[Updated: Extended!] Hilton free night certificates show up in your online account w/ expiration dates


Update 11/22/21: Several readers reached out via email, Twitter, and our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group earlier this evening to let us know that they noticed sometime today that the expiration dates on some existing free night certificates have updated.

Those certificates which were scheduled to expire during the first half of 2022 are now showing an expiration date of 7/1/22. There hasn’t been any official announcement from Hilton, but I took screen shots of some of our own free night certificates last Thursday 11/18 when we originally published this post and then again today. You’ll notice that the two certificates now shown here with 7/1/22 expiration dates were just a few days ago scheduled to expire 1/3 and 5/1 (compare with that older screen shot further down in the post).

As a reminder, Hilton free night certificates currently have varying extension policies:

  • Hilton free night certificates issued before May 1, 2020 now appear to be valid through July 1, 2022
  • Hilton free night certificates issued between May 1 and December 31, 2020 are valid for 24 months from the date of issue
  • Hilton free certificates issued between January 1 and December 31, 2021 are valid through December 31, 2022

I really wish that Hilton would simplify and make all existing certificates and those issued this year valid through the end of 2022, but short of that this is still excellent news for those who were sitting on certificates soon to expire (and now that we can easily see certificate expiration information online, this will be much easier to track). I imagine Hilton will make an official announcement about this any day now, but it’s great that we can now see these certificates in our online accounts and keep am easy record of extensions like these.

The original post about seeing certificates online follows.


Finally! We can now see Hilton free night certificates in our Hilton Honors accounts!

US Credit Card Guide reported this today and it is an awesome enhancement. You can now see outstanding certificates, the last few digits of the certificate numbers, and the associate expiration dates. That’s all great news.

According to US Credit Card Guide, you can only see these certificates in your account if you currently have one of the co-branded Amex Hilton credit cards. If you do not have one of the cards, even if you have valid certificates, they apparently will not show up.

You still need to call to book these free night certificates, but the fact that you can easily see how many you have and now have at least a few digits of the certificate number to look up if you need to search your email will certainly be helpful.

Unfortunately, these are not yet showing up in the app, but they do show up both on desktop and in a mobile browser.

I further love that they make it clear which free night certificates are associated with anniversary free nights and which are associated with $15K spend on qualifying cards. That helps for tracking when things post and knowing which certificate is which in case something fails to post.

Overall, this is an excellent enhancement that should make it much easier to use these certificates. Now if Hilton would make these bookable online and and extend the January 3rd certificates, we would be all set.

H/T: US Credit Card Guide

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I have the Hilton Aspire Card and the Hilton Business. None of my free nights are showing up. What am I doing wrong? “Account” is not one of the options in the drop down menu. Thanks for any help.

Prester John

Same here….account isn’t a menu option and the free nights don’t show up. Hilton is counting on ‘spoilage’ imho.


my certs no longer showing even though i have the consumer card. they did show up initially

Tom A

While I was able to see my certificates back in November when this went “live”, that is no longer the case. Anyone else in the same boat?

I’ve tried desktop, mobile browser & the App, all to no avail.


I’m in the same boat.


c’mon hyatt, it’s ur turn… all major chains already did this yr

Last edited 1 year ago by dan

I still don’t see my free night cert in my account online, but I got the email this morning that it was extended through July 1. Anyone else in the same boat?


Ah missed that part of the article. Makes sense, since I got the cert from the biz card and have since closed it.


Mine shows extended from 1/3 to 7/1 as of this morning! I’m glad I don’t have to try to squeeze this in this year.


Does the stay have to be within the expiry date of the certificate or do we just have to make the booking by the expiry date?


stay must complete by the expy date


Not showing for me yet

huey judy

This is welcome news. I’ve been harranguing Hilton to let us book these free nights online. If IHG can do it, the HH wizards should be able to figure it out. I like making bookings myself because I know they’re done right. I hate calling … just booked one the other week and the guy got it wrong. I mean, how hard is it to book one free night? But if the rep isn’t paying attention, you gotta go through it all again. Most annoying. Travel providers need to recognize that many of us dislike talking on the phone with the accents, the background noise (roosters crowing, really???) and the masks. Very unpleasant. The roosters weren’t crowing on the HH call, but you get the idea.


I am guessing that the stumbling block to being able to book online has been the historical (and probably future?) restriction allowing them to only be used on weekends. I wouldn’t imagine that would be all that easy to program and no other program has to deal with it.
I will add my voice to those hoping that Jan 3 expiring certs will be extended. I would be able to use my last one at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, except they are playing games with award availability.

huey judy

I think you might be right about the weekend thing. But how hard would it be to ID the weekend dates for a year? Hand the list over to an engineer. Maybe take an hour.


I have 3 expiring 1/3/22 but I was able to book 3 nights at Waldorf Orlando just after Thanksgiving. Feeling lucky. Hope it works out for you.


Yes, I managed to book two nights of our stay for early December there a few weeks ago, but the third night has proven elusive. The third night is coming from my wife’s account, so could not be booked all together. When I looked to book that third night, it was showing sold out. When I looked to book all three nights together, standard room was available for money, but not for points (certs). If I extended it to 7 nights, then there were standard rooms available for points or cash, so pretty obvious that the one night needed was not sold out. Right now, I can book any of the next three nights (Nov 19, 20, 21) in a standard room for points, but nothing after that. Last week, these three nights were sold out. Definitely playing games with availability.


My $8K for spend will not allow me to enroll (even after they keep sending me email about it) but I do see 2 certificates in my account so fantastic change!


Extending the January 3 FNC would be fantastic.


Never thought we’d see the day!


I have 2 nights that I completely forgot about and did not have on any of my spreadsheets. Thanks for this info! One of them expires 1/3/2022. Any chance of them extending if you ask?


Like I’m going to put 8K spend on a Hilton card


Thanks. Awesome news. My Marriott got extended to 6/30 also. Lots of free nights in 2022. Next step, How about making reservations online, without calling, Mr. Hilton Aspire ?


It’s about time. Being behind IHG is never a good look.




FINALLY! Thanks Nick. Just checked–my three nights are in there.,


I’m guessing the breakage was favorable to Hilton. This is a needed improvement.


FINALLY! This has been such a pain in the rear for the user. I have to imagine Hilton was spending plenty of time on customer service calls looking up certificates for people that would have to call back later because the forgot or wrote it down in a different place. Not that I ever did. 😉

Seems like the next customer service fix is allowing people to book them directly online to save more customer service time. The already identify premium and non-premium rooms so shouldn’t be that hard. I know I can book Hyatt & IHG certs online. Is there any other major program that forces you to call in to book a free night?