(EXPIRED) Get Fee-Free Visa Gift Cards On Giftcards.com With Code FEEFREE2018

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Giftcards.com is giving us a late holiday gift for the next few days – fee-free Visa gift cards and eGift cards when using promo code FEEFREE2018.

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The Deal

  • Get fee-free Visa gift cards and e-Gift cards when using promo code FEEFREE2018.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 31, 2018.

Giftcardsdotcom FEEFREE2018

Quick Thoughts

If you’re looking to rack up some easy spending on your credit cards, this is a great way to do so without any activation fees.

I couldn’t find any specific limit on the number of gift cards that you can order, so you can hopefully place several orders.

Giftcards.com is listed on numerous portals, so click through one of those before placing an order. The use of a promo code might prevent you from earning cashback, but it’s worth a try anyway because this could be a profitable deal if it does track depending on which shipping option you choose and even before considering your credit card rewards.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this offer, it might be best to get your orders in sooner rather than later in case they decide to pull the deal early.

We’ve added this to our list of current Visa & Mastercard gift card deals.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Are these gift cards something that could be drained on Venmo without fees? (Considered a debt card)


Is there no free shipping ?


My card gives 3x points on grocery spend. That comes to $10 extra. Still better to pay the $6 card fee. And come $4 ahead. Or dont waste time on this crap and get a better paying job.


what’s the advantage of doing this instead of just spending on your credit card directly? You don’t get more points from giftcards.com.

Billy Bob

These can be used to buy money orders, which can then simply be deposited straight back into your checking account. Free points.


Some people want to meet spending deadlines by the end of the year, and this is an easy way to finish without visiting a store. A few of my cards have promotional bonuses right now.


What CCs promo bonuses? Just hope that purch at GC will count by all card issuers


What is the “Make ‘Em Smile Standard” charge of $1.50? How do you get rid of it?


Loading my own image causes the price to increase by $1.00 per card, not decrease in price. Then there is the $7.45 USPS shipping/handling fee, plus the $1.50 per card “Make ‘Em Smile” fee (whatever that is). The only thing that gets waived with FEEFREE2018 is the $6.95 activation fee. Then you have to wait until about Jan. 9 to received the cards. Then one needs to activate the cards, which requires receiving activation codes in a separate mailing. Too much hassle for me.


I did custom and fees were still free, just paid for shipping


No separate activation mailings for GiftCards.com – just go to the website (giftcards.com/activate). Takes a few seconds per card. My cards generally arrive in 5-6 days. “Make ‘Em Smile” fee is only applied if you choose a Greeting Card (on the second page) – if you select the standard mailer on the left it’s free.


have amex hilton biz cc that still needs another $2k to hit the $15k total for a free nite; just placed an order for 5 vgc showing merchant as blackhawk networks on amex stmt … hope amex will count for a free nite award

stephen or anyone, happen to know if amex will send out email or msg that the acct met the spend for the award? if so, how soon? if amex won’t count only few days left by year’s end, i likely miss out the award Thx


anyone has DPs that VGC purch at GC.com didn’t count by Amex? TIA


I met my 15K spent on the Amex last week and I did receive an email as soon I hit. You can also log into American Express and it will show you the total spent. It showed up on AMEX and then I got the email a few hours later.


thx linda, will monitor; since next monday is the last day to meet the spend, hope it’ll meet /count… if not, will have to make another purch in store so won’t lose out the award


for addl dp, purch was posted & counted; earned a free nite