Hyatt Diamonds: (maybe) extend your expiring upgrade certificates through Feb 2017. Act now!


If you have Hyatt Diamond upgrade certificates set to expire at the end of day today, you may be able to extend the life of your expiring Hyatt upgrade certificates!  To find the current status of your certificates, log into your account, go to Account Details, then click on My Awards.  As of this morning I had 4 unused certificates that were set to expire.

Last night, ThePointsOfLife reported that upgrades booked with these expiring certificates were changeable after today.  That is different than expected.  It was expected that once applied, the upgrades could not be changed or reused.

It appears that this may be an IT issue.  Hyatt has changed the go-forward rules regarding these upgrade certificates.  In the future you won’t be able to apply a certificate to a stay that takes place past the certificate’s expiration date.  Certificates expiring today, though, can be applied to future stays.  It appears that Hyatt accomplishes this exception by turning the 2015 certificates into 2016 certificates.

This morning, I made 4 prospective bookings then called and upgraded all 4 of them.  Note that I did not re-qualify for Hyatt Diamond status, so today was my last chance to apply upgrades.  After applying the upgrades, I checked my account and found this:

Hyatt Upgrade Certs 2015 to 2016

Notice that my account now showed that I had redeemed 4 certificates that expire end of February 2017?  Unless Hyatt runs through the accounts to clean this up later (which is possible, of course), this means that I should be able to change these upgrades to different reservations through Feb 2017!

Rather than keep these unwanted reservations in my account, I called to cancel them and asked that the certificates be re-deposited in my account.  Now my account looks like this:

Hyatt Upgrade Certs 2015 to 2016 B

I now have 3 upgrade certificates that are good through Feb 2017!  Apparently they messed up and failed to re-credit one of the upgrade certificates but I’m certainly not going to complain.  I shouldn’t have had any!


When applied to future stays, 2015 upgrade certificates are being converted to 2016 upgrade certificates.  Thus, it appears that this extends the life of the certificates for a year.  This is huge since many people with expiring certificates probably do not know if/when they’ll need them within the next year.

To Do

If you have certificates that expire today, use them!

  1. Book a separate Hyatt stay for each certificate.  In order to increase the chance that upgrades are available, it’s a good idea to check first that there are suites for sale on the dates you book.
  2. Call Hyatt to apply your upgrade certificates to the stays.
  3. (optional) Call back later in the day to cancel the stays and recover the certificates

Note: there is no guarantee that this will really work, but I think it’s worth a try!

Hat Tip goes to Julian, the Devil’s Advocate for telling me about this trick.

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