How to buy a Frequent Miler hat (and other items we’ve designed over the years)


Well Frequent Miler fans, the wait is over. Greg, Nick, Tim, and Stephen have been chattering on about their tips for traveling with miles and points, but I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting a post addressing the most basic travel-hacking question: “where can I buy a Frequent Miler hat?”

Frequent Miler team in our team hats

When we all traveled together this past Spring, we wore matching Frequent Miler trucker hats. Somewhat surprisingly, we’ve since gotten quite a few requests about if and where these hats will be available for sale, (along with requests for other Frequent Miler related merch.)

Most of our merch is created out of our own interests and not really a concerted effort to create a store of products. We make things we want. Most of these are designed ahead of our annual challenges so that the participants can show off the Frequent Miler brand a bit in the videos and photos they take along the way, and some are created with other ideas in mind. (This is my way of saying, some of the items are more useful than others 😀 ).

In any case, you can find this collection of things we’ve designed for our own purposes over the years by clicking here, or searching “Frequent Miler” within Zazzle. But I’ll outline a few of my favorites below as well. (Keep in mind, Zazzle frequently runs 30%-40% off sales.)

Some of my favorite Frequent Miler Merchandise

Again, we’ve mostly designed these items with our own interests in mind, but we have made them available for anyone to purchase. If you see something that’s “Party of 5” specific and you think there should be a more generic version, or if you think of something else you’d love us to add, feel free to comment below. We can’t promise we’ll make everything you want because…y’know..the points-and-miles content doesn’t make itself. But we always love hearing your creative ideas and if we want it for ourselves, we’ll add it to Zazzle!

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Mark R.

I wanted to buy, but I didn’t want to sign up for an account with Zazzle, so no sale.


Maybe worth a mention that that both Chase and Amex frequently have card linked offers for Zazzle!


I like the hat Nick Reyes wears all the time(the Frank Sinatra look).

Do your items for sale come with autographs? I would be interested in a Tim Steinke autographed Atte Mug. How can we make my wish come true???


I too would like Tim Steike to autogaph a coffee mug for me

Willy M

I’m A Pepper! One Stephen Pepper autugraphed water bottle would be my order. How do we order


Is it true these are going to be like Beanie Babies in terms of resale frenzy? The hat…I swear I’ve seen it on eBay for hundreds and hundreds of….pennies. LOL. Love the swag. Love FM

Rober Smith

The canvas bag should have “A Giant Mail Bag” below the Frequent Miler logo. It could be fun

Big Ern

I like the website and supported it with credit card applications for over ten years now for myself and +5 with hundreds upon hundreds your appilcation link uses. I think I deserve a free hat for putting Greg’s kids through college.