GoBank Accounts Closing, Changing To GO2bank & Adding $3.74 Fee For Walmart Load


Green Dot has announced that it’s closing all GoBank accounts and, separately, launching a new product called GO2bank.


The email they’ve sent to existing GoBank customers states the following:

As a valued customer, we’d like to inform you that your current GoBank account program is ending October 31, 2021. To help you through this transition and enjoy even more banking features, we are making it easy to upgrade your account to GO2bank, the ultimate mobile bank account.

Details about your account closing will be sent to the mailing address we have on file. Included will be an upgrade offer with more details on GO2bank, how to seamlessly transfer your account over to GO2bank by activating your new debit card, and how to continue direct deposits to your GO2bank account.

Please keep an eye out for this important mail arriving in a GoBank envelope.

We look forward to continuing to serve your banking needs.

It’s a little bizarre though that their way they’ve decided to “help you through this transition and enjoy even more banking features” is to completely close your account rather than automatically converting it to their new GO2bank product. Perhaps there’s some kind of regulatory issue preventing them from doing that, but given Green Dot’s awful customer service reputation, I imagine that’s not the most likely reason. Based on their email, it does sound like an existing GoBank account can be converted to a GO2Bank account – it just requires that you initiate the transfer.

Separately, Walmart will be starting to charge a $3.74 load fee from September 16, 2021. This fee was introduced about 6 weeks ago, before it was removed again a few weeks later. It seems that was just a premature introduction seeing as it’s being put back in place mid-September. That fee could have an impact as to whether or not it’s worth converting an existing GoBank account to a GO2Bank account.

h/t Doctor of Credit here and here

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MY Gobank card still works and 2024 is 2 months and 5 days away. I never got any Go2bank card or letter.

But I am tired of problems with the account and the trouble contacting them. It is time for me to move on it appears.


I never got an email about GoBank Closing accounts, yet in late 2022 I still use my Uber Business Debit Visa (I am moving over to Uber Pro Card when it arrives by 10/30/2022) I updated my address in my Uber Driver account. And when I did shortly after I get I a “Go2Bank” envelope in the mail with a card without any concent or knowledge (if they think I am going to keep them, they are smoking crack!) at my changed address. I was forced by Uber to use GoBank, and if they are parting ways, Why is Go2Bank sending me a card which has NOTHING to do with Uber Instant Pay. This is the ONLY reason why I use this gawd awful service. I am looking forward to start using my Uber Pro Card and close out my GoBank Uber card by the end of November of 2022 as Uber’s rewards are going to be phased out come 1/1/2023. I want nothing to do with GoBank or Go2Bank because after my experiance with them the past year, GoBank / Green Dot bank operate outside of U.S.A. Rules And Regulations and are DOWN RIGHT CRIMINAL!

Joe Bob demon in the day and the night

Look you don’t have nothing to do with go to bank do you or go Bank do you because if you do you know I think it’s very rude of this Green Dot that be I think that a lot of things going on Green Dot well let’s say go bank it’s a b******* because it ain’t a bank and they’re stating it on a card a card has nothing to do with the paperwork that I signed but I do have a card that says Bank on it I want to know where and why there is nothing to be about a bank that is on my card I’m going to attack and I’m going to make you surrender


Gobank was aquired by Barclays Bank in the UK and if you were a Uber driver and had a Uber Debit Card they opened a new Mastercard Debit Card and cancelled the Uber Debit Visa but it was still a disaster. I put up with this for about a week and cancelled the card. Customer service is the worst and have no answers to the problems people are facing with the change over. The were bad when it was GoBank but as Barclays now.. its much worse. Avoid them like the plague.


I received a GO2 bank card, but I’m pretty sure I never had a GO Bank account. Anyone else? Could it have something to do with the Serve card? I haven’t used that in years.

Rebecca Roxx

You have to open a completely different account. I have had my account for 12 years, and asked if I could keep the same account and routing # and they said no. It isn’t against regulation to do that, banks do it all the time when there is a name/ownership change. I opened a GO2bank account….and now, it has been telling me for days that I need to “try again later” I have never had an issue, but all of this seems super sketchy and annoying to me…

Jonathan Turner

Well heck. the irs has go bankfor my deposit information. They are going to cause a lot of trouble if they dont keep routing numbers the same


If they are going to introduce a fee for loading funds, are they going to allow Metabank cards again? The only way that I can see it might begin to make sense is having the ability to use Simon GCs again.

Pierre Thomas Jr

I am a current GO2Bank customer and all I can say is find another bank. The customer service is downright awful. They have had my account closed, denying me access to my funds for nearly a week now citing ‘unusual activity’ simply because I had to keep trying to login because I kept getting rejected. They required me to submit a copy of my ID which I did four days ago and my account is still locked. But here is the kicker: the entire tome that they have been wanting me to ‘verify my identity’ there customer service reps have been openly discussing my personal banking information with me. I have repeatedly been in touch with Green dot who only transfers my calls back to GO2Bank. When I requested the name of the ombudsman, the customer service rep told me that they could not give out the name. What kind of crap is that??? It appears to me that GO2Bank is attempting to cover up any wrongdoings because this clearly is the first step to address any grevious against a company. So anyone reading needs to seriously consider another financial institution


When I had something similar happen I opened a complain with the Federal Reserve. Green Dot refunded me after that. Best to just open a complaint as this is the only way to get these issues resolved. I know I tried calling as well, waste of time….


Has your issue been resolved?

Joe Bob demon in the day and the night

Yeah I have the same problem I’ve been waiting for my couple thousand dollars in my bank account I had money in my account I was saving money I’m actually what was really weird was that my deposit just got in somebody was to take out $1,000 out of my account which I got my direct deposit that day well I want to go pay my bills and could not because for some reason my account was closed so I went to try online to login to see what about what my money was doing couldn’t log in so I called go Bank go Bank State somebody was trying to take a thousand dollars out they just close my account for Grant this moment well I look at my account when I log in I see the escrows and my name was pretty much there well it was but they said that now we’ve got to close your account and make it so that no one and no one can get in it well three days later I find out trying to log back on and it was altered it was name was changed my email was changed my phone number was changed don’t know how someone can get in my account by having an even Frozen and locked where I could not get in it I’ve been waiting for six damn months to get my money and still haven’t got my money because they leave me with no money because of their issues saying I need to get a utility bill and property that I get mail at I try to tell them that I don’t have a utility bill and I don’t need to get a utility bill I have solar pills and it doesn’t matter whose name is on the bill well they don’t understand these things they say that my documents aren’t even correct and it’s blurry and they can’t see it they keep prolonging they hang up on me they do not serve me right well what the deal is that I’ve come to find out is well this is a little thing of mine did I know oh a good 20/25 years ago when I was running around not having money but I seen things I could buy and turn right around and sell this is the deal I had three checking accounts I’d go to One Bank cash a check I go to a money place and getting borrow money I buy what I got and turned around and sold it and paid everybody back before it was all to be my other Banks would help me if I couldn’t I would juggle from bank to bank knowing that be careful and done I think Green Dot and all the ones that are all in this involved they’re broke and they’re running their ship with no money well I’m not quite sure if that’s the case but I believe it is because now we’ve got these things trying to take down well let’s see the big people online you know where you know let’s say we’ve got what was you doing he was I don’t even want to talk about online anymore so crooked as hell and things I just want to get personally and person face to face because I need a real person that knows what I feel like and I feel like I should be who I want to be and could be I’m tired of the world being crooked I know that the bank of Green Dot is crooked and I think they’re covering your ass from bank to bank card to card and everyone else’s money I have seen go bank and people with money that has not got well they ruined everybody’s life mine I had lost my girlfriend I’ve lost my niece because she was here to borrow money or she was to give me money to pay my bills I like cried and I didn’t want it she told me I’m going to give it to you because the lady said you’re getting it for 2 weeks you’re going to get your check she said I said I hope so don’t give me your money until I know she goes no I don’t really need it that much but I would like you to help you could pay me back when you get your check okay so I did but I never got my check now my relatives all hate me they call me a liar all because of gobank lost my girlfriend’s lost my attitude lost my friends and the f*** with me I don’t mean to say that but if I could put my hands around the person that said I wish to get my check in two weeks I would have their bloody ass I do know that everyone should best look out for the bank of Green Dot and every everybody watch out okay we all need to stop and we need to dislocate Green Dot somehow we fill out paperwork we signed a document that we do not read it states you cannot will not most of the things on there is that Green Dot has covered if they close like they have green got well no not Green Dot though but the point is gobank and how we can’t just alter and changing numbers from bank to banker card to card for somebody breaking in or crowd or prod well they will not return the money where it came from or neither they will give it to me I think their money is broken I think the money that they get from somebody needs to be returned back where they got it or return to the person that had the damn account because there’s some inside s*** going on I know these things these things are family and they’re f****** the bank why other people are getting screwed over they don’t really care it’s a mean trouble making banging war they want your head to explode take out whoever you feel like and throw your s*** down and beat the s*** out of somebody or don’t get a s*** what the hell you do with your attitude you’re going to end up in trouble anyways that’s what they want and they don’t care because well when you’re locked up and dead or shot or told to go to hell around from all your friends and your body yeah they know they don’t have to pay you well this one guy I’m really worried about it’s 400,000 they shut his money right up I was talking to him for a bit and he didn’t even reply back to me I wonder what happened to that guy I mean 400,000 is quite a lot of money my friend and when you got to go down and you got to shoot every goddamn person or take every person down that’s 400,000 to take them out you just don’t go do anything but go bank because you don’t even know who the hell you’re cleaning with well you know $2,000 is a lot of money to me but $400,000 is quite a lot of money it don’t matter what bank you get because I know other people that have Banks should you go to every day and you see him face to face they’re denying their paying people back because people are using your card as the minute you use your card you going to buy gas and put it in the gas machine or the gas tiller and boom you drive off and somebody right behind you is using your card and filling up your card and your money you try to get your money back and they say there’s no way you can get your money because it’s been used by you the world has gone to hell and there’s people going to go crazy watch out there’s friends of being friends will take you out why because they’ve been ripped off too many times and told no so everybody hold yourself together I mean this let’s get our feet and our face and our irritated mind and shut these things up because all they do is laugh at me and hang up and they don’t give a f*** about my money I mean it throw me in hell I couldn’t even have enough money to pay for my ass wipe let alone wash my dishes I was trying to fix my credit I needed my money they said they were to give me it was $59 to go to my one of my bills I was paying before the bill went to collections I almost had it paid off but then I didn’t have the money to pay it off because I was paying other bills and then I was trying to catch up with the God damn money I owed and they owed me I am tired and it’s been 6 months I’m almost at the point where everything is well back and togetherof my credit well they don’t give up fine

Gabriel Martinez

Interesting…I didn’t get this email on either mine or my wife’s account..


Me neither. My GoBank account seems fine and still works. Maybe they only closed some of them? I dunno.