[EXPIRED] Hyatt Globalist fast track for all credit card holders


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Hyatt is offering a fast track to Globalist status for all Hyatt credit card holders. Register by September 30th, 2017 and stay 20 nights between September 1-December 31st to receive Globalist “lite” status through February 2019. Alternatively, ten nights will get you Explorist status through February 2019

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Park Suite living room and dining area in the background at the Park Hyatt Mallorca

The Deal

  • Hyatt credit card holders can register here for a fast track to Globalist status through February 2019
  • Globalist status will require 20 nights completed between September 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017a screenshot of a website

Key Terms

  • You must check out during the promotional period in order for your nights to qualify. For example, if you check in on December 1st and check out on January 8th, you will not get Gloablist status despite having stayed more than 20 nights — terms state you must check out by December 31st for nights to count.
  • Complete award stays will not count (though I believe cash + points should count)

Quick Thoughts

This is an interesting promotion from Hyatt that will surely appeal to many members who may not have considered 60 nights but may be able to swing 20 by the end of the year. One key note: The reason I referred to this as Globalist “lite” status is because, as Gary Leff points out at View from the Wing, members who earn Globalist status from fewer than 60 nights will not get the 4 confirmed suite upgrades that have traditionally been a benefit of top-tier Hyatt status, nor will they get the free Category 1-7 certificate that comes with reaching 60 nights. Additionally, they will not enjoy a My Hyatt concierge nor will they be able to re-qualify with 55 nights next year, all benefits reserved for 60-night Globalists. However, they will still enjoy key Globalist perks like free breakfast, lounge access where available, guaranteed 4pm late checkout at most properties, and space-available suite upgrades at check-in.

This offer is only for Hyatt credit card holders. I did try to register despite not holding the card and it gave me an error. Whether or not this offer is worth it really depends on how often you plan to stay at full-service Hyatt properties. If you plan to stay at those properties often, the juice is probably worth the squeeze. Globalist benefits can be very nice at such hotels.  For example, I was upgraded to a nice suite at the Park Hyatt Saigon earlier this year (at check-in, no tier suite upgrade used).

a living room with a couch and a coffee table

I furthermore loved breakfast this morning at the Park Hyatt Mallorca (that’s my suite pictured at the top). Not all of my Hyatt stays have gone swimmingly this year, but a benefit like free parking on award stays is huge for Globalists who drive into New York City. On the other hand, if you had to make major adjustments to your plans to hit 20 nights, it might be less compelling. Since the vast majority of Hyatt properties are Hyatt Place and Hyatt House locations, where Gary Leff admits that “status doesn’t get you much”, but I would edit to say “status doesn’t get you anything”, this promotion won’t make sense for those who primarily travel to locations without full service properties. However, if you have a friend who would be close to but not quite reach 20 nights, it might be worth splitting the cost of a mattress run or two so you could borrow this status through February 2019.

Of course, this promotion stings the worst for those who adjusted plans to hit 60 nights this year in order to keep Globalist status. Lounges will be more crowded and a Globalist member who only stayed 20 nights for this promotion but arrives 15 minutes ahead of them might take that last space-available upgrade. The consolation prize is the free Category 1-7 certificate and the 4 confirmed suite upgrades for 60-night Globalists. I guess Hyatt is expecting that to be enough for their most loyal customers.

Don’t forget that you could also qualify for Explorist status with just 10 nights. While I’m not sure that Explorist status is worth renewing at a 20-night requirement, the 4 club-level upgrades could be worth bringing ten nights to Hyatt for some folks. For a family, I’m sure that club lounge access can produce a nice savings over the course of a week of vacation, and most folks won’t vacation more than four times in a year. If I were a Hyatt credit card holder, I’d certainly register right now whether I plan to take advantage of the promo or not just in case.

H/T: One Mile at a Time

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[…] Hyatt Globalist fast track for all credit card holders: Register and complete your stays by 12/31. […]

[…] This will probably be particularly useful for those card holders who intend to go after the Globalist fast track challenge. This may not be appealing if you regularly buy discounted Hyatt gift cards to pay for your stays, […]


I barely stay in hotels 15/20 nights a year across the big chains, I have gold Marriott/SPG, and Hilton thanks to Amex plat Ameriprise and 3 close family members (free) explorest with hyatt thanks to M life with old hyatt card matching to gold mLife then matching back to explorest, IHG plat with cc, using my hyatt account for a family member in Houston area to get my 20 nights, I get globalist he gets my status during stay, win win.

Why be loyal when it’s dirt cheap and easy to get status? Yes most what I have is mid tier but with one or 2 night stays I get great rooms and sometimes suites if low occupancy, just smile and ask @ check in.

2018+ The guy that truly stays in a Hyatt for 1/6 of a year and me getting similar room is aggravating I’m sure, I almost feel like I’m cheating, almost.


Oh nice. Because of two annoying conferences and a booked vacation I will have sixteen nights between September 1 and December 8. So I just need to do four more. Christmas at Hyatt?


I have had top-tier status with Hyatt for several years. The last straw for me this year was when I asked for a one hour late check out at the Andaz Maui (paid stay) and they refused. First they lied and said that they were fully committed and needed to get housekeeping in the room. Even when I showed them that online was showing five different room types available, they refused. This was our fourth time staying (and last) and first time we asked for late check out. We stayed at the Fairmont at the beginning and they proactively offered a late check out, even with no status.

In addition, the Hyatt website is down for maintenance quite often and I often have to call to straighten out my stays. For example, the Andaz stay only gave me credit for one night, should have been four. Thirty minutes on the phone fixed it, but I shouldn’t have to monitor so closely. I don’t have these problems with SPG or Marriott.


Thank you for clearing up the question about free nt and DSU. I called WOH this morning and talked to a manager but she had NO idea about this.

My second question is (all these mixups made me to question the renewal), at the time of the renewal starting the 2nd year of WOH, you have reduced night requirement of 55 nts instead of 60. Does it mean that if you renew Globalist by having anything between 55 -59, you would not get Free Nt and DSU?

[…] Fast Track to Hyatt Globalist Status:  If you are a Hyatt cardholder, you could register for the opportunity to earn Hyatt Explorist or Hyatt Globalist status with a reduced number of stays.  10 nights gets you Explorist status and 20 nights gets you Globalist status.  This is a great way to earn elevated status through February 2019. […]


As one other stated, I think this is evidence of a significant drop in “heavy” loyalty traffic. I’d bet a lot of people have walked away to pursue more achievable top-status requirements from the other big chains.

Personally, I hope this attempt falls short as well and forces Hyatt to re-evaluate the direction they went altogether. I really like Hyatt on the surface but the loyalty changes drove me away right when I was considering jumping in.


It is not explicitly referenced in the terms of the promotion, but do you happen to know if nights at a M life Resort qualify?


Here’s the response I received through a DM on Twitter:

“Hi there, the promotion is only valid staying at any participating Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide. This is not valid for stays at MGM properties.”


I received a similar response from World of Hyatt by email that M Life resorts are not eligible for this promotion.


M Life should count from what I read. It’s not excluded in the per the Terms of this promo. This promo says to refer the general WOH terms for the definition of Tier-Qualifying Nights.

From the Terms and Condtions of this promo:
“….completing a specified number of Tier-Qualifying Nights (as defined in the World of Hyatt program terms, available at worldofhyatt.com/terms) at any participating Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide.”

From worldofhyatt.com/terms under “Earning Elite Status”
(a) Tier-Qualifying Nights. A Member may earn elite status based on the number of nights the Member (i) stays at a Hyatt hotel or resort or an M life Resort; (ii) pays an Eligible Rate; and (iii) associates his or her valid Program membership number with the reservation (either at the time of reservation or check-in or by requesting retroactive credit for the night in accordance with Hyatt’s procedures) during the applicable measuring period (each a “Tier-Qualifying Night”);


Having missed the great Diamond giveaway of a year or two back, I was excited when I got this email. Then I realized that Hyatt has precisely engineered Globalist not to get the suite upgrades and free night if you get Globalist through some kind of challenge. Super lame. They’re over compensating for how easy the Diamond challenges used to be (getting to use the Diamond benefits during the challenge period, etc.)

Does anyone know if you can use Guest of Honor on a friend’s room while you’re also staying at the hotel?


Question about these type of date-limited offers. If I have a reservation arriving on 8/31 and checking out on 9/1 does that count for the promotion? Just not sure if the 9/1 start date for promotions means staying the night of 9/1 or if checking out on 9/1 counts. Thanks!


Proof that Hyatt’s “World of Hyatt” project is failing and many people are realizing with Hyatt’s limited footprint they can not justify all the demands on its members (with deteriorating service and quality) many former diamond members simply left for SPG


Will you be doing a review of the Park Hyatt Mallorca? Staying there next June… Thanks