Find Hyatt award availability or cash rates faster


While searching for Hyatt award availability yesterday for a future trip, a friend asked me if there was an easier way to search than just going to the website and entering the details again and again. While I’ve known about the trick for finding points & cash availability, I didn’t know until yesterday that there is a shortcut for repetitive searches for rates / awards. This trick comes courtesy of an old post from a blog that doesn’t appear to be regularly active anymore — but the tool the author created is simple to use and convenient for searching Hyatt availability when you know your dates and simply need to keep checking rates/rooms.

Suite at the Park Hyatt New York

Tokyo Hyatt Fan’s All Hyatt Power Search

In a post about “Stupid Hyatt website tricks” from 2014, Tokyo Hyatt fan highlighted his own tool for repeating Hyatt searches. I’m impressed to see that it still works in 2018. Hyatt isn’t known for its robust IT (and is therefore unlikely to change anything any time soon), so in light of the fact that it has apparently continued to work for years, I thought this was worth a share.

First, you go to the All Hyatt Power Search Entry Form tool. Simply enter your desired dates and number of people.

You can even enter any corporate or offer codes in the associated spaces. Then you click “generate links” in the bottom right corner. That generates a list of Hyatt property names and links. I believe the tool included every Hyatt property worldwide when it was made, though updates between 2014 and 2017 are somewhat inconsistent. For example, the list includes the Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar (which opened in 2017), but doesn’t include the Park Hyatt Mallorca (which opened in 2016). Still, the vast majority of Hyatt properties are there.

At a glance, the results above look like an error since all of the links shown begin with “”. However, if you copy and paste the link opposite your chosen hotel, it will skip directly to the search results for that hotel (not the Park Hyatt Tokyo unless you choose the link opposite that hotel). For instance, I entered April 19-20, 2019 for my dates. Here is the link from that list for the Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar. When you paste that link into your browser (or click it in this post), this is what you’ll see:

As you can see, it skips directly to the search results for the property and dates in question. If I want to keep an eye on the Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar’s rates or check back for the availability of a specific type of rate, I can simply save/bookmark the link and return to it now and then. To check award availability, simply click “View points” on the search results page to see whether or not award stays are available.

This eliminates the steps of re-entering your chosen hotel and city, dates, and number of people and gives you a bookmarkable link to check availability in a single click (or two clicks in the case of award stays).

Keep in mind that properties which have re-branded may be listed under their old names. For instance, you’ll find THEHotel at Mandalay Bay in the list — but if you copy and paste that link, it’ll show results for Delano Las Vegas (the current name of that property).

Bottom line

This simple tool for finding Hyatt award availability in 2 clicks or (or checking Hyatt rates in a single click) doesn’t reinvent the wheel or make it easy to find availability over a wide range of dates at a glance. However, if you’re looking for a specific room type to open up during your set vacation dates or want to check back regularly to see if the option to pay with your points has popped up, this gives you a pretty quick option. If your dates are flexible, you could always create a few links for different date ranges / hotels and search each range with one click. While limited by the fact that the property list is a little out of date in some cases, this is nonetheless an interesting tool that will save me some time in the future. Credit to Tokyo Hyatt Fan for developing an awesome tool that I’ll definitely add to my bag of tricks.

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Tokyo Hyatt Fan

Hey, here’s where that bump in traffic came from! Thanks!

Yeah, my day job has kept me away from blogging much these days. But if you have a specific property or three that you’d like me to add to this tool, I’ll see what I can do.

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can you still get cash+points searches by inputting 51440 in the corporate or group code?