Best ways to get to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific using miles from the US


Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific are bucket list destinations for many travelers at least in part due to distance and expense. It makes sense that many people would look to use airline miles to offset the cost and to perhaps fly more comfortably for the long journey. Unfortunately, the popularity of the region means demand is very high and therefore award space can be hard to come by (particularly in premium cabins). However, with the wide range of award chart sweet spots that exist, it is far from impossible to snag a deal up front with some time and diligence in searching.

If you want to use airline miles, it’s great to have transferable points.  Transferable point programs let you transfer your points to any of a number of airline programs.  This is great because it gives you the freedom to book many different flights through many different methods, some of which are strikingly cheaper than others.  If you’re not familiar with transferable points programs, please check out our guides:

Cheaper Paid Flights

While finding a “cheap” fare to Australia or the South Pacific may sound impossible, we do sometimes see good fare sales to this part of the world. Of course, Frequent Miler is likely to report the best of these fare sales (you’ll want to subscribe to our instant alerts if you want to be notified of those deals quickly).

However, beyond a lucky fare sale, your best bet in terms of getting a deal on a paid fare is to learn how to leverage Google Flights to search for deals to several cities at once. See: How to find great business class fares with Google Flights – the same techniques can be used to find economy fares if that is your preference). Keep in mind that you may sometimes find slightly cheaper pricing via small online travel agencies listed at Momondo or Skyscanner, though you might be sacrificing customer service if things go wrong with your flights.

Best Mile Deals

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Ironically, the best deal to Australia / New Zealand / Oceania comes from the airline with the most difficult miles to compile of the lot included here. Alaska is a Marriott Bonvoy transfer partner, otherwise you’ll need to use Alaska’s credit cards or shopping portal to pad your mileage balance.

  • The short story: Alaska has excellent rates to Oceania on several nice partners and you can include a stopover for free on a one-way award.
  • Miles required: Each partner has a separate chart, but the best values are business class for 55K each way on Qantas or Fiji Airways, business class for 60K each way on Cathay Pacific, first class for 70K each way on Qantas, first class for 80K each way on Cathay Pacific
  • How to find awards: Qantas and Fiji Airways award space shows up at Search for Cathay Pacific space, but be aware that Alaska may have access to one fewer seat than shown by British Airways.
  • How to book awards: Book online for Qantas or Fiji Airways (use multi-city for a stopover) or book over the phone for Cathay Pacific
  • Key warnings: Finding premium cabin space on any of these partners can be a challenge and may require a constant eye on availability.

ANA Mileage Club

You’ll have to fly round trip and you might get a better value out of an around-the-world ticket (more on that below), but ANA can be a good choice for Star Alliance awards.

  • The short story: ANA offers the best deal out of Membership Rewards partners for business class between North America and Oceania and also offers a wide range of partner options. You can route via Canada or most of east / Southeast Asia or fly Air New Zealand.
  • Miles required: From 105K round trip in business class on ANA metal during low season up to 120K round trip in business class on Star Alliance partners or during high season. ANA has eliminated fuel surcharges on many/most of its flights, making routing on ANA an even better deal.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at ANA’s website. (you’ll need to create a free ANA Mileage Club account and log in to search for space)
  • How to book awards: Book online at ANA’s website.
  • Key warnings: You must book round trip. High fuel surcharges are assessed by some carriers, others have none or low fuel surcharges. The ANA website interface is not particularly user-friendly or modern-looking, so it may take some time to get used to the search features. Note that transfers to ANA are not instant. Transfers typically take 2-3 days from Amex Membership Rewards or a week or more from Marriott, so there is risk of award space disappearing while you wait for a transfer.
  • No fuel surcharges on: ANA (many/most routes, though a few still have surcharges) United (no surcharges to Europe; unfortunately, they do have charges to Asia), Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Copa, Ethiopian, TAP Air Portugal, or Singapore
  • Low fuel surcharges on: LOT Polish
  • Moderate surcharges on: Asiana, LOT Polish, Turkish (higher than the others but low by comparison to some)
  • Transfer from: Amex, Marriott

Air Canada Aeroplan

Don’t forget that Aeroplan is both an Amex transfer partner and a Capital One transfer partner.

  • The short story: Aeroplan significantly changed its award chart for travel between North America and Oceania in 2020. Oceania is now included in the same region as Eastern Asia. While awards to Oceania mostly increased in price, members can now book a stopover in eastern Asia en route to Australia or New Zealand for 5K additional miles one-way. Lap infants are now just $25 CAD or 2,500 miles per direction (far cheaper than what most programs charge).
  • Miles required: 55K-115K each way in business class or 90K-140K each way in fist class from North America to the Pacific zone, though practically for most North America-based flyers, distance bands start at 75K / 115K each way. See more detail here.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at (you’ll need to create a free Aeroplan frequent flyer account to search)
  • How to book awards: Book online at Can also book via phone. Lap infants must be added to your reservation over the phone.
  • Fuel Surcharges: Aeroplan no longer charges fuel surcharges on partner award tickets.
  • Transfer from: Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards (coming in 2021), Capital One, Marriott

Avianca LifeMiles

The nice thing about Avianca is that even if you don’t have the necessary points/miles, you can often buy them for less than 1.4c each.

  • The short story: Avianca LifeMiles might have somewhat hackable awards if you could find premium cabin space on the long-haul.
  • Miles required: 80K miles in business class from the US to Australia / New Zealand / Oceania, but see Avianca LifeMiles' awesome mixed-cabin award pricing: First class for less for info on how this might be hackable if premium space exists. Note also that Air New Zealand economy class flights price lower than the chart shows for flights to/from Los Angeles. Business class may also price lower if you can find availability.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at (you’ll need to create a free Avianca LifeMiles frequent flyer account)
  • How to book awards: Book online at Can also book via email. Phone bookings are known to be a hassle but also possible.
  • Key warnings: Availability at does not always match what you'll find at Phone agents generally do not see better availability than what is shown at Always check the LifeMiles site before transferring points.

British Airways Avios

In this case, British Airways Avios are better than Iberia or Aer Lingus Avios.

  • The short story: British Airways offers an award chart for travel on a single partner and a lesser-known chart for travel on two partners. That second chart could save you some Avios if you were to mix AA and Qantas for example.
  • Miles required: From around 200K "round trip" in business class from most US cities (can vary based on distance). See the mixed partner chart along with an excellent explanation for how to leverage it here. In short, you could turn this into a multi-stop, multi-carrier journey and the number of miles required will vary some but be less than booking separately via British Airways
  • How to find awards: Search for available space on each segment separately at
  • How to book awards: Book over the phone at 1 800 452 1201. According to Head for Points, there isn’t a clear methodology for pricing mixed-cabin awards. I suspect some agents may be less well versed in this mixed chart.
  • Key warnings: This secondary chart would save miles over the single-carrier chart, which would price a one-way to Australia at 154K one-way assuming a single carrier and single segment (add more for additional segments). However, as this is a lesser-known chart, some agents may not be well versed in using it. Be prepared to hang up and call again. Furthermore, the British Airways site sometimes shows phantom award space for AA (see: Phantom menace: an award search time suck). You may want to double-check for availability before transferring to British Airways Executive Club for American flights.
  • Transfer from: Amex, Chase, Capital One, Marriott

Etihad Guest

An Amex transfer partner, Citi transfer partner, a Capital One transfer partner, it’s relatively easy to put together the miles for an award.

  • The short story: Etihad Guest offers flights on American Airlines based on the old American Airlines chart (which itself devalued several years ago).
  • Miles required: 62.5K each way in business class, 72.5K each way in first class
  • How to find awards: Search for American saver award space on (you may want to double-check availability at
  • How to book awards: Call Etihad Guest at 1-877-690-0767.
  • Key warnings: Etihad phone agents have historically had trouble booking partner awards, though the new call center in Serbia appears to be quite competent. If your agent appears to be having trouble, you might want to HUCA (hang up, call again). Note that finding saver premium cabin availability on American Airlines is only slightly more likely than getting struck by lightning.


Hawaiian is a decent program to consider if you’re on the west coast and can easily position to Hawaii, otherwise it might be adding more time than the mileage savings are worth.

  • The short story: Hawaiian may be a good option for those who can position to Hawaii cheaply, particularly for Pago Pago or Papeete.
  • Miles required: 65K miles one-way in business class to Australia or New Zealand; 47.5K miles one-way in business class to Pago Pago or Papeete.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at Hawaiian Airlines’s Hawaiian Miles site(you’ll need to create a free Hawaiian Miles account)
  • How to book awards: Book online at Hawaiian Airlines’s Hawaiian Miles site.
  • Key warnings: Availability can be hard to come by, but if you find it it may be worth it.

Qantas for Jetstar

This won’t be a luxurious way to get to Australia or New Zealand, but it may be the cheapest.

  • The short story: Qantas's low-cost-carrier Jetstar flies between Hawaii and several Australian cities and can be booked with Qantas points.
  • Miles required: 57,600 miles one-way in business class from Honolulu to Sydney on Jetstar before September 18, 2019, 61,500 miles thereafter.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at (you’ll need to create a free Qantas Frequent Flyer account)
  • How to book awards: Book online at
  • Key warnings: Jetstar flights can be quite cheap. While their business class is much more expensive than their economy class fares, it's worth comparing to cash fares to be sure you're getting a decent value.

Qantas for Emirates

If you’re looking to fly fancy, this is your ticket.

  • The short story: While the award cost here is substantially higher than others included in this sweet-spot post, it may be worth it to those who really want an indulgently long experience in Emirates business class. It is possible to spend upwards of ~30 hours in A380 business class by routing via Dubai (note that some US cities have 777 service, which is likely angled in business class).
  • Miles required: 159,000 miles one-way in business class between North American cities and those cities served by Emirates in Australia and New Zealand.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at (you’ll need to create a free Qantas Frequent Flyer account)
  • How to book awards: Book online at
  • Key warnings: Choose A380 routes to get a fully-flat aisle access business class seat with a bar at the rear of the plane.


The keys here are lenient routing rules and more options via Star Alliance.

  • The short story: United gives you access to Star Alliance and has more lenient routing rules than others, meaning you could fly via Canada, China, or South Korea for instance, giving you access to more availability (albeit still somewhat limited).
  • Miles required: From 80K miles each way in business class on United; 90K each way in business class on partners
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at
  • How to book awards: Book online at
  • Key warnings: United has eliminated its award chart, so we may eventually see many highly variable prices for award tickets, though we are told that the variable award pricing will not apply to partner awards (only awards on United metal). The $75 close-in booking fee for flights departing within the next 21 days reduces the value of United miles for bookings near departure, though beginning November 15, 2019 some elite members will no longer be charged that fee.

Virgin Atlantic for Delta

Finding this award space in premium cabins is roughly as likely as being struck by lightning, but if you find it this can be a great sweet spot.

  • The short story: Virgin Atlantic used to offer a decent sweet spot for Delta flights to Oceania. Unfortunately, they changed to a distance-based award chart in early 2021 and prices have since skyrocketed. This option is only worth considering if you need multiple seats as Virgin sometimes has access to multiple seats on Delta flights (though availability is often tough to find to/from Oceania)
  • Miles required: 165K miles each way in business class on routes of 6,000 miles or more (from the mainland US to Oceania), which makes this a relatively poor value.
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at See the distance bands here and use a tool like to calculate distance between airports.
  • How to book awards: Book online at  See: How to book Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic miles.
  • Key warnings: Virgin Atlantic charges each segment separately, so they are not a good choice for connecting itineraries.

Virgin Atlantic for Air New Zealand

Finding this award space in premium cabins is roughly as likely as being struck by lighting eight times in one day. And surviving. But the price is right if you find it.

  • The short story: Virgin Atlantic also offers good deals for Air New Zealand premium cabin flights if you can actually find availability.
  • Miles required: 45K each way for business class to/from Hawaii, 45K each way in business class from the "South Pacific" to :ps Angeles, 62.5K each way in business class from New Zealand to North or South America
  • How to find awards: Search for available space at (I believe that Air New Zealand space does not show up at
  • How to book awards: Book over the phone with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.
  • Key warnings: Virgin Atlantic charges each segment separately (i.e. an itinerary with a single connection will cost 25K miles), so they are not a good choice for connecting itineraries. Furthermore, Air New Zealand business class award space is extremely rare.

Also consider: ANA Around the World ticket

If you have some more time on your hands, it might not cost you many more miles to visit several regions.

  • The short story: ANA (a Star Alliance airline) offers an incredible around-the-world award chart that offers some amazing value to those who have the time for a big multi-stop trip.
  • Miles required: Varies based on cabin and distance. Business class is probably the sweet spot, with some amazing redemptions possible for 115K, 125K, or 145K miles (see the chart below for all distance bands and prices).
  • Transfer points fromAmerican Express Membership Rewards (1:1) or Marriott Bonvoy (3:1, but get a 5K bonus when you convert 60K Marriott points — so 60K Marriott = 25K ANA).
  • Award availability: Star Alliance award space is often plentiful for flights outside of the US, making it relatively easy to put together an itinerary if you’ve locked down your flights to and from the US.
  • How to find awards: Search segment by segment to find availability.
  • How to book awards: Book over the phone with ANA Mileage Club.
  • No fuel surcharges on: ANA (many/most routes, though a few still have surcharges) United (no surcharges to Europe; unfortunately, they do have charges to Asia), Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Copa, Ethiopian, TAP Air Portugal, or Singapore
  • Low fuel surcharges on: LOT Polish
  • Moderate surcharges on: Asiana, LOT Polish, Turkish (higher than the others but low by comparison to some)

How to get the miles

The following chart shows the available transferable points programs for each of the above airline frequent flyer programs:

Rewards ProgramAmex Transfer RatioChase Transfer RatioCiti Transfer RatioMarriott Transfer RatioCapital One Transfer RatioBrex Transfer Ratio
Air Canada Aeroplan1 to 11 to 160K to 25K1 to 1
Alaska MileagePlan60K to 25K
ANA Mileage Club1 to 160K to 25K
Avianca LifeMiles1 to 11 to 13K to 1K1 to 11,670 to 1K
Etihad Guest1 to 11 to 160K to 25K1 to 1
Hawaiian Miles1 to 1 plus excise tax60K to 25K
Qantas Frequent Flyer1 to 11 to 160K to 25K1 to 11,670 to 1K
United MileagePlus1 to 160K to 30K
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club1 to 11 to 11 to 160K to 25K1 to 1
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Booked most of this last month – before the Virgin AmEx 30% transfer bonus otherwise the 13 hours in the Delta One suites on the new A330-900neo would have been 46K MR + $5.60 instead of 60K.

You can find lots of Delta one suites key is looking for NS to PVG/PEK from Delta Hubs LAX/SEA/DTW/ATL/MSP Virgin charges per segment so If we booked from PDX and not SEA it would have been 82.5K VA instead of 60K VA

From Shanghai or Beijing you can use AA miles for J seat for 40K, F seats 50K, Econ IIRC 25K to Perth/NAN/SYD/MEL/AKL/CHC/Brisbane – I could have booked to CHC from SHA for 40K in J but we wanted to spend a few days in FIji first.

You could also book to Tokyo (harder to find seats but do able) with VA in Delta One

So we used 7K Skymiles to fly F to SEA for the checked bags), But If you booked far enough out, just watch for sales to the Hub city. It was a toss up to use Aspire airline credit as F PDX/SEA was $125ish (book tix with $50 GC)

Fiji/NZ/AU has been on our bucket list, so happy to stitch this 3.5 wk trip together


PDX-SEA F, DL 7K SM +$5.60 x 2 for checked bags -stage from SEA
SEA-PVG J, DL 60K VA +$5.60 x 2 D1 Suites on new A330Neo W-Ast on the Bund $100 Hilton Credit and points other nights in Shanghai.

PVG-HKG-NAN J, FJ, 40K AA +$57.50 x 2 23hour layover -Conrad HKG then Fiji Hilton Beach resort Aspire Credits/WE Certs

NAN-AKL TBD likely cash or AA

AKL-WLG Cash <$50 x2 Air NZ/FJ
WLG-CHC Cash <$50 x2 Air NZ/FJ
CHC-SYD F, EK USB AR pts @1.5cpp A380 w/Shower plus AS miles for cash tickets on Emirates

SYD-MEL Cash or Avios TBD SPG certs Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde park
MEL-YVR-PDX F, AC 90K UR +$75.55 x 2 787-9 SPG Certs Westin Melbourne

If your using AA or AS or UA (I forget the partner I saw) to book Air Fiji to NAN from West coast – Fly out of LAX to fly on true lie fly biz seats on new A350 vs older A330 angled biz seats from SFO/LAX.


If you can stage to ATL/DTW/LAX/SEA ~ 46K/92K MR (VA) for 12-16 Hrs in Delta one Suites to PVG/PEK 1W/RT (Shanghai /Beijing)

Examples of plentiful space for two or more people In Delta One Suites Mar-Oct 2020:

AA F & J 50K/40K stage from Shanghai or Beijing to Perth/Melbourne or SYD/AKL – lots of mixed cabins, but also rare F on QF A380 can be found and J on CX for 40/50K AA thru HKG:

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Due to my wife being a teacher, we are pretty limitied to long trips being during her summer break. We are heading to Brisbane from LAX the 5th of June. This will be Qantas bus. class using Alaska points. From Brisbane we go to Fiji on Fiji airlines via Alaska miles. Doing a stay in Fiji at the Marriott Momo Bay on a Marriott travel package for a week, then on to Maui for a week, then doing a paid $200 flight to Seattle on United. A few days at AirBnB in Seattle (hotels are pricey in Seattle), then Amtrak in Family car to Chicago. Mostly all done on points. I used Wiki, expert flyer, juicy miles to put this together. I was very lucky to find saver level flights just on the dates I needed them. That is pretty rare. I had to try lots of airport pairs to find something that worked.

[…] Comprehensive post on Best ways to get to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific using miles from the US. […]

Nick O

Great post. Do you have a similar one for Asia? Trying to get to japan (from PIT) with at least one way in business. My wife and I have tons of spending coming up and I’d like to start my plan


This is nice but it would be good to get an idea of award availability. Which programs have the best availability for 2 or 4?


Agreed. Is there a post on that or one forthcoming?


Great post. I guess I was struck by lighting this past summer booking 2 Delta One Suites LAX-SYD via Virgin Atlantic. Cathay Pacific also offers a compelling option to fly that way, in my opinion, via their OW multi-carrier award chart, if one can find availability on Qantas and American (and can possibly nest a few NA-restricted trips) to maximize the mileage in the 25k band.


I think you do a small disservice by not mentioning CX for flights to/from Australia. Business class o/w at 85k to the US and plentiful MEL-HKG flights for connecting to the US. Amex transfer partner with instant transfers and occasional transfer bonuses. Otherwise, awesome post!


That is, booking CX direct and not through AS. Apologies if I was unclear.


Truly a great summary. Now, let’s say I were looking to be struck by lightning 8 times in one day and survive, do you have any recommendations on how to attract the lightning or what to wear?

John Power

Although I understand that AAdvantage miles through American Airlines can be expensive and difficult to use, your post did not include AA at all, which I think is a mistake. One of our most enjoyable trips ever was a cruise that started in Tahiti and went throughout the South Pacific, but required us to get from Chicago to Tahiti first. We used AA miles flying their partner Air Tahiti Nui, and because we were ready and called in the first day of availability we got the seats we wanted in business class, with a stopover in Los Angeles. I might add that Air Tahiti Nui sometimes offers cash flights at sale prices too. As one of the few airlines to fly into Tahiti, I think not mentioning them is an oversight.


I’ve been looking @ ORD> SYD using Singapore points transferred from TY but Nutting ever comes up .
Could I be doing it wrong ???

Captain Greg

Who’s the bomb? Nick’s the bomb. Thanks for this. My wife and I are hoping we can get there in a year or 2.


Easy to do lots of Cheap seats with points .I was there 11/15/2018-50 hrs of flts=$200 total . I will do 1/15/2021 will use TK points ORD>HNL rt then Hawaiian air HNL> AUS and New Zealand >HNL return (70k) .Then Avios 11k points between Aus and New Zealand .U can book this trip like 5 months out Lots of 4* Hotels cheap too . Watch for Cheap $$$ rt trip air Sir Nick (Real Winner) had one last year $547 rt .. It was ORD>SYD (19 hrs) for a 12/1 flt in May offer and it was bookable for TWO months ..
Need to Get to my Yacht Club ..



You’re triggering me again with your talk of economy class flights. I feel a panic attack coming on. I may have to think of a cause of action and sue you, win, and…..take over the cave . Oh, NVM, bad idea.
Lemme get the benzo’s.


You need to know French Law like I do and my Cave is a little bit NW of Nice ,Fr. I have always used a VPN and Skyroam and solar panels so I can work ..



Isn’t insulting someone a criminal offense in a lot of Euro countries?


Go made some money and forget the legal stuff and buy HPQ like I did 4 hrs ago ..


I think the blogger is not aware that economy flights exist, or at least I can’t find evidence of it here. Personally as long as I’m on the aisle to get up to go to the bathroom every 90 minutes whether I need to or not, I’m fine in economy. I love taking more trips rather than spending so many points on each one. But I suppose I’m not typical on this blog.


No lots of economy people here and a Zillion seats to SYD or BA a few months OUT . FM is good with all classes but Bus. is hard to do so few seats . I book the window (200x) and have done 10 or 12 hrs flts.and Never get out of the seat . Look @ TPG this mornings post one lady got sick . Your aisle seat was King for her so my next 1/2021 booking with b an aisle on port side .



When you book any trip u have to look @ the deals in your time span . Like I said Jetstar ,TK or Hawaiian has great deals BUT if they don’t fit ur
time or trip Who Cares .Yes I can get a deal if I wait a week or 2 on Bus. class @ what hotel cost ? Now there’s many here who can’t afford to fly Bus. class for 10% more regardless of the value because it’s not in the Budget for their family trip .
That Concorde flt. was nice on 9/5/2003 but who cares about the Rich I don’t..
Bye the way I’ve given 6+ cheap USA rt’s by points and GC’s and they loved them .



Thanks Nick for this in depth explanation of why points are best for premium seats…and cash back for economy. With the constant cheap deals on economy it really doesn’t make sense to use points. Recently saw on Scott’s: “Australia / New Zealand — $500s/$600s (RT, no bag fees) Feb – May”. These flights were out of LAX and SFO.


I do appreciate your thorough discussion, and there are many posts here that are useful, no matter what one values most. I have found the best cpm economy redemptions to be to Africa; for example 40k total Chicago to Dakar (excursionist perk) to Djibouti and back, and I still don’t know why it then priced out at just 40k total UA miles (plus $233.26 in taxes). That itinerary is currently at $5,224 in economy for corresponding dates for paid flights in 2020, and I expect would have been about the same in 2017 when I did the trip. That was pretty good 40k to Faraway flying.