Hilton Amex Offer: Spend $1000, Get $200 Back at Hawai’i, Mexico and Caribbean Properties (targeted)


There’s a new Hilton Amex Offer that can save you up to 20% on stays when you spend at least $1000 at Hilton properties in Hawai’i, Mexico, the Caribbean, Colombia, Honduras, and French Polynesia. Be sure to check the list of participating properties though, as not all Hilton propertie in those locations are eligible for this offer.

Zemi Beach House Anguilla…one of the hotels partcipating in this offer

The Deal

  • Amex Offer: Spend $1000+ on room rate and room charges at select Hilton brand hotels in the US, Mexico and Caribbean and get a $200 statement credit.
  • This is a targeted offer. Look for it under “Amex Offers” in your account online.
  • Direct link to participating properties.

Key Terms

  • Expires May 31, 2023.
  • Offer valid only at participating properties in the US, Mexico, Caribbean, Colombia, Honduras, and French Polynesia, please click on “view participating locations” to view the full list of participating properties.
  • Reservations must be made online at hilton.com, via the Hilton Honors App or by calling 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667).
  • Excludes gift card purchases.
  • Corporate Cards are not eligible for this offer.
  • Offer only valid on room rate and room charges.
  • Offer not valid for stays that are paid for before or after the promotion start and end dates.
  • When you make a qualifying purchase in a foreign currency, the applicable statement credit will be credited in your local currency using the exchange rate at the date the statement credit is applied.
  • Qualifying purchase means a purchase at Hilton made during the offer period with your enrolled American Express Card and which is in an amount of at least $1000 USD as posted to your account, following conversion from a foreign currency, if applicable, in accordance with your Cardmember Agreement.

Quick Thoughts

If you were planning a paid stay at a beach resort, this targeted Amex Offer is a good way to save up to 20% on your accommodation costs. It’s kind of a randon list of properties as it’s simply beach resort locations all the way from Bora Bora to Colombia. As noted above, be sure to check the list of participating properties as not every Hilton property will trigger the statement credit.

For the foreign properties, it’s also important to ensure that your bill will come to $1000 or more by the time you stay. If your total is only marginally above $1000 when converted to USD today, exchange rate fluctuations between now and your stay could result in it dropping below $500 when converted. While a better currency conversion is beneficial in that it lowers your bill, if it means missing out on the $200 statement credit…then it’s not so good.

(h/t: DOC)

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Has anyone tried this offer on non-refundable rates? The term says the offer does not apply to non-refundable rates….


Got it on my old Blue and have a conference in Orlando coming up at a Hilton.


Darn. I just returned from Zemi


Any Hilton specific advice on splitting payment and how to ensure it works out? Both P1 and P2 have this offer and a qualifying stay coming up where this would actually really help.

Last edited 2 months ago by Marr3wk

I’ve walked down to the desk with player 2 at Hilton Hawaiian Village many times in the past during my stay and asked the agent to make a one time payment of x amount on the card I hand them. Leave player 1 card on file, use player 2 card for one time payment. Clunky and they think I’m weird, but whatever. I wait until the charges are big enough to justify whatever payment I’m making. In other words no credit balances. Then remainder charges that accrue get charged to player 1 card on file. You could also just split it at checkout how you wish at the desk ‍♀️‍♀️


You can actually do it with three cards. We had spend $600 get $120 back as an AMEX Offer on the Platinum card of P1 and P2. The night before we checked out, we just walked to the front desk and said “We’d like to make a prepayment of $600 on each of these cards. We are no changing the card on file.” No one questioned it. Did this another time at a different hotel–again, no issues. The key for us is to do it before the last night so the bill doesn’t need to be redone. Agree to wait so the bill doesn’t go into a negative balance.


Thanks for confirming this is a way to do it! (Edit: I understand about the negative balance after re-reading.)

Last edited 2 months ago by Marr3wk

Thanks for confirming that’s a way to do it!