(EXPIRED) Match status through March 2021 at Hilton

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Last week, I wrote about hopping on a couple of status matches currently available for those with some sort of hotel status (See: From zero to hero on the status-match-go-round). In that post, the final step I mentioned was matching to Hilton Diamond. Hilton has had a status match program (actually a status match challenge of sorts) going for quite some time, but until yesterday, it had been advertising a match through March of 2020. However, Hilton has now confirmed that status match challenges are now good for status through March 2021. If you don’t currently have Hilton Diamond status, it might be a good idea to take advantage of this one. If for nothing else, it will position you to take advantage of other status match opportunities that arise over the next (nearly) two years.

Note that while the website still says the match is good through March of 2020, multiple sites have confirmed with Hilton that the match is now good through March of 2021.


The Deal

  • Match to Hilton Gold status from another program, then complete 4 stays in 90 days to keep status through March 31, 2021
  • Match to Hilton Diamond status from another program, then complete 8 stays in 90 days to keep status through March 31, 2021
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Key Terms

  • Must show status with another program + 1 stay with that program in the past 12 months
  • Acceptable forms of status validation include a screenshot of your current account status or your membership card.
  • Acceptable forms of stay validation include a screenshot of your previous reservations or hotel receipt, redacting any personal information other than your name and membership number.

Quick Thoughts

As you can see above, this is actually a status match challenge of sorts. Hilton will initially match your status for 90 days. You’ll then need to complete:

  • 4 stays within 90 days to maintain matched Gold status
  • 8 stays within 90 days to maintain matched Diamond status.

This means that you could maintain Diamond status for nearly two years with just 8 one-night stays in the next 90 days (though note that multiple back-to-back nights at the same property, even if booked as separate reservations, will likely count as one stay (indeed the terms mandate that it will — while it is always possible that you could get lucky with something like that, it is not probable. I recommend spacing reservations out by a night and/or switching hotels).

Hilton Gold status is “free breakfast status” — the ultimate mid-tier hotel status in my opinion. That is because the barrier to entry is quite low (the Amex Hilton Ascend card offers complimentary Gold status and has an annual fee of $95), but you get free breakfast at nearly all Hilton properties. Note that there are a few exceptions and/or properties that only offer a $10 or $15 credit per person per day, which doesn’t actually cover breakfast, but the exceptions to free breakfast are fairly rare instances (notably, breakfast was not previously available at Waldorf-Astoria hotels, but since last year Diamond members have been able to get at least some credit towards breakfast even at Waldorf-Astoria properties). Many of the most desirable properties (Conrad Maldives, Conrad Tokyo, many resorts) offer free breakfast to all Gold members. You won’t get #Bonvoyed here — no need to consult a complex database to determine whether or not you can get a bagel and a cup of juice in the morning.

Hilton Diamond status does not offer a huge upgrade over Gold status and is also available as a credit card benefit, this time with the Amex Hilton Aspire card (which carries a $450 annual fee). With Diamond status, you’ll get guaranteed lounge access at properties with a lounge (this can certainly be a money-saver for family travel) and you’ll earn more points per dollar spent. You theoretically have a better chance at a room upgrade and early check-in / late check-out, but I think I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve been upgraded to a suite….provided you’ll allow me to curl that finger into a round shape and touch it to my thumb. Actually, I take that back — I did receive one massive upgrade last year at the Conrad Fort Lauderdale to a 2-bedroom residential suite. I was in fact surprised when I inquired as to how much it would cost to upgrade and they went ahead and gave it to me for free. That demonstrates why I’ve come to really like Hilton — I tend to more often be surprised by good customer service, even if I don’t receive a suite.

While Hilton doesn’t officially publish a matching guide on which statuses match to Gold vs Diamond, Deals We Like reports the following in terms of matching:

  • SPG Gold, Marriott Gold, Ritz-Carlton Gold, Hyatt Explorist, IHG Platinum Elite, Club Carlson Gold match to Hilton Gold
  • SPG Platinum, Marriott Platinum, Ritz-Carlton Platinum, Hyatt Globalist, IHG Spire Elite, Club Carlson Concierge match to Hilton Diamond

Remember that you’ll need to show at least 1 stay within the past 12 months with the program from which you’re matching.

A couple of reports at StatusMatcher.com indicate that Best Western Diamond matches to Hilton Gold. I’m not sure on Wyndham Rewards. If you have status with another program and could use a match, it’s worth trying for this status match.

At the moment, your best bet in terms of leveraging Hilton status once you get it is to hop on the status-match-go-round as outlined in last week’s post – unless of course you do not need any of those other statuses, in which case maybe you’ll wait and bide your time for the next time Hyatt surprises everyone with an unbridled match to top-tier status (don’t hold your breath).

H/T: Loyalty Lobby

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So likely not worth matching to diamond for a 2 night stay upcoming at the Waldorf in New Orleans? I am already gold.

Simon M. Fisher

I am trying this via the following route. I am already Hilton Gold from Amex Plat Biz. I want to match to Hilton Diamond. Here is what I did – I will report if it works.

I have founder’s card for Caesars Diamond Status – I matched to Wyndham Diamond Status. I have stayed one night at Wyndham, I am hoping that this will match to Hilton Diamond.

Side note: Founder’s card totally paid off for me to get a free trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

[…] has also been offering a status match for the past couple of years (See: Match status through March 2020 at Hilton). Hilton matches some competitor statuses to Gold or Diamond status with a requirement to complete […]

M. Abdul

Hilton Honors advertises status match for other programs loyalists. I am a Marriott Titanium and I was thinking to try the Hilton brand based on their matching offer. However, the way HH customer service is handling my request make me think this is not a good idea at all.

I have been going back and forth emailing HH in regard to status match. This process couldn’t be more painful than what it is right now!

1st communication I used the link provided on their website and after 1 week I received a reply that my information is not clear and I was asked to email a clear screenshot.
This the reply I got:
“We appreciate your interest in attaining Elite status with Hilton Honors. After careful review, regrettably, we are unable to process your request with the provided documentation as they are either ineligible to compare against Hilton Honors program or not an eligible hotel brand.”

“If you are able to provide us with one of these required forms of proof, please resubmit your request by replying to this message and we will happily reevaluate your request within 48 hours.”

2nd time, I emailed HH clear info but they didn’t like the file format! Asked me to send it as jpg or pdf.

Here is their reply:
“We appreciate the information you provided, however; we were unable to clearly view the details from the copy you’ve sent. Kindly provide a clear copy of document in.PDF, .jpg, or .doc attachment so that our team may verify. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may pose.”

3rd time, I did convert the file to PDF, emailed it back and now they want me to use the link and resubmit my request again. Back to square one!

“I appreciate you choosing Hilton hotels for your future travels and stays. “Welcome to Hilton Honors loyalty program” I would humbly request you to please refer to this link : https://statusmatch.hiltonHonors.com/ for matching your status to Hilton Honors and receiving a up-gradation on your membership status.”

Clearly, HH customer service is making all attempts to discourage people from obtaining status match

[…] ➤ Hilton 希爾頓飯店開放 status match,也就是透過其他飯店的會籍匹配(挑戰) Hilton 的會籍。挑戰 Hilton 金卡需要 4 stays;挑戰鑽卡需要 8 stays。成功後會籍有效至 3/31/2020. […]

[…] Earlier this year, the easiest path to top-tier status in the loyalty program world was blazed with the launch of the Hilton Aspire card. However, if you don’t want an Ultra Premium Hotel credit card, Hilton is giving you a fresh new option: a status match to Gold or Diamond status with a path to retain that status through March 2020. All you need is status in another program and 1 stay in the past 12 months in said program to get started.LEARN MORE! […]


No guaranteed late checkout for Diamond. Ouch.That’s brutal.


thanks HH for confirming everybody is diamond. which means nobody is diamond. SMH…


IHG Platinum Elite was matched to HH Diamond. I have 11 nights coming up already booked at some Hiltions, no lounges though. I only needed Gold. Eleven free breakfasts, yeah! Good that I didn’t need a new AMEX card to get there. I don’t have a free AMEX slot.


Nothing in email about status through March 2020.

“We’ve matched your status to Diamond! Just be sure to complete 8 stays over the next 90 days to extend your status match through March 31, 2019. You can also earn Gold status with 4-7 stays.”


Do the 4 or 8 night stays toward status retention have to be paid or can they be on points? Thanks in advance.


If I already did it before, can I do it again?


Your right, I have nothing to lose. They haven’t mentioned anything in the t&cs either


I’m in the same box – status matched when Marriott bought Starwood and all the other hotels were trying to compete by offering status matches, including Hilton. I’m Platinum Elite with IHG through the cc, and though it says that matches to Gold, I actually ended up getting Diamond in practice. Dunno if that was a fluke or what, but I totally appreciated the suite at the Waldorf Astoria I got. Might try this again if I actually have, like, an upcoming Hilton stay at some point.

Brian P

Did you see a time frame to sign up for this anywhere? I didn’t see an expiration date on the website.


Thanks for posting. That’s actually a challenge rather than an outright status match.


Is the Marriott Plat Change paused? I asked as I am in the middle of that. Signed up at Mid May.


Oh wow.
Marriott also would not commit on what the status would be mapped IF you complete the challenge in August as if you sign up in May you have till Aug 31st to complete the challenge.

For that matter several persons I know and myself, decide to complete our challenges before July 31st to prevent any subsequent argument.

I was told by at least one member reward email rep that if earning Plat in August, it will remain Plat, meaning the old gold.