Earn 5c/gal from Fuel Rewards for Shopping at Toy Stores with a Linked Mastercard



The Fuel Rewards network is offering a great deal for spending at toy and hobby stores with a linked Mastercard.

The Offer

Earn 5¢/gal for every $100 you spend with a linked Mastercard® at participating toy stores.

Key Terms

  • You must have a valid Mastercard credit, debit and/or prepaid card issued by a U.S. financial institution that is registered and linked to the Fuel Rewards® program (“Linked Mastercard”).
  • Mastercard Corporate and Commercial cards including, Government, Small Business and Payroll cards are ineligible for the Offer).
  • You can register and link up to 5 Mastercards to your Fuel Rewards® account.
  • You must pay for your qualified purchases at toy, game and/or hobby stores with your Linked Mastercard to earn Fuel Rewards® savings of 5¢/gal for every $100 in accumulated spend.
  • Only signature credit, debit and prepaid transactions are eligible for the Offer. “Signature” means that you must sign when using your credit, debit or prepaid cards during checkout to complete your purchase. PIN-based, ATM-based, Paypal and international transactions are ineligible for the Offer.
  • You must make all qualified purchases between November 1, 2016 and January 8, 2017.
  • Qualified purchases can be made both in-store and/or online at the following participating toy, game and hobby stores.
  • Mastercard reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for the Offer.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of $125/gal in savings for the Offer.

You can find the full terms of the promotion here.


It should be possible to earn fuel rewards at Toys R Us when buying Gift of College gift cards and other gift cards sold by the chain.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Fuel Rewards NetworkI’ll earn 5 cents per gallon savings if you signup with my link and earn rewards.Save at least 3 cents per gallon at Shell. Save more by earning rewards through spend at various merchants.
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[…] Earn 5c/gal from Fuel Rewards for Shopping at Toy Stores with a Linked Mastercard […]

[…] Amex isn’t the only option for great deals.  Since Toys R Us carries a nice selection of gift cards, it’s worth earning Fuel Rewards when buying gift cards there with any MasterCard: Earn 5c/gal from Fuel Rewards for Shopping at Toy Stores with a Linked Mastercard. […]

Ken Blakely

Hey Shawn: Do you know if the FRN discount is stackable with grocery store gas programs (like Giant’s), and if so, how it is done?