[Expired] More fuel points on gift cards at Kroger this weekend

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This weekend, Kroger is offering 4x Fuel Points when you buy gift cards. According to Doctor of Credit, there are two coupons: one for 4x Fuel Points on “participating gift cards” (third party gift cards) and a second coupon foe 4x Fuel Points on Visa and Mastercard gift cards. That second coupon (not pictured here) should work on fixed-denomination Visa and Mastercard gift cards (not variable loads).

a screenshot of a card

The Deal

  • 4x fuel points on 3rd party gift cards at Kroger and affiliates
  • 4x fuel points on fixed-denomination Visa and Mastercard gift cards
  • Log in here to add these coupons to your account

Key Terms

  • Valid this weekend only (Fri-Sat-Sun October 27-29, 2017)
  • Unlimited use

Quick Thoughts

Every 1,000 fuel points gets to $1 off per gallon on up to 35 gallons. It’s not totally impossible that the promotions could stack for even more than 4x back according to a post this past summer at the good DoC. If you try this and have positive results on that, let us know in the comments.

If you do have the 4x on Visa and Mastercard gift cards (I didn’t have it in my account), you’ll pick up 1,000 fuel points for every $250 in gift cards (assuming it doesn’t stack for more), good for $1 off per gallon. That could certainly help mitigate the fees depending on how much you can fill up in a single trip to the gas station. When taken in conjunction with the best possible rewards for grocery store spend, it looks like a good weekend to go shopping at Kroger.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Max discount on gas is 20 cents per gal. How do u get $1/gal???


Where I live max discount per fill-up is $1.00. If it were only $.20 i wouldn’t be able to use up a discount and the offer would not be any incentive. Are you certain about that limit?


Im in Cali and we can only use a max of 20¢ per GALLON discount each time.

Joe W

3 times (months) i have this two digital coupons loaded together and it never stacked for me.


+1 Laura-they don’t stack. Bought both a $100 Visa and $100 Amazon gift card and got 800 fuel points.
FWIW I’ve seen these before and they’ve never stacked for me.


I had both coupons. Bought $100 Visa and a $25 Shell and got 500 fuel points, so no stacking.