2X Fuel Points at Giant/Stop & Shop on Visa Gift Cards (Up to $1.00 off per $500 Visa)


giant stop and shop 2x fuel points visa

Giant and Stop & Shop are bringing back their Visa gift card fuel points promotion. From 6/26-7/16/15 they will be offering 2X Fuel Points on the purchase of Visa gift cards. Normally Visa gift cards do not earn fuel points, so this promotion can be very valuable.

For example, purchasing a $500 Visa gift card will earn you 1,000 fuel points. Those points are worth $1.00 off per gallon of gas up to 35 gallons. That represents a potential value of $35 from the purchase of just one Visa gift card. Gas rewards expire 30 days after they are earned and you can redeem up to 2,200 points ($2.20) off per gallon.

Note: In the past these promotions have had different start and stop dates in different areas. It is always a good idea to check your local circular to confirm the dates and terms of the promotion.

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My local S-N-S stopped selling $500 Visa Gift Cards. Checked several others and the same thing, only small denominations.

[…] 2X Fuel Points at Giant/Stop & Shop on Visa Gift Cards (Up to $1.00 off per $500 Visa) […]


I went today and bought some visa gift cards but I didn’t get any gas points?? I asked them about it and none of the staff knew what I was talking about. I went to the website and could only find the deal for 6/28-7/18/2015??


Ok thank you!


The deal should be in the Stop and Shop circular and should give the dates of the promotion. I would check to make sure the store you buy them in is participating. Also, they have to be a specific Visa gift card, nothing else. A picture of the card should be in the circular.


Anyone able to find the $500 visa gift cards this time? Went to two stores which had them during the 3X promo and they both only have max $100


Maybe the denomination of the value is state specific. I could never find $500 VGC in DC, but plenty in MD.


When I was getting in on this deal a few weeks ago I had to go to two different stores to find the $500 GCs. I was told by the staff at the first store that a separate company manages the inventory of GCs (not Stop and Shop) and that they refill everything in the store once a week. I would try another store or check back every few days. Maybe ask the store what day they get their GCs refilled and try back on that evening.


In PA, you can redeem up to the full cost of the gas. Also, maybe just in PA, the redemption terms seem to have changed: “Gas points are valid for until the last day of the following month in which they were earned. Example: points earned in July expire August 31.”


Can seasoned Giant food shoppers tell me if buy two, could $2 be knocked off? TIA.


Yes, I purchased 4x $500 GCs when they had the 3x points a few weeks ago over the course of two weeks. Each card got me $1.50 /gal off and they stacked, so at one point I had $4.50 off per gallon. I could use $2.20 off per gallon per fill-up, and the points were removed accordingly (after first fill-up I had $2.30 off per gallon remaining). Download the Stop and Shop app, it tracks your usage and remaining discounts very well.

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5X with Amex Blue Cash makes this Deal Phenomenal..