Hard Rock Unity coming to Atlantic City on January 9th (Will free cruises by matching be derailed?)


A member of our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group shared a screen shot yesterday from an email indicating that the new Unity program will debut at Hard Rock Atlantic City on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Hopefully, nothing significant will change, but it is possible that this could negatively impact the path to free cruises by gaming casino status matches.

a screenshot of a social media post

Hard Rock Atlantic City has been running its old loyalty program despite claiming for about the past year that it would be joining the, uh, unified loyalty program of other Hard Rock casino locations, the Unity program.

The reason this news brings some cause for concern is because the Hard Rock Atlantic City has long matched those with Caesars Diamond status to their Rock Royalty status (which is the highest tier with a published requirement — they also had an invite-only X status above it as most casino programs do). That has been significant because Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City will match Hard Rock Rock Royalty status to their own top-tier Ocean Prime status. Ocean Prime status comes with some very valuable benefits, like a complimentary cruise on MSC anywhere in the world up to 10 nights in an ocean view room and a complimentary 2-night stay at Resorts World in Las Vegas (at the Conrad or the Hilton at Resorts World).

The equivalent tier in the Unity program would be Icon status. Indeed the Hard Rock computer systems have been somewhat linked up for a long time. I matched to Rock Royalty in Atlantic City last March. When I visited Las Vegas the following month and tried to match at Mirage (which is under the Unity program), they said I was already an Icon (and printed my Icon card). Hard Rock Atlantic City certainly might match Caesars Diamond to Icon status and keep things moving along, business as usual.

However, we had a report a few days ago from a reader who tried to match Caesars Diamond status at Hard Rock Seminole (the Florida casino) and they were only offered Legend status (a step below Icon). If that were to happen in Atlantic City, it would be a major blow for those looking to match to Ocean Prime.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Atlantic City and whether any change affects players matching from Caesars Diamond or MGM Gold or both. Hopefully, there will be no change here, but it is worth being aware that we just don’t know yet and we finally have a precise date to expect the change.

If you attempt a match on or after January 9th at Hard Rock Atlantic City, please let us know how it turns out.

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I posted more detailed response in the main free cruise thread, but for the record here I did the match in AC today from MGM Gold and got Unity Icon, which was later matched to Ocean Prime.

Sky T

I can also confirm was in Vegas last week and tried to match Caesars Dimond will only get you legend but with MGM gold got me ICON, I had to see two different rep before someone was willing to match it for me since the first one said they dont do status matches anymore

Paul Chang

I can also confirm that I used Caesar’s Diamond Plus to match to Hard Rick Icon and then Ocean Casino Prime in late Jan 2024. Called MSC VIP on Feb 17 and was able to book my cruise.

Paul Chang

If anyone is able to post their data points for status matching to the new HR Icon after being previously matched to Rock Royalty (but no more current) that would be great. I had previous HR Rock Royalty status matched in 2022 but that has now expired. Wondering if I can still status match using my Caesars Diamond status.


Worked for me on 1/20 at Har Rock AC. Long line but worked flawlessly.


I am happy to report that on January 13, I was able to successfully status match from Caesar’s Diamond to Unity Icon to Ocean Prime. This was in Atlantic City.
I even received a free T-shirt, MSC cruise brochure, and a buffet voucher at Ocean. Cherry on top.


This is awesome.. congratulations. .. I was in Las Vegas last month and matched by MGM Gold (valid till 1/31/2024) to Unity Icon at Mirage (valid till 2/28/2024). Since I already have Unity Icon status now, can I directly go to Ocean in AC and get Ocean prime by 2/28 or do I first have to go to Hard Rock Atlantic City to match my Caesar’s diamond (valid till 1/31/2024) and then to Ocean Prime..

Also please confirm the vailidty of the MSC Cruise … is it 6/30/2024 ?


Hi Tango,

I would think you could be able to status match directly from your current Icon status to Prime while in AC. That is essentially what I did.

Yes, cruise offer is valid for sailings through June 30, 2024.

Paul Chang

Hi Parker that’s great to hear. Are you first time HR Icon? Or were you previous HR Rock Royalty?


Hi Paul,

First time Icon.
While at the HR in Atlantic City, It seemed they were issuing Unity cards to those who already had their old player’s cards. So if you already have HR Rock Royalty status you could simply get your Unity Icon card printed.
I would imagine If I had matched to HR Rock Royalty from another status in the past, it might have caused difficulties in getting the status match again (depending on how recent the last one was).

In case it adds value to other readers, I have another small brochure from Ocean Casino that lists status match equivalents. This lists both Rock Royalty and Icon as equivalents for Prime. So, at least in Atlantic City, Icon status is still equivalent to Prime it seems.

Last edited 3 months ago by Parker

Hi Parker wondering what expiration date they gave you for Unity Icon. Thanks


Until 2/29. I believe they said their status program starts a new year on March 1.
Fine with me I just needed it for the match that day.


Thanks for dp. Did you have Ocean’s prime before or was this your first time getting it?


Did you just have Diamond or was it Diamond Plus? I’ve seen DPs of Diamond only matching to Legend but maybe that’s in Vegas. Might be going to Atlantic City next week for this.


I simply had Diamond with Caesars


I am planning on matching at Ocean tomorrow 1/9 with my old HR card Rock Royalty. I will see if that works.


They refused to match my recently acquired HR RR card because I am active Preferred there. Said that I would need 6 months of inactivity to be a “returning” member and be eligible for matching tiers. OK, Borgata (Gold) and HR it is for me for the bulk of my gaming activity and Ocean can pound sand.


I had to have 18 months of inactivity at Ocean to be able to match again, and that time just elapsed this past week, so I am headed tomorrow to waste no time to get that cruise, 2 night stay at Resorts World and Ocean and the Ocean buffet. I am curious why they told you only 6 months. How did you get status at Borgata – gambling? I thought they don’t do matches anymore since July.


from when is the “inactivity” counted?


I wouldn’t use the cruise perk anyway. I’m not a high roller, don’t care to have a “host” and such. I’m in casinos to win money, not suck up the high life. I live in AC now and try to keep a low profile while on site. Gold / RR tier bennies at Borgata and Hard Rock suit me fine. I have over $1,000 in MGM Rewards comp $$ right now and no desire to waste them on overpriced food and services. That’s A LOT of chicken sammiches and fries at Burger ‘n’ Fries in the food court.


Sometimes it’s frustrating being on the west cost.

Michael (TravelZork)

Interesting. I will actually be staying at HR AC in the next two weeks.

Julius Fisher

This sucks. I was planning a trip to AC in March to do both icon and Ocean Prime. Now I’m in a quandary. Do I run up now or wait and see.