How to get great value from your Platinum card | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep262 | 7-5-24


The Amex Platinum card has had great welcome bonuses for a while now, but it’s a very expensive card. Are there reasons to keep the card once the annual fee comes due? That’s what we’ll discuss in today’s Frequent Miler on the Air episode.

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Main Event: How to get great value from your Amex Platinum card


(01:36) – Online chat for immediate Avios refunds? (Mailbag)

Card Talk

(05:26) – Wells Fargo Attune Card (Card Talk)

Read more about the Attune card here.

Mattress Running the Numbers

(17:49) – Hyatt promo: Earn 1k bonus points + double elite nights at 15 Florida properties (Mattress Running the Numbers)

Award Talk

(23:46) – Virgin kills Delta One deal (Award Talk)

(28:39) – Interesting notes about Spirit awards (Award Talk)

Read more about Nick’s Spirit discoveries here.

Main Event: How to get great value from you Platinum card

Read more about the Amex Platinum card here.

(34:25) – Become elite

(37:01) – Enhance your travel experiences

(40:57) – Earn $200 back on prepaid hotel bookings each year

Read more about FHR credits here.

(44:28) – Earn $200 in Airline Fee Credits each calendar year

(46:08) – Use $200 in Uber credits each calendar year

(48:53) – Get $20 per month back in rebates on select digital entertainment services

(51:27) – Earn up to $100 per year in rebates at Saks Fifth Avenue

(55:18) – Get Walmart+ for Free

(56:53) – Earn 5x for airfare and prepaid hotels

(57:21) – Refer friends

Question of the Week

(1:05:37) – Hyatt dummy-booking offer… why is no one talking about this offer?

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Music Credit – “Ocean Deep” by Annie Yoder

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I’ve called it “We apologize for the delAAy Airlines.” i went through a streak of just about every flight being significantly delayed too. As it happens, I’ve been more fortunate recently.


Anyone done a product chance to the wells fargo attune card? I have a 20+ WF card that i converted to an active cash card but don’t use it..
Would love to get the attine to pay for lifetime fitness, asi gymnastics, dance lessons, pickleball membership and tournaments, etc.


I only have the Autograph as a product change offer from the Active Cash, but your mileage may very much vary!


If someone *uses* the card, it is well worth the price. If someone doesn’t, it’s not. If someone gets the card simply to clip coupons as a means of cheap lounge access, that person will be wringing their hands every time the annual fee comes due.

Last edited 14 days ago by Lee

7 visits per year is not a reasonable amount of visits considering the $$$ paid for the Amex Plat card… Going from unlimited( in my case over 50 visits a year) to 7is very poor as a benefit!!! Shame on Delta and Amex!!!!


The fact is that the lounges are overcrowded with people gaining access on the cheap. I’d say Platinum cardholders get zero access unless they spend $75k.