How to keep your Avianca LifeMiles alive


Avianca LifeMiles is a useful frequent flyer program with a big Achilles heel: miles expire after 12 months.  Spending miles does not reset the clock.  Other issues include their poor website search tool, their mandatory $25 booking fee, and notoriously poor phone customer service.

Despite all of this, there are a number of reasons to like the LifeMiles program:

  • Avianca is a member of the Star Alliance.  Since this is the largest airline alliance, it means that miles can be used for flights on a huge number of airlines.
  • Like United, Avianca does not pass along fuel surcharges to their members. So, for example, you can book Lufthansa first class without paying exorbitant fees.
  • Unlike United, Avianca doesn’t charge a close-in booking fee (United charges up to $75 per ticket when booking within 21 days)
  • Within-US awards are as low as 7,500 miles one-way.
  • Avianca’s mixed-cabin award pricing makes it possible to get amazing deals (see this post for details).
  • You don’t have to always have enough miles: Avianca often sell miles cheaply, plus they allow cash + miles for all award bookings.

Nick states that if he had to dump his Citi Prestige card and was looking for a place to park his points, he would transfer them to Avianca LifeMiles.  I think that makes sense, but he will have to make sure to do something proactive to keep his miles alive every year…

LifeMiles Expiration Policy as of April 15 2018

  • Miles expire after 12 months.
  • You can reset the clock to extend the life of your miles by earning more miles.
  • Spending miles no longer resets the clock.
  • You can extend the expiration by 24 months by earning miles from an Avianca branded credit card or by earning miles while you have Avianca elite status.

You can find the full details here (scroll down to “Miles Expiration Policy valid from April 15th , 2018.”)

Options for keeping points alive

  1. Fly a Star Alliance carrier (United, for example) and credit the flight to Avianca in order to earn miles.
  2. Sign up for an Avianca Vuela credit card.
  3. Transfer points from a transferable points currency or hotel program to Avianca.
  4. Buy miles from Avianca.  You can do this automatically and at a good rate through a LifeMiles subscription (details here).

Transfer points to keep points alive

The easiest way to extend the life of your LifeMiles is to transfer points from Citi ThankYou points (if you have the Citi ThankYou Premier or Citi ThankYou Prestige card), or from SPG (Starting August 2018, you can transfer from the combined Marriott SPG program at a rate of 3,000 points to 1,000 LifeMiles).

I tested to make sure that transferring points into LifeMiles actually resets the clock.  It does.

I transferred the minimum 1,000 points from Citi to LifeMiles.  The transfer completed instantly.  And as soon as I logged into my account again I saw that my point expiration date was reset:

Before transferring points my miles were set to expire in January 2019:

a white background with black and white objects

After transferring points (which I did in May 2018), my miles were set to expire in May 2019:

a white background with black and white clouds

Of course I would have been better off waiting until December 2018 to transfer points to miles, but I wanted to confirm that this works before publishing these recommendations.

Get alerted

One easy way to track your mileage expiry is to setup AwardWallet with all of your loyalty accounts.  AwardWallet will email you when your miles are close to expiring.  Full details about AwardWallet, including a code for a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus can be found here: AwardWallet.

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Does buying miles still work?


just transfer 1K miles from AMEX to LM, it posted right away but still showing the same miles expiration date. Does it take a bit for LM to update that info?


Just came across post this while trying to extend expiration of my LifeMiles. Would transfer from Amex extend the expiration as well? I just transferred some points and while the transfer was instantaneous, the expiration date hasn’t updated. I guess will check in a day to confirm.


Well, I can confirm that this worked. Logged in today and the expiration was extended by 12 months.


I just tried transferring from Citi points, and it did NOT reset my expiration date. Just FYI….


Great, thanks. Maybe just takes a day then?


No surprise, but you were completely right. Miles extended as of this morning. Thanks again!

Natalia Cano

Hi. Those transferring points from Citi or amex count towards elite status?

Natalia Cano Sokolof

Hi. Those transferring points from Citi or amex count towards elite status? Thanks!



Avianca Lifemile: Just curious if expiration date is reset for 12 months from the date you earned the miles? Thanks for your help.


Heard any reports on anyone getting the Avianca Vuela credit card 60k bonus again, now that it’s been around for 18 months or so? I haven’t seen any mention of it.

[…] You have Avianca miles? Here is how to keep them alive. […]


AwardWallet seems to think my miles and my wife’s won’t expire for 18 more months. Is it wrong?


Likely you earned miles 6 month ago when the old expiration policy was in effect?

Bob S.

I’m pretty sure that if you buy miles during a redemption (cash+points), that counts as a purchase also for extending the expiration date.


They used to have low cancel fee, when did it changed?

“Changes: USD 150
Refundable: USD 200”


never mind, found it under estatement


Hi I seem to be having trouble checking the expiration date, where is it? thanks


Greg, please also add “club life miles subscription plan” option, for keeping points alive!