How many miles would you spend to go to space? | Ask Us Anything | EP 36


With his buddy Richard Branson in mind, one reader asks Greg if he’d spend all his miles to go to space (55:06)? Nick on the other hand chimes in on how a Canadian reader might be able to take advantage of the Shop Small Promo from over the border (30:33). Watch the full “Ask Us Anything, Live” episode below or click each timestamp to navigate directly to a specific question in YouTube.

1:55 – I just realized the AirBnB I booked for Lake Tahoe is also a Vacasa rental. Suddenly very interested in the Wyndham Earner + and Biz cards. How sensitive is Barclays to high gas and grocery spend? We typically book a 3 or 4 BR rental for our extended family which requires more points than what you’ve posted about, but given the high cash rates the CPP actually works out great even at 4 BR.

7:23 -​Really liked your last podcast about fine hotels, did I understand you guys correctly that my Amex offer to get $40 off a stay of $200 at Marriott cannot be used to prepay a room?

10:30 – I booked a 7 night Category 5 Marriot hotel (old certificates) but nights haven’t been added to profile (Platinum). The thing is they accidentaly added 100K so calling them would perhaps make them see the error. ​Not sure if I should avoid calling them altogether, as I already have 63 nights this year…

12:28 – ​Do you think Citi will make the AA transfers permanent?

16:50 -how long before getting preapproved for a mortgage would you stop applying for credit cards?

18:48 – ​Hi guys, are you currently planning any international trips. Or domestic only?

23:01 – what are the best ways to Asia upper class with points now? Ana availability is impossible.

26:53 – Started a new biz. I already have 4 chase biz cards with an old biz, and 1 with the new biz. Do you think it’s too risky to open another biz card with the new biz?

28:18 – What are current Barclays application rules? I applied for Business Wyndham card last October and was declined. I want to apply again.

30:33 – ​I’m Canadian and I have a few US amex cards. How can I take advantage of the shop small promo if I can’t physically buy stuff at a store in the US? Any tips on 3-4 online retailers that I could use?

31:36 – ​favorite Disney hotel?

34:03 – What is your “comfort vs total travel time” philosophy when deciding on air travel? Would you go for the shortest trip but in economy? Or would you go for a biz class, even if it adds a connection?

36:36 – ​Any good advice for people who go solo to Vegas 3 times a year. Flights, hotels I usually get comps.

39:40 – Any tips for finding Marriotts that sell gift cards at the front desk? I’ve called dozens, and they all say no.

41:13 – ​Have you ever purchased miles or hotel points? Or do you generate enough of transferrable currency not to be interested in that?

44:40 – ​does Barclays allow a second Wyndham Earners Plus card?

45:14 – Considering PCing my CSP to be able to apply again and get the 100k bonus. Do you recommend PCing to CFU or CFF (or something else)

48:37 – Hey Greg and Nick! With Citi’s latest moves, if the change becomes permanent, do Thank You points topple Ultimate Rewards?

52:10 – ​Have you ever tried to book an award for a friend or relative? If Yes, how do you ever explain all of the intricacies, like booking ANA award with Virgin miles transferred from Amex MR?

55:06 – Greg – maybe redeem your points (all of em) to go to space one day?

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Christopher s

I would redeem everything I have and up to 100k cash. A waste to some, a once in a lifetime experience to me.


Uhm….carbon footprint???


I wouldn’t pay anything to go to space, but I would pay everything I had to come back.

Larry K

I’m really not getting the whole space thing. I have absolutely no interest to get on a rocket to touch the very bottom of the atmospheric layer. Getting to orbit the earth for a few hours with a great window or you know getting to live on an international space station for a day and experience weightlessness and to see the moon from outside the atmosphere and watch the sun coming up behind the earth 60 times or whatever? Yeah, sign me up for that. Take all my miles and points. Every one. These billionaire stunts right now? Well — not interested.


Zero. I’m not interested in going to space until I see it happening regularly at least for sometime.


I would redeem all my points for space. Not sure my wife would agree to me going though