[Expired] Gift card deals @ Simon, Rite-Aid & Dollar General on many brands

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If you’re looking for discounted gift card deals this holiday season, Simon Malls, Rite Aid and Dollar General are offering a number of different discounts this week (including some mid-week specials that began today at Rite-Aid).

Rite Aid Deals:

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All of the Rite Aid deals are a limit of 2 per customer and come in the form of Plenti points. Remember that Plenti points can be used at Rite-Aid (though not on prescription medication in my area), Exxon-Mobil gas stations, Macy’s, Bi-Lo and more. We know from a previous deal that you can just double the value on one (for example, buy a $200 Southwest card rather than two $100 cards) and earn the full Plenti points for the offer:

  • Earn 1000 Plenti points (worth $10) with:
    • $100 Southwest
    • $100 Disney
    • Limit 2 offers (2000 total Plenti points from Disney/Southwest)
  • Earn 800 Plenti points (worth $8) with:
    • $50 DSW
    • $50 Hollister
    • $50 Forever 21
    • Limit 2 offers (1600 total Plenti points from DSW/Hollister/Forever 21)
  • Earn 800 Pletni points
    • $50 Applebees
    • $50 IHOP
    • Limit 2 offers (1600 total Plenti points from Applebees/IHOP)
  • Earn 600 Plenti points (worth $6) with:
    • two Vanilla Visa Gift Cards (must buy 2 to get this discount…can buy 4 total cards for 1200 total points)
    • Limit 2 offers (1200 total points from buying 4 cards)
  • Earn 500 Plenti Points (worth $5) with:
    • $100 Amex gift cards
    • Limit 2 offers (1000 total Plenti points)
  • Earn 500 Plenti Points (worth $5) with:
    • $25 Barnes & Noble
    • Limit 2 offers (1000 total Plenti points frin )
  • Earn 500 Plenti points (worth $5) with:
    • $25 Kohl’s
    • Limit 2 offers (1000 total Plenti points from Kohl’s)
  • Earn 500 Plenti points (worth $5) with:
    • $25 Dickey’s BBQ Pit
    • $25 Fuddrucker’s
    • $25 Papa John’s
    • Limit 2 offers (1000 total Plenti points from Dickey’s/Fuddrucker’s/Papa John’s)
  • Earn 500 Plenti Points (worth $5) with
    • $25 Taco Bell
    • $25 Chipotle
    • $25 HBO NOW
    • $25 Hulu
    • Limit 2 offers (1000 total points from Taco Bell/Chipotle/HBO NOW/Hulu)

Dollar General

a screenshot of a gift card a group of gift cards

Dollar General is offering the following gift cards at 15% off (I don’t see a stated limit). The ad shows cards pictured in specific denominations, though it doesn’t specify a dollar figure. I’m not sure whether or not all denominations are discounted (or if they even carry multiple denominations in any of these).

  • Sony ($20 pictured)
  • Nintendo ($20 pictured)
  • Steam ($20 pictured)
  • Sling (can’t see)
  • Hulu ($25 pictured)

Additionally, they are offering $5 off when you buy any two of the following brands (must buy 2 to get the discount per the ad; limit 2 per transaction):

  • Chili’s ($25 pictured)
  • Burger King (variable load pictured)
  • Domino’s ($20 pictured)
  • Logan’s roadhouse ($25 pictured)
  • Taco Bell (variable load pictured)

Simon Malls

a close up of a gift card

Through December 10th, Simon Malls is offering a $20 Simon Visa Gift Card with the purchase of $150 or more in gift cards from select brands. You can mix-and-match to get to $150, but you can only earn one $20 Visa gift card per transaction. The terms state that you can not use the free $20 card as payment for qualifying gift cards. You’ll need to purchase $150 in gift cards for the following brands:

  • American Eagle
  • Buca di Beppo
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • The Children’s Place
  • Domino’s
  • Gamestop
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Xbox

Bottom line

It’s always nice to save a few bucks at a store or restaurant you plan to frequent. Some of these deals are even good enough to break even or make a small profit depending on your reselling relationships and methods, with the Simon deal probably being the most attractive. As for Dollar General, I bought some gift cards at a few Dollar General stores last week and had no trouble with multiple transactions, though it looks like the 15% off does not have a cap per transaction this week anyway.

H/T: Danny the Deal Guru & Miles to Memories

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Where did you find the Chipotle gift card deal at RiteAid. It wasn’t in their weekly circular. Appreciate a reply.

Joe W

Simon has a hard policy on one transaction per person per day for their deal since 3 gift card deals ago.


Simon pulled off the gamestop deal