Hilton Honors Q1 Promo: 2000 points on each stay, 500 extra to use a digital key


Hilton Honors has announced its first promotion of 2024, which will run between January 1, 2024 and May 1st, 2024. Members who register will earn 2000 bonus points on all stays during the promotion period with an additional 500 points per stay when you use a digital key.

There is no minimum stay or night requirement for the promotion and all Hilton properties are included.

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The Deal

  • Hilton Honors will be awarding 2000 bonus points on all stays that occur between January 1, 2024 and May 1st, 2024. An additional 500 points will be awarded for each stay that you use a digital key. You must register for this promotion.

Direct link to registration

Key Terms

  • Offer valid for stays completed January 1 – May 1, 2024 at any hotel or resort within the Hilton Portfolio.
  • Hilton Honors™ members must first register at HiltonHonors.com/PointsPlus prior to completing a stay within the Promotion period.
  • Registered Hilton Honors members checking in before January 1, 2024, will receive Bonus Points for their stay if the stay is completed on or after January 1, 2024, and prior to or on May 1, 2024.
  • Registered Hilton Honors members will earn 2,000 Bonus Points per stay during the promotion period. Additionally, 500 Bonus Points per stay are awarded when using Digital Key during the stay.
  • 500 Points are awarded to the Honors member making the reservation, at a maximum of once per stay for one room on the reservation only, regardless of how many times Digital Key is successfully used during the stay.
  • The Digital Key must be successfully issued during the stay to be eligible.
  • There is no limit to the total amount of Bonus Points that may be earned during the promotion period with this offer.
  • Bonus Points do not count toward elite tier qualification.
  • Please allow six to eight weeks from the completion of your stay for Bonus Points to appear in your account.

Quick Thoughts

Hilton more or less runs non-stop promotions year-round and this one begins right as the Fall promo ends. This will be easy to use, as there’s no minimum stay or night requirement: all stays will be eligible at all Hilton properties. It’s not a terribly exciting promotion, though.

The 2,500 points/stay are better than nothing, worth about $10 based on current Reasonable Redemption Values. On short, cheap (or award) stays, $10 could be like getting 8-10% back. For longer or more expensive ones, it’s a drop in the bucket. Ok, maybe two drops.

If you are planning on staying with Hilton during the first 1/3 of the year, or even if you think there’s a chance that you will, this promotion is certainly worth registering for. It’s probably not enough to make anyone change any stays though.

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Hilton has a different way of accounting for points. Was confused as I didn’t see my points from this promotion initially, even though reps said they were on my account. Booked with pts and for this promotion, it appears the points were applied against the booking.

After logging into Hilton.com; go to activity tab.
Can then see breakdown by going to past 6 months and checking previous stays. Find stay in question and look for \/ to far right of stay. There it will break down pts used, plus promotional points earned via stay(had parking charges on mine too).

Was looking for a line item with promotional points applied, like my Hilton credit card shows monthly.

Only wish I would have noted points balance before/after stay and/or kept reservation receipt a bit longer. So much for keeping records 6-8 weeks after stay per promotional terms.


Kind of disappointing, considering how lucrative some of their bonuses in the past have been.

Once, when I had a 2-week stay at the WA Maldives, they had a triple-points promos (on stays of 3+ days), which effectively added an additional 20x points per $. In combination with base points, Diamond Status and using an Aspire card, this had us earning me 54x points per dollar (even though the stay was on points, we were still getting 54x points back on boat transfers, food/beverage/incidentals/etc). That promo earned me an extra +80k pts.

I have a similar-length points stay at Zemi Beach house in a month, on which this will earn me… a pitiful 2k pts.

I guess I shouldn’t complain… that Zemi Beach House stay has 2x stacked Amex offers (link and link), and we will also be utilizing 2023 and H1 2024 Aspire resort credits on 2 separate Aspire cards via some strategic prepayments in 2023, for a total of $1250 in credits. But it would have been nice to get even more points back on all of that credited free spend.

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Planning to have an expensive seven night stay… and that may actually be the only one in Q1. So not a great bonus for me.