(Expired) Get 6,700 AAdvantage miles + Loyalty Points for $49 with Motley Fool Amex Offer stack

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A couple of years ago when American Airlines launched Loyalty Points as the way to earn elite status, a popular option was to subscribe to The Motley Fool. That’s because there was an Amex Offer or Citi Offer that reduced the price and a generous reward through the American Airlines shopping portal.

The Motley Fool didn’t appreciate that, warning that there’d be clawbacks if people tried stacking offers. They had form for us believing that they’d try to punish gamers, so that was a risky option.

Well, depending on your risk tolerance, there are new saving and earning opportunities that make this stacking opportunity worth a second look. It might also be possible to double up on rewards on the same AAdvantage account thanks to an identical offer with Millionacres.

American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal Motley Fool

The Deals

  • Earn 6,700 AAdvantage miles & Loyalty Points from the American Airlines shopping portal when subscribing to The Motley Fool.
  • Get $50 back from an Amex Offer when spending $99 with The Motley Fool.
  • Earn 1,800 JetBlue TrueBlue points when paying for a subscription with The Motley Fool using a linked card.

Key Terms

  • Amex Offer expires May 5, 2024.
  • American Airlines shopping portal:
    • Rewards not eligible on: Monthly subscriptions, Orders less than $75, Free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions, Auto-renewals, Purchases made with a gift card, Gift cards, Gift certificates, Cash equivalents and Purchases made with coupon or discount codes not found on this site.
    • Limits: Eligible on one (1) purchase per loyalty account member.
    • Special terms: Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to The Motley Fool.
    • Offers cannot be combined/stacked with any other offer.
    • Subscription must be active for at least 60 days.

Quick Thoughts

The terms of the offer on the shopping portal still state that offers can’t be combined or stacked. However, there have been numerous data points recently that people have successfully earned rewards through a shopping portal in addition to the $50 from the Amex Offer. Provided that works, it effectively means you’re earning 6,700 AAdvantage miles and 6,700 Loyalty Points for a net cost of $49. Even if you’re not seeking status with American Airlines, buying AAdvantage miles for 0.73cpp is still a decent deal. Add on 1,800 JetBlue TrueBlue points and it gets even better.

This is obviously done at your own risk, so it’s up to you if it’s worth jumping on this deal. FWIW, I can’t remember hearing about any actual clawbacks in the past from people stacking similar previous opportunities, so the past threats from The Motley Fool might’ve had all the force of a court jester threatening a king rather than the other way around. Let us know in the comments below though if you did get miles clawed back or didn’t get them credited in the first place.

For anyone who is planning on taking AAdvantage of these deals, be sure to set a reminder to cancel after at least 60 days and certainly before the year is up. That is, unless you’re so happy with the service that you’d be happy to continue paying the (higher) annual fee after a year.

The reason this deal could be of particular interest right now is twofold. Some people have been doing a status challenge with American Airlines where they have to earn a big chunk of Loyalty Points every few months in order to maintain the status. Similarly, the regular status earning year ends on February 29, so if you’re trying to bump yourself up to the next elite level there’s only one month left to earn sufficient Loyalty Points to do that. Getting 6,700 in one go can be a helpful boost.

There appears to be a way to double up on earnings as well. The Motley Fool also has a real estate based subscription service called Millionacres. That also costs $99, it also offers 6,700 AAdvantage miles and Loyalty points and – even more usefully – also has payment processed by The Motley Fool. That means a Millionacres subscription apparently triggers the $50 statement credit from the Amex Offer too.

Now, you obviously can’t get $50 back when subscribing to The Motley Fool and then again from a Millionacres subscription using the same Amex Offer on the same card. However, if your partner has the Amex Offer on one of their cards, you could pay for one subscription on your card and the second subscription on theirs. Despite paying with different cards, you could click through from the same American Airlines shopping portal account, thereby earning 13,400 AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points on the same account – useful if you’re focusing on earning status for only one of you.

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Lucas Lessa

My portal only shows 3700 miles.

Tim Steinke

Thanks. Marked it expired.


Are people still seeing the Amex offer?

I checked yesterday and had the Amex offer. Decided to try CardPointers to add it to mulitple cards simultaneously. But then noticed that the Motley Fool offer was no longer on any of my cards.

I’m wondering if maybe I’m just missing it or if maybe it got removed?

Mr. Seg

My AA 6,700 points did not stack one month ago. I contacted AA and was told to wait for 60 days. However, I know that Motley Fool can be reimbursed within 30 days. I was wondering if there is any chance that once I get reimbursed, the Amex offer will show up again on my card?


Just did this motley fool AA 6,700 + Amex $50 off stack, and both the AA miles and Amex credit posted fine


How long did you have to wait before the credit posted?


My AA Portal is showing only 3,700 miles now for MF.


Does anyone know if the Million Acres triggers the same Jet Blue CLO Shopping bonus? In other words, can you do 6700 AA eShopping LP with the AMEX $50 back on $99 and the Jet Blue 1800 Shopping points on Million Acres or just Motley Fool?


I think FM should offer a precaution to taking Motley Fool’s investment advice. I have subscribed a couple times in the past. The advice is very general, while leading to subscribe to another of their newsletters.

In fairness to readers, FM should say, just do this to earn the miles and LPs.


If I signed up for this back in October of last year through the eshopping portal am I ineligible to get it again today?


Amex’s offer’s terms state “Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels.” does anyone know if Amex enforces this?


My Amex Marriott Business card states “Offer valid online only at US website at fool.com/amex” . Does that mean it won’t work from the American shopping link? Just seeing if others had that same wording


How do you “ Add on 1,800 JetBlue TrueBlue points and it gets even better.”.


Click the “direct link to the offer” then just simply log in and ‘Add Card’.


Are you paying with the JB card then?


Chase shopping portal is offering 6,800 Ultimate Rewards. Doesn’t appear that you need to use a Chase card so could use the AmEx offer if you prefer URs. Can anyone confirm that you don’t need to use a Chase card in the Chase portal?


However, the AA miles might be worth for someone who’s chasing status.


Or is just interested in accumulating AA miles since Bilt is the only direct transfer to American.


I did a MF deal last April and I did receive the LP and miles. However, I can’t figure out how to cancel the subscription online which is set to auto renew and I think I’m gonna have to call to do it. They make it purposefully hard.


In the account settings where you see that it’s auto-renewing on a certain date you should also be able to disable auto-renewal. At least that worked for me a few weeks ago.


I see where it is auto renewing but the only options are extend membership or view receipt. Neither leads to a place that I can cancel or disable auto renew.


If you change your address to something in California, it might show up. I think CA has a law requiring the ability to cancel online, which makes sense if you can sign up online… lol


This worked for me, thanks!

Mr. Seg

How long did you have to wait to see the AA miles in your account?


Last year, it took 2-3 business days. This time for my P2 it took about the same.


it was 7k on monday!


Not worth it dealing with those charlatans. Aside from their more recent shenanigans of not paying out, their whole company was founded on a fraudulent stock picking model, based purely on hind casting and finding a spurious correlation that had zero predictive power (their so called “foolish four”). They are garbage and should be left in the dust bin of history.