Grubhub Perks: Get Free Food & Stack With Amex Gold Dining Credit


Grubhub has launched a new feature in their app called Perks, offering free food and discounts at select restaurants near you. There’s no cost to take advantage of Perks and it’ll stack nicely with the $10 Amex Gold dining benefit.

Grubhub Perks

The Deal

  • Get free food and discounts at select restaurants with Perks when using the Grubhub app.

Key Terms

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Quick Thoughts

I complained the other day about how was punishing customers that used their website rather than their app to redeem their Welcome Rewards free nights.

Grubhub has decided to take the opposite approach and is using a carrot to lure its users from their website to their app by launching Perks. Perks offers free food and discounts at select restaurants near you; there’s no membership fee to join Perks, so you should see it in the menu bar at the bottom of the app when you’re logged in.

The restaurants you see will depend on your location. For example, when logging in to the app my address was still set as Corpus Christi, Texas from when we visited last November. Here are some of the discounts being offered at that location:

Grubhub Perks in Corpus Christi

Changing my location to where we currently are in Roanoke, Virginia listed some similar but fewer options:

Grubhub Perks in Roanoke

My wife and I both have the Amex Gold card and nowadays always use the $10 monthly dining benefit on Grubhub, using the pickup option to save on delivery fees. Our order values are usually around the $10 mark, so taking advantage of Perks looks like it can get us 50-70% more value each month.

I always book through the Grubhub website rather than the app in order to get 250 IHG Rewards Club points, so the incentive Grubhub Perks offers to book through the app will likely change that for me as I value $5-$7 in free food at far more than 250 points.

Hopefully Grubhub continues adding Perks partners so that we’ll all have even more restaurants to choose from.

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[…] maximum savings of $5, you’ll max out this offer when spending $25. You can stack this with their new Perks program that offers free food or additional savings as select restaurants in your area. Alternatively, you […]

Shawn K Fink

But do the perks stack? Can I do a bunch of $5 redeems at one place for an entirely free meal? (minus tip of course)


Does this only work through the grubhub app? I tried seamless (they are the same company) and I didn’t see anything


There’s 236 restaurants that have this deal in my app. I checked the few on the list that we’ve used before and they all say “first order only”. I went thru other restos and most are the same but finally found one that didn’t say that.
I’ve been using Seamless since we have an Amex offer for a bonus point per $…had forgotten about the IHG thing, will have to remember that when my 6,000 points are close to expiring :P.
A note on delivery fees, they are not a given. I would think it’s the business’s decision but can’t say for sure. We only order from places with free delivery…but with 100s of places to choose from, it might be competition that helps us with that.

Matthew Harlan

Lol Corpus Christi is where I live. Points and Miles community feels dead down here. That may be a good thing in some respects though.


@Stephen Do your IHG points, post even when you change delivery from IHG Property to home address?

Reading the comments made me wonder,.

The Wyndham/Doordash points credit even if not at a property (and we always tip Dashers cash).


Cool, it’s worth $3.50 ( if one was buying 1K points) have some points expiring and have IHG on App list back burner ATM. It also better than using 1k UR to reset clock. But this seems like a simple way to do since our next stay is. Afew months after they would expire.


Opos, fat thumbs hit post trying to move on screen.

Don’t forget that there’s a GrubHub +1 MR offer for 5x and round total to $X.50 for 5 extra MR (small but adds up).

Actually considering using my monthly dining credit for Boxed and sending care packages to my Daughter in College every other month (saves her hauling similar items from Costco and ships to her door).

Used the perks tonight on a restaurant that we usually order Ubereats for $15 when we don’t need ride from airport.

But the $7 off/$35 spend basically wipre delivery and service/ the tip eats the $10 dining credit. All in we love the restaurant and we avoid parking, travel and tip ( p/u is an option but rather avoid dinner (rush hour) traffic and parking. But thanks for the Heads up on the perks.