[Update: 124X Success!] Going for Wyndham’s 124x offer


Update 5/24/21: Success! Some will remember that the Wyndham shopping portal was briefly offering 124 points per dollar at Things Remembered (deal has since expired) and so I went for it despite knowing from readers that it was unlikely to work correctly.  And, as expected, the initial news was that my purchase only tracked at 31 points per dollar.  So, I filed a missing points claim.  I never heard from the Wyndham shopping portal’s support team after filing that claim, despite the message saying that they would respond within 72 hours (I filed the claim more than 40 days ago).  But that’s OK, because today I received a great message from the portal saying that all of the points I had expected were earned!  I really did earn 124 points per dollar!  Now I wish I had spent a lot more!  Here’s to hoping that a similar promo returns someday…

Update 4/9/21: As expected, my Wyndham portal purchase tracked at far less than the promised 124 points per dollar.  The portal is showing only 31 points per dollar earned.  I filed a claim here, and was promised a response within 72 hours.  We’ll see.  Readers have reported that the promised quick response did not happen …

The original post follows…

I know that I’ll have to fight for the points, but I just couldn’t resist…  We’ve reported before that the Wyndham Shopping Portal is currently offering some amazing rates including 124 points per dollar at Things Remembered.  I went for it.

That’s a ridiculously good deal.  Unfortunately, multiple readers have reported that their pending points from Things Remembered are only 30 points per dollar.  This means that we’ll have to fight for the correct points.  I decided that, for me, it’s worth the hassle.  I recorded screen shots every little step along the way: the portal, the pop-up showing that I was on my way for 124X, items in the cart, the check-out screen, and the final confirmation screen.  I have all that plus the email receipt to prove my case.  It might take effort and time, but I hope and expect to eventually earn the promised points.

Wyndham free nights at Vacasa vacation rentals cost 15,000 points per bedroom per night.  As I’ve reported before, there are some very nice looking 1 bedroom rentals out there.  If the 124X deal plays out, you would only have to spend $121 at Things Remembered to earn enough points for a free night!  And if you have a Wyndham Earner card, which offers a 10% discount on awards, you would only have to spend $109 to get enough points for a free night.

I bought $143.49 worth of stuff that we might actually enjoy having (a scarf, pen, and bar set).  If I actually earn 124X, that purchase should result in 17,793 points.  After taxes, I paid a total of $152.10.  If you think of this as using the deal to buy Wyndham points at a discount, this should result in a per-point price of $152.10 / 17,793 = 0.85 cents per point.  That’s not bad considering I’ll also get stuff I kind of want from Things Remembered!

Caution: If you do this too, please don’t blame me when it doesn’t work out.  We’ve already been warned that the portal is tracking these purchases at only 30 points per dollar and so there’s a chance that we’ll never see the full 124X.

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Jo Anne

Greg, this reminds me of “Glitter Gate” a few years ago. Remember that? It related to glittery cell phone cases purchases.


Greg, how were you notified of this message? I’ve submitted multiple claims for my purchase on March 21 that didn’t track correctly for Groupon and I still haven’t heard from anyone.




It’s bad enough that generally, you have to buy a bunch of crap you don’t want or need for these unbelievable deals, but then you quickly find out that it is unbelievable for a reason. So you go through the usual weeks of emails, phone calls, tweets, etc. demanding your precious promises points. If enough pissed off people raise a ruckus, then maybe you finally get the agreed upon reward. I’m happy for Greg and any others who actually received the appropriate points, but as for me, I have better things to risk my time and money on. The British Airways points I finally received after months of BS through their shopping portal with the Match.com deal just weren’t worth the hassle of making sure I didn’t forget my weekly duty to get angry all over and rant to the wall until I got my points.


well i guess if i’m grandfathered in the Wyndham card that gives 15,000 points every year for a/f of $70 or so…I guess I should keep it?


looks that way. I’ve never really paid attention to the 2x since I put very little spend on this card, but something every month.

I’ve got excess WR points as it stands. Want to use at a Cottages-UK, but present conditions make that impossible. The Vacasa sounds like a possibility.

I’ve sometimes thought of cancelling the card and just getting a diff Wyndham card w/ bonus in future. But Barclays and 5/24, etc…maks me think it’s just better to keep the card for now.

$69 for 15,000…good..but only if I can ever use the dang points. Only 1 redemption in past 18 months – early 2020 – La Quinta LAX?


I bit on this offer, too. Points never went pending at all, submitted a request yesterday (not knowing 124X wasn’t showing up for people – I didn’t mention the correct points amount), and within an hour the correct points went pending.

Retired Gambler

Not only are they not honoring it I haven’t gotten any points posted to my account even though Wyndham sent and email confirming the 30 points/dollar (even though the portal showed 124)

Not worth it to follow up for me. Marginal program and I only had a small number of points anyway. 124/dollar would have got me to free night and 30/dollar would have gotten discounted night w points but not something I want to spend effort pursuing


I tried this on 3/17 with a $79.95 order (took screenshots, etc) and subsequently submitted 2 separate inquiries for corrections over the last 1.5 week since “pending” status. This is my first time posting a data point in any of the blogs or forums.

Have not gotten a response so I’ve initiated a return with ThingsRemembered today. NOT WORTH IT.

Last edited 1 year ago by NewbiePointsandMiles

You might deem this ,”Things Remembered and Forgotten”


No response for 3 weeks. I don’t think they will honor this.