Yarberry I’ve learned so much over the years!!!


Love! Simply the best. Keep up the great work!

Becca Bandit

Congrats on the new domain!


Well done


Congrats on finally getting
Thanks for all the articles, knowledge, and tips.

Lynn The blog was one of the first I followed covering the game.



Philip D Fenske Congrats!



David Musielak

So very awesome! Congrats on the purchase. I am in the same situation with a domain that I’ve been trying to purchase for a number of years now and completely understand that struggle. Keep up the great work!

~ Dave


Congrats on the new domain!


Love but love the podcast more!

Robbin Degeratu

Congratulations on the move to!

R. Alvarez



Congrats on the new domain!




Congrats on the domain name win;


Thrilled you finally got! You guys are the best!


This is awesome news!! Congratulations !!!



Appreciate the content!

Linda K T

I love frequent!

Linda K T

Auto correct put in a space.

Steve S

  • Congrats on getting the domain!


Congrats on acquiring the domain “”, I like the redirections to older posts, and the zazzle link. Already requested ai item through them. Keep up the excellent work you do


“” is how I got into miles and points. Now I’m living my best life!


Woo-hoo! Save myself some typing!

Danielle Magee congrats and keep up the good work!

[…] is ours! Celebrate w/ huge swag giveaway […]

Nelson Ho is the best around!



Rich C Keep up the great job sharing awesome travel insights.


Woohoo! Congrats.

If I had a dollar for every time I put into my browser accidentally the last few years anyway…only to have to google and redirect.


Glad you were able to get,

Patrick Mc

Congrats on getting Greg!


Thanks for the “” giveaway and congratz on the domain acquisition!

Ralph >


Congratulations!!! Not bad for an elderly man lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Jesus
aram I hope you get some SEO boost with the domain


Frequent Miler: the youtube channel, podcast, and of course the new website – – are the hands down the best resource on the internet for how to obtain and maximize frequent flyer points. Happy for the team on getting the domain.

Tyler Young

Congrats on the domain!


thank you “”

Mr G

Really enjoy reading everyday. Keep up the good work.


To many more smiles and miles



Teva Sweet

Happy you own the domain!



Zachary Wojtowicz

So happy for Greg and team!

Jeff congratulations you guys! Love the blog and especially the weekly podcast.

Katie M

So glad that you were able to register ! Congrats. 😉

psh FTW


Willy Mene ! yay

Andrew Clark

Really happy for you. Great site and seem like great people

Agnes Try to pursue a friend to use your referral for chase sapphire 🙂


Keep up the great content Greg and team!

Congrats on the acquiring the domain! As a long time (ie 2011) reader, I can vouch on how many times I struggled pulling up your site due to the domain issue; I eventually learned to just use google to pull it up!

Again, congrats! As a small business owner, I know exactly how you feel when you obtain your domain!

Yung Thanks for all the valuable information you provide!


Congrats and good luck


Keep up the great work — appreciate your efforts

[…] this the first step towards stepping away from Boarding Area? is ours! Celebrate w/ huge swag giveaway. And holy crap, if you wanted to buy some of these items…the prices are extremely […]

Karen in Florida


David Duff

“” !!!


Congratulations!!!! Love your blog, have been a reader since the beginning.

Quinn! I’ve been reading for years.

Kristen is the best for impartial reviews.


Congratulations on

Raphael — Congrats on the new domain!

kim chang

Greg, love your story and love the site- keep it going my good sir!

Jay Etzenbach

Congratulations !!

Heather Congrats! 🙂

Arvid Zakary

Devoted follower of

Dennis – Yeah




Congrats on getting the website at last. Will make it easier to find!

Dana L Skelly



Jan W

Congrats, Greg! Very excited for you, and glad to have been following for many (if not most?) of those years. for the win!


Wow time flies when you’re having fun.


D. JAMES swag is the best!

Joe Armbrust

Steven Feldman

Congrats to!

Isaac Moore – CONGRATS!


“” Congrats


Congrats Greg & the team.


Congrats! Finally you got it!


Thanks for great content.


What a great name for a website, “”. Terrific reviews and advice on how to save $ and earn points.


Long time coming! Woo

Paul N

Thank you for the valuable insight to travel and congratulations on the website.

Kim T

Awesome news! is ours!! 🙂




Congrats on !!!

Sam Fisher

Gratz Grez for getting that


Awesome! Good to know you have a new digital place to call home.

CORINNE Wow, you got a couple of comments!lol.

Eunice Tom

Yay! Congratulations on obtaining!!!!

Chris D.

Nancy Phillips is My go-to whenever I need any info on credit cards and their bonuses


Thanks for all the miles,!

Susan C

Love your blog!

Lee Just here for the swag 🙂 No really, I’ve learned a lot from you guys. Thanks!

Jacqueline Sheldon

Thank you for all the tips!

Martin Lorenz


Congratulations, go

Andrew R.



“” has always been my favorite blog!

Leanne Brunelle





Forgot “”. Thanks for the great blog!


Enjoy the weekend overview of deals. One of my “must read” travel blogs.

Julie Breeze

Congratulations on finally securing the domain. FM really I my “go to” source for all things travel! Best blog out there.

Ilene kiefer

Congrats on getting

Bill Payne

Congrats on Keep up the great work. I read your posts multiple time a each day. I really like how you serve up content in my email. Thanks.

[…] checked to see if the domain name was available before taking any other steps (because, ya know, that can be important), so we wanted to see what it would take to get her set up with a true business that’s […]

Ken Ascher

I added frequentmiler and to my personal dictionary. The spell check at kept warning, “The word frequentmiler is not in our dictionary. If you’re sure this spelling is correct, you can add it to your personal dictionary to prevent future alerts.”

Rebecca Meredith

“” thanks for all the work you guys do – love all the valuable info!


Congratulations to Greg, Nick, Stephen and Carrie. Finally we can write and get to the site.



No longer have to search you via google lol


Claire, I like


Congratz on getting the true domain, will make your readers find it a lot faster.


congrats on the domain!!


congrats “”. I love the website!

Matt – Congrats!


Congrats on the upgrade!!

Thanks for the excellent content.


I support the new! Congratulations Greg!

Anna Schmand
Love the blog and podcast with Nick, or should I say with the young dad and the elderly guy lol!

Last edited 1 year ago by Anna Schmand
Grahme Perez Nice.


Great news for You are the best!



Patrick Halpin

“” My daily go-to for points travel advice.



Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Keep it up Greg and the entire team


Congratulations to!


The amount of times I put in the URL bar till I found out it was…


Jared Linsly


Dan - Legal Bank Robber


Sandy M

Aloha to

Eva rocks! I would like to have a mask please:)


Congrats on


Congratulations on getting


That is super to finally own the domain with your business name!


Congratulations on the new domain!





Congratulations,Greg, I could just about feel that little frisson of joy you obviously felt.


And darn it,!


Eric Miles

I’m happy for you, !

Randy Sawtelle

“” Congrats!!!!

Impulse is the best domain ever.

Joe Wheeler

How exciting for you that you now own “” Congrats.


Love podcasts and ask me anything!

David Congrats, I look forward to the podcast every Saturday morning. Keep it up FM team!

Keep it up, u guys rock!


Congrats for


Congrats on getting


Yay for!


Ross Levine

Congrats for


Congratulations !



French Points

Congrats !!




Looking forward to many more years at

Brian Tannura Keep trucking 🙂


I noticed that few days back when I typed “” in my browser and it worked! This is a good purchase and will increase your website viewership. Good reward for being persistent!


Congrats on Wishing you continued success!

Jack Miller is what got me in to this hobby!!


“” is all yours! Hooray! You have the best team in the business, Greg. Congratulations!




Congrats on getting the domain.
I remember one of the first posts I read from you… About a trip to NY where you tried to spend something like $50. I thought you were just a little strange, but I came back for more. 🙂

Tak congratulations!




“” – Congrats!


On mornings when I am bleary eyed, but I want to find you guys, I nearly always type in my browser. It’s pretty fun that it will actually work now! Congratulations.


Congratulations, Greg!! Frequent


I’ve been a reader for many years now. Thanks for everything


Congrats Greg and team. One of the best points and miles blogs out there. Honest to the end.


Congrats on the acquisition of the website.


congrats on


Cheers to !


Congrats! Love the blog and the podcast.


Woohoo for !!!


Congrats, Greg and team!

I’ve been a miles-and-points enthusiast for a while now and have been following your blog for a couple of years. I’ve never subscribed to a single blog until I happened upon the Frequent Miler. I find your content to be closer to what I am looking for and, more importantly, I find all of you to be particularly authentic, down-to-earth, and ready to assist with advice, regardless of whether one is a newbie or a pro. I strongly believe that it is your authenticity that sets this blog apart from every other blog that I have read.

Congrats again on obtaining the domain and keep up the great work!

Last edited 1 year ago by YAK


Susan Rosenbaum

Love the blog!!


Keep up the great work


Congrats! Keep up the amazing content!

Ram Mudunuri

Congrats! We all love your blog


Congrats, Greg! Would have loved to sell you “”, unfortunately didn’t own it! Keep it up!


I hope I get picked as a winner! Thanks,


So glad to hear you finally got Congrats.


Congrats on


CONGRATULATIONS on! How exciting!

Dora Cochran Thanks for all the interesting info!


Yyyyyyeeeeeess! It makes perfect sense now! I love it! is where it is supposed to be.




Huge congrats on the new domain –

Tom Grondalski

Congratulations !


“” – Congrats!


Love some swag


Congrats on the success of the blog and getting the domain name:

Appreciate all of the info you and your team post.


Congrats, !

Harsh B.

Congrats on getting “”!


Congratulations to the best miles and points blog with your frequent domain!


Love frequent miler, glad you will be quicker to find @


And I forgot to mention !


Thanks – very helpful over the years !


I love the blog and subscribe to emails as well. Very informative and learn from the team every day.


Thrilled for you to get One of the best points blogs out there with no clickbait.

Angie Zimmerman



Congrats on! I appreciate the points valuations and great advice I’ve gotten from this blog over the years.


Congratulations. Nice to have “” to celebrate as this long, hard year comes to a close! VOTE!