Hotel award booking for 3 in London. Marriott to the rescue.


My wife, once again, is headed to London for work.  And, once again, my son and I are going with her.  We love London, so this a great excuse to return.  The problem is that in the eyes of all hotels everywhere, our son is now an adult.  And that makes booking an award for a single room in Europe difficult.

In the parts of London where we wanted to stay, most of the hotel programs I checked had no award nights available for 3 adults.  Or, they offered big rooms for outlandishly high award prices (I’m looking at you Hilton).  Luckily for me, Marriott provided a great solution.  With Marriott, rather than charging more points for an upgraded room, they charge a co-pay amount.  Plenty of great hotels were available in London for 3 adults.  Most of the co-pays ranged from 80 to 170  GBP per night, but the Park Lane location wanted 500 GBP per night (yeah, not gonna happen).

a screenshot of a hotela screenshot of a hotel a screenshot of a hotela screenshot of a hotel  a screenshot of a hotel

The upgrades at both St. Ermine’s (100 GBP) and St. Pancras (170 GBP) were to junior suites.  We’ve stayed at the St. Pancras hotel before, and loved it, but we didn’t previously stay in their elegant Chambers section.  The junior suites are in the Chambers section and so include access to the Chambers Club (which we would get anyway thanks to my Platinum status), and a butler.  Partly because we wanted to experience this opulence and partly due to its better location for our needs, we decided to go with St. Pancras.

a room with a bed and a fireplace
St. Pancras junior suite. Photo borrowed from Marriott website.

By the time you read this, we’ll have already been here a few days.  I wrote this post last week, before heading out.  Now.. Any suggestions for what we should do with that butler service?

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