$500 Visas Return to Giftcards.com & Free Shipping Today


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Update: Free shipping has been extended through 11/30. To get the discount, use the code CYBERMONDAY

Giftcards.com sells personalized pin-enabled Visa gift cards. A couple of months ago they lowered the maximum denomination on these cards to $250 while also raising the fees. This eliminated their usefulness in most cases.

It seems that Giftcards.com has now brought back the ability to purchase cards in denominations of up to $500. They are also offering free first class shipping through today with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Unfortunately, the cards no longer seem to be earning G Money Rewards, meaning that a $500 card will cost $506.95 during the free shipping promotion.

This isn’t the cheapest way to get Visa gift cards, but it is one of the only ways to get personalized cards that can easily be loaded to Bluebird/Serve.

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Chris Campbell

Dammit – rook move. I think I set the PIN but did not activate the actual card. Ignore the above.

Chris Campbell

I received my giftcards in the mail on Friday and went to the website to set my personalized PIN. I just got back from WalMart and was unable to load to Serve/Bluebird. First the kiosk wouldnt work (nor did it work for my US Bank VGCs) so I went to the MoneyCenter desk and had the cashier load. The USBank VGCs loaded, but the Giftcard.com cards (Bancorp) did not.

Anyone else having problems?


I just phoned re: G Money rewards and they informed me that the program no longer benefits purchasers of visa / mastercard gift cards. The program will provide rewards to purchasers of store cards both virtual and card form.

Jason D

Thanks it’s because they are losing to much in credit for MS’ers. Just like everything else that gets blown out like redbird


Will these post as purchases with a Citi card or cash advance?

Jason D

So far it’s pending as advertising servixes


So when I go to checkout for a $500 VGC, I’m getting a $9.95 card fee despite their listed fee being $6.95. I did not add any extra personalization. Am I doing something wrong or are they already trying to ruin this?


Thanks, was just able to purchase one with a $6.95 fee, but apparently some of the pre-designed cards do have a $9.95 fee because several I chose at first were showing that.

Mimi C

Will this earn 3x TY points with a citi att access more card? Thanks!

Mimi C

Ugh. Thanks for replying! Do you know where I can get visa gc’s online that can load to bb or serve that will earn 3x ty on the att access more card? Thanks!


Iam also looking for the same man. Place to buy visa gift cards online that earns 3x points on att access more card.

Staples 300 is not profitable has it is already chargin 3% on fees


Do we know who issues these VGCs? Want to make sure they are issued by Metabank or US Bank – cant find anything on their website.

I literally just got set up with an AgFed account last week only to find out they halted the online VGC orders. 🙁


I just called GiftCards.com (1-877-944-3822) and after a brief hold was told that Bancorp was the card issuer.

After some research, it seems based on a FrequentMiler post originally dated 7/30/14 (and updated today) it sounds like these may not work for Walmart at the register, but DO work at the kiosk (which is good for me).


It appears you don’t earn the g money which make this a good deal before. So if you only need regular visas, then this isn’t the best way to get those. A side note, agfed does not give the option to buy visas online anymore…

Bruce Schroeder

I was able to save $20 on my order today using G Money Rewards from an October order. With Free Shipping this was a good deal to get personalized VGC.