The Difference Between Raise’s ‘Cash Back’ & ‘Discount’ Gift Cards


Nick just covered the great deal on gift cards sold on Raise as you can earn 20% cashback when clicking through from TopCashback.

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There appears to have been some confusion regarding which cards qualify for the 20% cashback, primarily due to the somewhat unclear wording used by TopCashback. One issue is that TopCashback mentions the following term:

Gift Card Listings will receive no cashback.

This doesn’t mean that buying gift cards listed on Raise is excluded, it means listing gift cards for sale on Raise is excluded from earning cashback. In other words, if you buy a second hand gift card on Raise today, you’ll earn 20% cashback. If you list a card for sale, you’ll earn nothing (other than what you’d normally earn after Raise takes their cut.

‘Cash Back Gift Cards’ versus ‘Discount Gift Cards’

The other confusing element of this deal is that Raise now sells two different types of gift cards – ‘Cash Back’ and ‘Discount’. For example, if you search for Airbnb gift cards, this’ll be what you see.

Raise Cash Back vs Discount Gift Cards

The main difference between the two is that ‘Cash Back’ gift cards are first-hand (i.e. brand new) gift cards, while ‘Discount’ cards are second-hand (i.e. pre-owned) gift cards. What confuses things a little further is that ‘Cash Back Gift Cards’ used to be known as ‘Raise Pay’ which worked a little like MyGiftCardsPlus, MPX, etc.

Looking at the listings above, buying a ‘Cash Back’ Airbnb gift card would seem to be the better deal as it offers 2% in rewards. In addition to that, it’s a first-hand gift card and so there’s less risk than buying a ‘Discount’ second-hand gift card.

The important thing to be aware of though is that because ‘Cash Back’ cards are first-hand gift cards, they won’t earn cashback through shopping portals.

‘Discount’ cards are second-hand cards that Raise takes a commission on when they’re sold, similar to how eBay takes commission when you sell an item on there. That commission appears to be how Raise can encourage purchases by offering cashback through shopping portals. In the case of TopCashback’s 20% rate, they’ll be making a loss seeing as their cut isn’t that large, which is presumably why that increased rate is only available today.

In other words, if you want to earn 20% cashback on Raise purchases today, you have to buy one of the ‘Discount’ gift cards, not the ‘Cash Back’ ones.

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