How to spend $150K | Ask Us Anything | Ep 29


While I’ve never personally needed help coming up with how to spend money… a curious number of readers have questions about just that. How do you go about spending $150K? (5:50​) How do you spend $15K at a grocery store? And… how do you spend at gas stations when you own a Prius? (45:44) Such unexpected dilemmas.

Watch the entire episode below, or click the timestamps to navigate to each specific question within YouTube.

2:18 – Hi Greg and Nick, with Q2 right around the corner, what are you looking forward to in Q2? Thank you 🙂

4:33 – Nick & Greg – if P2 is added as an authorized user to one of P1’s cards that is 3 years old, will P2’s 5/24 count be impacted?

5:50 – Hey guys, if you had $150k of non-category spend to do in the next 12 months, which card(s) would you use and why? (besides Delta, sorry Greg) Thanks!

12:00 – Thanks for doing this. Can you host this later in the day for West Coast and Hawaii folks? Keep up the good work.

13:06 – ​Hey Greg and Nick hope you’re well. Despite Nicks recent IHG Guide post, I still recall and few months back you both not being a fan of the IHG Premier as a keeper. Is this still your position?

17:15 – Hi guys. Maybe more of a question for Stephen, but do you have a favorite website to check for BRG comparison rates for Hyatt.

19:39 – How does Grant beat me all the time? Anyway, if I go for the Amex Plat, how safe will it be to spend $15,000 at grocery stores over 6 months?

23:33 – ​Hi guys! CSR coming up for renewal April 1. Been more than 48 months since last Sapphire bonus. Want to downgrade CSR to freedom, then apply for Sapphire Pref. Under 5/24 in June. If I call to downgrade & am offered a retention bonus, can I be greedy & take it then downgrade before reapplying June? If I cancel after AF posts, will I get some back pro-rated? Or too risky?

25:39 – Greg and Nick please help. I’d love to get the companion pass again, however, that would require me to ignore all of these Amex signup bonuses and wait until November to apply. I hate Chase 5/24.

28:20 – ​Hi, Greg and Nick. Any idea if the Hyatt Residence Club (timeshare) offer payment posts as a Hyatt charge (4X on WoH card) versus the timeshare company not being considered Hyatt? Thanks.

30:08 – ​Does being an AU on an Amex card count towards the 4 cards limit? 31:08 – ​Hey Nick – been meaning to ask for a few months now – but how in the heck did you not manage to trigger the Amex +3 MR offer for successfully referring someone back in Fall of 2020 like Greg did??

33:15 – Are either of you planning on applying for the any of the Wyndham rewards card?

37:18 – ​Hi guys! Do you think Citi will increase their welcome bonuses after Chase and Amex incremented theirs? Interested in getting the Citi Premier & Double Cashback (in this order) in the coming weeks.

41:38 – ​I notice that using Qantas FF prices differently or incorrectly when originating a one way segment back to the US. The hold times for Cust service is hours long. What to do ? ​Trying to book PPT back to LAX and Qantas has more seats available on air Tahiti nui than AA

43:19 – My husband has had a US Bank flexperks cc forever. We don’t use it anymore since 2pts/$1 isn’t exciting any longer. Is there one you’d recommend product changing to to keep his credit line if possible

45:44 – What is the best way to max out Freedom flex for Q2? – Gas stations and Home Improvement Stores. I drive a Prius. Thanks guys

47:24 – ​I recently noticed on my Chase website that there have been 3 inquiries on my credit. I haven’t applied for a card for over a year. How can I find out who made these inquiries

51:13 – ​Any recommendations on award routing to New Zealand? Perhaps via Australia? Thanks guys!

54:00 – How frequent do you apply for new credit cards? Do you suggest waiting at least a month? Also, do you pay attention to the number of inquiries on your credit report before applying for cards? Any rule of thumb that you follow?

58:14 – Thank you for the work you put into this. I have a question re: the Amex Plat 100k offer: The 5k in 6 months is not a problem (home repairs). But the 15k at grocery stores is. TBH, we’d probably only hit 2k in organic spend in grocery stores in 6 months. Do you have any suggestions for maxxing that out? Should I be concerned about L3 data from grocery stores showing .79 cents of bananas and 204.95 of gift card? Thank you!

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