(Update: The Grinch Has Visited) Happy Holidays From Amex: Gold Cardholders Getting Bonus $10 Uber Credits (Targeted?)


Update from Nick: In the time between when this post was scheduled and when it published, we also received Uber credits on our Platinum cards ($35 each). Then, some of the credits began getting clawed back (“revoked”). At this point, it looks like this is just a mistake and the rest of the credits will probably get clawed back soon. Bummer!

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Happy Holidays from American Express! Many (or all?) Amex Gold cardholders received an extra $10 in Uber Cash last night.

Amex Gold Uber Eats $10 bonus credits

I received a notification from Uber Eats just after 6pm on Christmas Day advising that I’d received my $10 monthly Amex award and that it’ll expire on January 1. I ignored it at first as I assumed it was simply a delayed notification as I knew I’d already received our $10 credits for December on the night of November 30.

Nick subsequently messaged asking if anyone else had received this additional $10 credit. That prompted me to check my Uber Eats app and to my surprise I saw that I had indeed received a $10 bonus amount. It seemed strange that we only received one credit though because we have two Amex Gold cards registered on my Uber Eats account and so receive two $10 credits each month. Sure enough, 1.5 hours later another $10 appeared.

Considering the day that Amex Gold cardholders received these $10 bonus credits, I’m assuming that these were unexpected Christmas gifts rather than it being some kind of glitch. Personal Amex Platinum cardholders already receive a bonus $20 Uber Eats credit in December on top of the $15 they receive as standard, so it’ll be interesting to see if this $10 bonus for Amex Gold cardholders is a one-off gift or a permanent enhancement. Having said that, perhaps there was some kind of Amex intern working on Christmas Day who was worried that the bonus Uber Eats credits for December hadn’t gone out, not realizing those are only meant to be for Platinum cardholders rather than Gold cardholders. Whatever the reason, getting an extra $10 per Amex Gold card is a nice little bonus to end Christmas Day with.

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Since the app is worthless for getting assistance about the revoked credits a short cordial email may shed some light and joy.

Jill Hazelbaker
Senior Vice President Marketing
1455 Market St
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

hazelbakerj at uber.com


My account shows $10 added on 12/25 then $35 more added 12/26. The $35 was revoked then added again on 12/26. In the meantime, I gave a $4.20 tip on a ride I had taken 12/24. Later on 12/26, $5.80 and $35 were revoked. So it appears that I was able to “use” a small part of the added credits before they were revoked, by adding that tip. Whether I could’ve used all $45 by ordering a ride or food delivery during the time when they were on my account is the question I had, but I see below that someone’s card was charged after revocation, so I guess not. Perhaps they let me slide since the money went to a driver?

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My credit sat in my account from the Platinum card for about 12 hours, then it was clawed back. We thought about using for Uber eats, but decided not too. Mt wife’s Gold card did not post any additional credit though.


Got $105 in credit from my 3 platinums, then had $35 revoked. No clue what’s going on.

Ronald Crawford

Yep, all those delicious credits were clawed back. 🙁


I got an extra $35 and so far not revoked…

Earl Lee

Yep. I got the credits (I have 3 Gold cards and 1 Platinum). I had all of them post and them slowly today they are all “Revoked”. Darn glad I didn’t go out and spend it today as I was about to get an Uber Eats as I didn’t know what the credit was from but it looks like a mistake and will most likely get revoked eventually.

Plat alex

What time f you spend it before they revoke your my ?

Negative account or Uber will say they don’t have money int he account


They’ll ring your doorbell and want half your pizza back.

Mad Dad

I ordered just over $35 of food, paying the difference on my credit card. After I picked up the food, they “revoked” my $35 and charged the whole amount on my credit card!


That sounds very unfair. I almost did the same thing.


“revoked” is a pretty harsh term, as if we all did something wrong. How about instead “oops, sorry, our crap IT dept and our one trick pony marketing dept that only knows how to do high breakage monthly credits screwed up”.


My thoughts exactly. Amex giveth and amex taketh away. What horrible PR.


Suggest a title change on this article from “Happy Holidays from AmEx” to “Groin Kick from AmEx…”


I figured I’d add another data point: $35 credit from my Vanilla AMEX Plat posted yesterday and was revoked today.

I also received a $10 credit on my Amex Gold yesterday, but that one hasn’t been revoked yet!


Had $10 plus $35. Just lost the $10. Guessing $35 will be soon to follow


Same here! Found an Uber notifications about $35 on the AmexPlat. It is sitting in my wallet…


I didn’t get anything.


I got the $35 credit on my Plat and jumped on it in case it was a mistake. Just picked up my $34 breakfast order, fully paid for with the credit. Hope I don’t get clawed back!


Please let us know how it goes.


So far so good. No charges to my card and it’s still saying I have $1 Uber cash left.


My $35 just got “revoked”. Good luck!

Earl Lee

Same as me. ALL of my credits $35 Platinum and 3 $10 just got revoked all throughout today. Glad I didn’t spend it!


We did the same thing we got $45 Amex credit, $10 gold and $35 platinum, even I have 2 platinums attached.

Either way we order lunch cost us $1.67 after delivery


Yep I had $1 left and they revoked it lol.


@A B, so Amex only revoke $1 and not -$35? Meaning we should spend it as soona t possible.


I mean YMMV, but so far so good for me.


Got $10 from gold card close 4 months ago. Thanks amex