(Update) Hyatt Globalist fast track through Bilt Rewards for Rent Day


Update 4/11/23: Members of Frequent Miler Insiders are reporting that Explorist status from this status fast track is already showing on their accounts. The terms of the offer originally stated that you’d receive the status by April 17, so it’s awesome that it’s showed up a week early, especially for those who already have travel booked during the next week.

If you’re not currently seeing Explorist status reflected on your account, I wouldn’t worry yet. Some members initially didn’t see it on their account, although it showed up a little while later. It therefore seems like it’s being rolled out in stages rather than all at once, but hopefully you too will see it reflected on your Hyatt account even sooner than April 17. Good luck to all of you trying to hit Globalist status in the next three months! Something important to note – although the Explorist status might be reflected on your account already, only stays from April 17 will count towards the status challenge.

Original post follows.

This is big: For its next Rent Day promotion, starting today, Bilt Rewards is opening up an opportunity to fast track to Hyatt Explorist status, with a reduced path to top-tier Hyatt Globalist status that would be valid through February 2025 with just 20 nights completed during the target window. This is a great opportunity that I’ll definitely be taking advantage of and that I can imagine will appeal to many readers. It also stacks perfectly with the current promotion to get 3,000 points for every 2 nights.

And if you read this morning’s post about how to get 53 nights of free vacation with a single card, know that this is an entry path to all of the goodness in that post once you’ve completed the 10 nights required for Hyatt Explorist status and you’ve matched that to MGM Gold.


The Deal & Link to Register

  • Starting on Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 and running through Saturday, April 1, 2023, Bilt Rewards is offering all Bilt Members who register between those dates free World of Hyatt Explorist status for 90 days, with the chance to extend and/or upgrade to Globalist status until February 28, 2025 as follows:
    • Bilt members must join the World of Hyatt loyalty program here if they don’t have an account already
    • Link your Bilt Rewards and World of Hyatt accounts in the Bilt app under the “Travel” tab
    • Between March 28 and April 1, choose “Unlock World of Hyatt Elite Status” on the Rent Day tab in the Bilt app
    • Receive confirmation by April 17 of your World of Hyatt Explorist status and enjoy exclusive benefits for 90 days through July 16
    • Complete 10 qualifying nights between April 17 and July 16 to keep Explorist status through February 2025, or complete 20 qualifying nights to earn Globalist status through February 2025

Key Terms

  • All Hyatt members are eligible for the offer, even if you already have Hyatt status
  • Elite qualifying nights can be paid or award stays. Elite nights earned from credit card spend do not count.
  • You do not need to have the Bilt Mastercard to participate.

Quick Thoughts

This is an awesome opportunity for those interested in Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status since anyone can register for Bilt Rewards for free (you do not need to have a Bilt credit card or pay rent to join the program and link your loyalty accounts — anyone can join).

While getting temporary Explorist status is certainly nice, that level of status only comes with a modest boost in points earned on paid stays. Explorist status also gets you guaranteed 2pm checkout except at resorts.

But the big opportunity here is the chance to upgrade to Hyatt Globalist status through February 28, 2025 with 20 qualifying nights completed between April 17th and July 16th. We have seen Hyatt offer that type of fast track on a targeted basis in the past, usually for employees of certain companies (often based in Asia). At the end of last year, there was a time when many people who called in to ask about a similar offer successfully registered. But the bottom line is that we do not frequently see opportunities to achieve Globalist status in just 20 nights. This is an awesome public fast track offer.

For more detail about Hyatt elite status, see our World of Hyatt Complete Guide.

A representative for Bilt Rewards was able to confirm that award stays do count for this promotion. That means that if you were able to find 20 nights at a Hyatt Category 1 off-peak property, you could achieve Globalist status for almost two years with a 20-night mattress run at a cost of just 70,000 World of Hyatt points. Of course, it gets a bit better yet when you consider the current promotion that yields 3,000 bonus points for every two nights starting with your second stay (See: Hyatt Promo: Earn 3k Points Every 2 Nights + 500 Points Every 2 Nights In Select Cities (Starts Today)). You’d be able to get 30,000 points back if you trigger that current World of Hyatt promotion now and then complete your 20 nights between April 17th and May 26th!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hyatt status fast track through Bilt Rewards

Speaking of timing, here are some answers to common questions, including how to time your stays to be sure they count:

What if I have a stay that checks in before April 17th or checks out after July 16th? 

To count toward this promotion, your earliest check-in date must be April 17th and latest checkout date must be July 16th. If you check in before April 17th or check out after July 16th, none of the nights from that stay will count.

I have a Hyatt promotion for double elite nights. Does this mean I only need 5 nights for Explorist or 10 nights for Globalist?

If you have a current Hyatt promotion doubling elite nights, it will not reduce your path here — you’ll still need 10 nights for Explorist or 20 for Globalist.

Will elite nights earned from credit card spend count as qualifying nights for this promotion?

No. Nights earned from credit card spend do not count towards Hyatt elite fast track promotions. You need to book and stay at hotels for 10 or 20 nights in the promo window to earn the necessary elite nights.

I have participated in a fast track to Hyatt elite status before. Am I eligible for this challenge?

You are eligible even if you’ve participated in a challenge before.

If I participate in this Hyatt elite status challenge through Bilt, will it prevent me from participating in a future elite status fast track?

No, participating in this challenge will not prevent you from participating in a future challenge

Will nights at MGM properties or SLH properties count?

Yes, qualifying nights (paid nights or World of Hyatt award nights) at MGM and SLH properties count.

Will I receive milestone rewards like suite upgrade awards and a My Hyatt concierge?

No. Keep mind that a fast track like this will not accelerate progress toward milestone rewards. You’ll still need to reach 50 nights to pick up 2 confirmed suite upgrade awards and 60 nights to earn two more suite upgrade awards and a Category 1-7 free night certificate. Access to a My Hyatt Concierge is also a milestone reward that requires 60 elite-qualifying nights. The 20 nights spent to achieve Globalist through this promotion will count toward milestone rewards, but your path to those rewards is not accelerated.

I currently have Hyatt elite status (like Explorist or Globalist). Am I eligible for the Hyatt status fast track promotion?

Yes! You can register for the promotion even if you currently have Globalist status and maintain that status through February 2025 by completing 20 nights in the promo window.

Benefits of Hyatt Globalist status

Top-tier Hyatt Globalist status achieved through this fast track would give you many of the best benefits of elite status, including:

  • Guaranteed lounge access when there is an open lounge
  • Guaranteed free breakfast for two registered guests in your room when there is no lounge
  • Guaranteed 4pm late checkout (except at resort properties)
  • Free parking on award stays when the parking is in a facility owned by the hotel (this can be hugely valuable in major cities like New York if you have a car)
  • An upgrade at check-in based upon availability, including to a suite. If a standard suite is available at check-in, a Globalist should be upgraded to it. Some properties are better than others at honoring this, but I’ve had success more often than not after requesting it.
  • The ability to book “Guest of Honor” stays for friends or family: book an award using your points for someone else and they can enjoy your Globalist benefits

Personally, I already have 10 nights booked during this promotional period, so I can’t imagine not registering and mattress-running my way to meet the requirements. Benefits like free parking on award stays when I drive to New York City or free breakfast at high-end Hyatts can be extremely valuable.

Is this promotion mattress run-worthy?

Hyatt’s footprint doesn’t work for everyone, and obviously it wouldn’t make sense to mattress run nights that you wouldn’t otherwise book if you won’t leverage the benefits of Hyatt elite status to good value. That said, getting more than a year and a half of top-tier Hyatt Globalist status should yield quite a bit of opportunity to leverage the benefits if Hyatt’s footprint meets your needs.

Some will argue that if everyone is Globalist, nobody is Globalist. This promotion certainly may make those based-on-availability-at-check-in upgrades harder to come by, but things like free breakfast and free parking should still certainly come in handy for many even if the ranks of Globalists swell a bit due to this promotion. Another reason Globalist may come in handy is for matching to MSC Voyagers Club for those going after free cruises in Atlantic City since you can match to status with MSC that should get you a free specialty dinner among other benefits.

On that note, even those who may not intend to go after Globalist, it might be worth jumping on this ramp to Hyatt Explorist status. Just this morning, I published a post about how to get 53 nights of vacation from a single card — and your on-ramp to those 53 free nights could be Hyatt Explorist status. Unfortunately, you can not match from temporary Hyatt Explorist to MGM Gold — you’ll need to complete the 10 nights first to extend your Explorist status. Still, the chance to get back on that merry-go-round with just 10 completed nights and also get free cruises and free nights in Atlantic City and Las Vegas could make it well worth booking 10 nights at a cheap Category 1 property.

In fact, this could be a great path onto that train of matches since you would need to spend 50,000 World of Hyatt points assuming Category 1 standard Hyatt stays (5K for an initial night since the current promotion for bonus points starts on your second stay + 9 more nights at 5K per night) and you would get back 12,000 World of Hyatt points (3K for every two nights starting with your second stay, so the first one-night stay that you’ll plan at the front end of your travels won’t count for points). That’s a net cost of 38K points, which could certainly be worth it if you didn’t want to take the Wyndham Earner Business path to 53 nights of free vacation.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that this promotion is sure to be very popular. I am planning to register both me and my wife now so that we can decide later whether it makes more sense for her to go after Globalist or me to go after Globalist. Either way, it’s hard to lose with this one.

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Hi Nick would you know if guest of honor booking would count as qualifying nights with this promo? What I’m trying to say is if the person doing the challenge is the one staying in the hotel. Will those qualifying nights count for the 10 for explorist or 20 day for globalist challenge?


I checked out of my 20th night yesterday and my account was updated to Globalist around noon today.


Do you know if Hyatt Unbound Collection factors into this promotion? Thanks!!


Hey Nick, I have a scenario for you. With planned travel through the end date, I can hit 13 days. So, I’m trying to figure out if generating another 7 nights would make sense to get the Globalist level.

Here’s the kicker. 10 of those days will be in Vegas. A coworker and I both have in our heads that you get resort fees waved in Vegas with Explorist status but only the permanent status, not the temporary status you get during the challenge, I can’t find a reference to that and neither of us can remember where we read it.

If that is the case, does Hyatt upgrade you to the real Explorists status and not just the temp status, as soon as you hit the 10 days, or do they wait to the end of the program in July, see if you exceeded 10 or 20 days and then they grant you the next status? If it happens once you hit the 10 days, then, I’d have the full status and not just the trial status for the vegas trip.

I can get the 10 days in before my first Vegas trip and my net cost would be about $350 (cost of cheapest room in my city, minus the value of the hotel, credit card and the 3,000 2 day bonus points). If this allows me to avoid the resort fee, it’s a no brainer. If it doesn’t, it might still make sense, but I need to think that through.



Ok duh, I just read through the other comments and saw you answered this.


Hi there. I signed up for the Bilt challenge. My question is.. if I booked a delta vacation and chose a Hyatt hotel as my stay, will this qualify as a “stay” towards the 20 nights needed to reach globalist? I’ve been trying to get an answer for this question thank u in advance


Aww bummer. Thanks for responding!


Applied but never received a confirmation from Hyatt. Worth a call?


Any idea how long it will take to register Globalist after the 20th night is completed?


Quick data point:

I had a stay that started on April 15th (two days before the promo start) through April 21. I didn’t bother to try and check out on the 17th to get those 4 nights to count toward the promo since I already plan on staying 20 nights otherwise to hit Globalist, but it turns out that those four nights DID count toward the requirement, despite being part of a stay that started before the 17th.

As of today (I just completed my 10th night, including those 4 nights from the 17th-21st) I have Explorist status through 2025 reflected in my account!

I just wanted to post in case people are in the same boat, you might be closer to status than you think!!


Does booking under Amex FHR count?


my status on Hyatt never updated from Member to explorist. Today is 4/27 10 days after. I got an email from Bill saying I registered. Anyway to get this done?


I registered my wife as well and hers never took either. I contacted bilt, but not sure who else to go to as well. We are doing an AC run in July hoping to get some casino statuses with it.


Yea, Bilt says I did not register even though I have an email confirmation that I did in a timely manner.


I figured out my issue. I used an old Hyatt number and not her new Hyatt number. So it posted to the account that is no longer used. My fault completely.

Ying Ming

Will guest of honor bookings count towards eligible nights for the 20 nights?


Will I receive two qualifying nights if I book two different hotels for the same night?




Duane! Not the answer I was looking for. Thank you!

Bob J.

Thank you Mr. Nick Reyes for the tip. The 10 or 20 “qualifying nights” must be booked at Hyatt.com or can they be booked at MGMresorts.com (a Hyatt’s participating partner)? (Assuming that one’s World of Hyatt member is already “tier-matched” or linked with the MGM reward tier). This is because MGM Gold member can have resort fee and estimated tax waived (and other member discounts) by booking directly at mgmresorts.com.

Phillip B

Is Globalist granted upon completion of 20 nights (all during promo period) or do you have to wait until after July 16th?


Same question! Anyone know if status will update to globalist once the 20 nights are completed during the promo period, or do you have to wait until after July 16th for status to update.

Might be worth it for me to hit the globalist early with mattress running if stairs will update stubs I’ve got some higher cat stays booked in late June where the free breakfast/upgrade could be really valuable.


Checked the T&C as this got me nervous. It says on the 2nd page first paragraph “Their new status will be applied within 7 business days of checkout of the stay during which they completes the offer requirements.” Oh, just found a typo there lol. Says “they completes”


Julie M

I have a few questions about the bonus journeys and Bilt promo. Im registered for both and have stays booked.

  1. Are Advance purchase (non refundable) rates booked thru Hyatt considered ‘eligible’ for both of these promos?
  2. Are reservations booked at Hyatt Residence clubs eligible?
  3. I have two reservations booked with points that say eligible for Tier only (including the one above).Does this mean I won’t earn bonus points on those?

I tried called CS but didn’t get clear answers. TIA


Can you please clarify for “ Earn 3,000 Bonus Points every two qualifying nights”. Can I do all consecutive after the first stay or does it have to be 2 days max stay each. Thank you

Ed S

Here we are on April 17 and my status still shows as Member. Getting concerned.

Sally Mae

Booked my MGM stay where they will waive resort fees (Hyatt explorist) for April 16 – May 6 to meet the stay requirements for globalist through 2025! Looking forward to it although it will be about $700 after the resort fees waive


You may want to check the number of days. Nick’s article highlights that only stays on or after 4/17 count towards the promotion. If you check in 4/16, that night won’t count.


Had Explorist status already and received email confirmation from Bilt yesterday I’m registered for the promotion. 20 days over 3 stays at a Tier 1 starts 4/17. Couldn’t get a consecutive stay booked with points so had to break it into 3 stays but last day is 5/25 so all days within the Hyatt promotion as well.


I just got my email from Bilt confirming I’ve successfully enrolled in the trial.


Did this bilt promotion and got Explorist status. Try to match Explorist status to MGM gold and got a message saying I don’t qualify for the match. Has anyone been successful matching status to MGM?

Last edited 1 month ago by Chris

I tried the same. Seems like trial status can’t be matched. I texted a Hyatt agent and they said I wouldn’t be eligible to match until the end of my promotional period where I would then receive my appropriate level of status.


The terms clearly state that you must successfully complete the challenge (either 10 nights for Explorist status, or 20 nights for Globalist status) to even be considered for a match to other programs. Get your stays in by July 16 and then wait for the confirmation from Hyatt that you’re Elite and then go for the match.

Paolo DLR

Sweet. Just checked and I see the status update.


Anyone knows if booking through hotelux app entitled for bonus journeys promotion?


For people that are already Explorist or Globalist, you can ask Hyatt Concierge and they will tell you if you are registered in the Bilt Trial Tier Promo or not.


I already have explorer status. I know people are seeing their status change in their Hyatt accounts so they know they are registered for the promotion, but are they notifying any other way?


Nick- Do you know if I would still qualify for Bilt fastrack promo if I’m already Explorist through MGM match? Planning on staying with Hyatt 20 nights if I can get Globalist. Already signed up for Bilt Promo but didn’t see anything preclude me from qualifying.

Summit Hotwani

Yes! Confirmation email expected by 17th


Thank you! Just got confirmation email from Bilt today!

Tara C

So, is the 20 nights to qualify for Globalist tied to our trial Explorist membership period, or is it tied to the period to starting April 17 or after? In other words, can I start my mattress run early?


It starts the 17th- any stays beforehand won’t count towards the 20 nights. My guess is that any stays from now would qualify for explorist benefits in person but maybe not in terms of point bonuses.


confirmed with Hyatt Chat, changed to explorist now, but stays towards Globalist do not count until the 17th


Thanks for the update, Nick. Is there a way to tell if the Explorist status is from Bilt and not from the MGM status match? I guess there isn’t?


Match doesn’t work with trial status.


heart broken here :S I didn’t sign up for the challenge as I read Built n I thought it was only for Built card members :S this d have come totally handly as I m in the middle of vacations, needing to book plenty of Hyatt nights and I have plenty of Cat 1 (5k points) all around SEAsia :S really kicking myself for not have gone deeper on this promo :S any idea if it could comeback at all?

Arthur Leyenberger

Just checker – I’m Explorist now-a week early. Thx for the heads-up. Looking forward to that daily bottle of water.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arthur Leyenberger

Hey Nick,

When I registered I received an email stating:

We received your request for World of Hyatt Elite status. You’ll hear back from us no later than April 17th with details on your enrollment.”

At this point I have not received any further communication regarding it. Should I be getting something within in the next 6 days??? Or do I assume all is good to go??


BTW.. I’m already Explorist, so I simply can’t view a status change alerting me that all is good.


I missed the enrollment period :S any idea if its gonna come back or if there is still a way to get it?


So – if mattress running and wanting to stack promotions, we shouldn’t check into a Cat 1 for 20 nights on April 18, correct? Sounds like since the stacking bonus starts on the second stay, we should check in for 1 night on April 18, then find a different Cat 1 to check in for 19 nights the next night. Sound right?


I’m currently a Globalist with 20 nites ytd and with some extra effort towards year end, I will probably qualify again. Do you think I should register for this and finish the 20 nights before July incase I don’t finish the 50 nights this year? Or do you think it will mess up in the systems?


Will comp nights at MGM properties count? Many thanks!

Miles Maven

How soon after the 10 qualifying nights will you have Explorist through February 2025? I am asking in order to match to MGM Gold and book the remaining 10 nights for Globablist through the MGM app during the BILT promo period? Is this a possible scenario?


Nick you are awesome!

One of my favorite parts of being a Globalist is not having to pay resort fees. Marriott charges them regardless of status and Hilton only waives resort fees on award stays. At Hyatt when you as globalists resort fees are waived on cash and award stays!


will they still see us fast trackers as globalist lite via this method ?


I have already booked 1 night stay at a category 3 hyatt and a 6 nights at a category 5. I understand from comments that I don’t need to cancel, wait for bilt promo registration to go thru, and rebook. But, does ANY category of hyatt hotels count towards the 20 nights?

[…] I recently saw a post on Frequent Miler that details a new promotion from Bilt Rewards. Basically, from today until April 1, you can sign up for a temporary Hyatt Explorist status for a 90-day trial. Then, during the 3-month period from April 17 through July 16, you can potentially earn Explorist status or even earn Globalist status through February 2025. To keep Explorist status, you must have 10 qualified Hyatt nights during the 3-month period. To earn Globalist status, you must have 20 Hyatt nights during that period. And yes, award stays do count! You can read all the details on this post from Frequent Miler. […]

Hop Tu

Is there a suggested limit to number of nights to string together for a mattress run? For example, can I just do all 20 nights in one stay or should I break it down into several multiple day stays? The closest Cat1 Hyatt is in a larger city an hour away. I actually plan to book a couple weekends and spend the weekend up there with a few days included during the weekday to knock out some additional nights to meet the requirements.


You can string as many together as you want up to 29 nights. Availability is going to go fast at cat 1 hotels

Vincent Contreras

For mgm stays. Does it have to be booked through the Hyatt website or can the it be booked through mgm to get resort fee waived?


From previous post, yes, you can book directly with MGM and the stay will still count. Just make sure they add your Hyatt member number to the reservation at check-in (and check-out to make sure):


Last edited 1 month ago by James

For any Canadians reading, it is possible to get Bilt rewards set-up (couple more steps but might be worthwhile for this promotion). I’ve received the email stating to watch for status April 17 so assuming this has worked:

  • Get a USA phone number (various free wifi/VOIP services out there)
  • Set-up a Bilt Rewards account using this number (they send a code to verify it’s you so can’t be a random number)
  • Search Google for “Bilt Rewards .apk”. This allows you to download the US Bilt Rewards app without having to create separate Apple/Google Play account with US address (which is even more work). Make sure to download the most recent version as you won’t be able to update after install. If ever needing to update just search same again and reinstall with most up to date .apk available. You may need to set phone permissions to install .apk files from unknown sources
  • Link your Hyatt loyalty number with Bilt Rewards and activate this offer

Was just wondering about this too! What about using the Bilt card to pay Canadian rent though? I was able to get a U.S. card, but my Toronto apartment’s rent portal wants a 3 digit institution number and a 5-digit transit number that Bilt doesn’t use. U.S. banks only want routing number and account number. Any ideas?


Unfortunately, I haven’t heard or found a way around that. The Bilt app is useful for the free point.me tool function and promos like this. Base functions aren’t useful for Canadians at this point.

Kim Singh

Will rooms booked under a group rate paid by individual person count?

Jim Livesay

Thanks for this post, Nick–that’s a great opportunity! I signed up for Bilt and activated the promo. Now, I already had a 5-night stay booked during June, so within the Bilt promo window of April 17 – July 16. Those nights should count, right? Or would they only count if I booked them after signing up for Bilt and activating the promo? Thanks!

Jim Livesay



I have a premium suite booking at an Unbound Collection hotel in mid-June using points, and I currently have Explorist status (not through elite nights or points, so I only have 5 elite nights from having the Hyatt card). If I book 20 qualifying nights early in this promotional period, when would I receive the upgraded elite status to Globalist? If I have Globalist status prior to the start of my stay at the Unbound Collection hotel, it would greatly enhance my stay with free parking and club access/breakfast.


Thank you!


Can you make guest of honor bookings for friends if you achieve Globalist Lite for yourself?


Joined Bilt rewards, not their card member. I don’t see RENT DAY tab. I do see a Pay Rent tab and the offer is not there.


Go figure – the 2 Hyatt’s in CT just raised all their rates overnight from 3500 points/night to 8000/night. Should have booked last night. Ughhh


I’ve got a similar problem. I booked a 30 night stay at one of the CT hotels for the Bonus Journeys promo. Unfortunately, it starts a few days before April 17, so according to the T&Cs, it won’t count, and I can no longer re-book it for the same number of points. Bummer.

With all other Hyatt promos (like Bonus Journeys), only the checkout date actually matters – maybe I’ll get lucky.


It worked – checked in on April 14 and checked out on May 14 and I’m now a Globalist (light)!
So it appears that only the check-out date matters and the T&Cs are incorrect.










Please turn off your all-caps button – thanks 🙂



Oren S

Ugh. affects me too 🙁


I’m sure you’ll get over it, bubbie.


Does this work with third party bookings or does it have to be with Hyatt directly on their site? I’m mulling how to loop work trips in via Concur or double dipping with the Delta promo where you can book hotels through their platform (essentially Expedia) and get MQD’s. I know doing that you don’t get hotel status but would it count for this promo as technically it’s a stay.


Ahh ok thank you! I wasn’t sure since it originated through Built maybe I had a shot. Thank you!


Is there a way to track your nights?


Probably manually rallying via Hyatt.com


FYI I’ve had MGM comp stays show up in my Hyatt history, but no bump in my Hyatt Elite Nights. So sometimes not.


Just finished talking to an Hyatt agent via chat.

They said it has to be cash reservation or free night award reservation in order to be eligible.

They said that you cannot use hyatt points to book stays to earn the bonus journey 3,000 bonus points for every 2nt stay…but everywhere I’ve read about this has said otherwise. What gives with that?


I am having trouble linking my Bilt account with ,=my Hyatt account inside the Bilt app. I tried it in both Apple and Android, same meg: “Whoops! Something went wrong. Please come back later or try again”. Anyone else experienced this?


worked 30 min later.


not working either trying to link Hyatt account  “Whoops. Something went wrong…”


i think this news broke the Bilt app. It’s not working for me when i tried to link my Hyatt account, or any partner account for that matter. Keep getting “Whoops. Something went wrong…”


Bilt app working for linking Hyatt account for this offer. Somebody at Bilt must be monitoring this blog 🙂


Is there any way of booking a stay for someone else and it counting toward my 20 nights?

Kyle Marshall

Yes, if it’s in the US, book it in your name and add them to the reservation by calling


This is forbidden by the terms of the program and definitely considered “cheating”. Plenty of people report doing it successfully but also plenty of reports of the booked person being required to stop at the desk for an ID check.

[…] Globalist. And all throughout the day, so many great posts galore from AwardWallet, MilesTalk, FrequentMiler, Travel on […]


For the Bonus Journeys promo to earn 3000 points back, does that require stays of 2 consecutive nights?


Never mind. I see in the terms for that promo that eligible nights do not need to be consecutive.

Bret Dolphin

Is there a floor on the points per night to receive the 3k points for 2 nights from Hyatt? There is a Hyatt I could book for 3500/night means I could mattress run it for ~40k points.

Bret Dolphin

Good point only 2 nights are at 3.5k the rest are either 5k or 6.5k per night.


No drink for you! 😉

Last edited 1 month ago by Kiki
Bret Dolphin

Who says I can’t make my own! 🙂


Any thoughts on whether this deal makes it more advantageous or less advantageous to sign up for one of the Hyatt cc’s if you were on the fence?


Probably makes less sense to sign up for a Hyatt CC, as a main benefit is the qualifying nights for having the card and for spend. The main reasons I can see for getting a Hyatt CC with the challenge:
-The Summer promo gives additional benefits for mattress runs
-You plant to book a lot of paid stays at Hyatts now and want the CC return on spend
-You’re desperate for Hyatt points and Chase isn’t an option


Has anyone had an experience where Hyatt has not deducted points when booking an award stay? I tried to book an extended award stay this morning at a Cat 1 hotel to take advantage of this promo. I was not able to book online (presumably happens when the stay exceeds a certain timeframe), so I called Hyatt to book. They were able to complete the reservation over the phone, and I received a confirmation email. However, no points were taken from my account. Are these likely to get deducted later? It has been several hours at this point…


Same happened to me. but I log on to my account and I was charged cash, not points. Double check your reservation.


In my case, it lists the correct number of points when I view my reservation online, and the confirmation email lists Type of Rate: STANDARD ROOM FREE NIGHT (email doesn’t specify exact point count, which seems standard when I look back at other reservations where points were deducted properly).

Last edited 1 month ago by Trevor

I have just had this happen on a reservation where I gifted the stay to someone – involved customer service. Also found similar DPs on reddit. My solution: I chatted with an agent to confirm all was OK, and they said a proper step was not taken previously. They took about 10 minutes, and points were correctly deducted.

I believe that when customer service is involved in the reservation, they have to manually do something to get the points deducted.

I didn’t read any horror DPs of the reservation not working, apparently Hyatt eventually catches up in an audit, but it could take months and I did not want to look at the points…


This happened to me when I tried to book a 30 night stay recently. Couldn’t do it online, so had to call to get it booked. Reservation looked correct, but points weren’t deducted immediately.

Checked again the next day, and the points were properly taken out in 3 transactions each covering 10 days each.

My theory is that award stays longer than 10 days require manual intervention.


One thing to add is if you want stay 2 get 3k points promo it’s only March 20 and May 26, 2023, so if you want to max promo outcome time frame is much short Apr 17- May 26!


In terms of activating the 3,000 points back promo that stacks with this one, can I use my Hyatt Category 1-4 certificate as an initial 1 night stay (such that my second 20 night stay using traditional 5k points per night will be eligible for this promo)? I know you said award stays count for the initial 1 night stay, but wasn’t sure if the Category 1-4 certificate would be differentiated. Thanks!


I have a booking for three nights two rooms. Does that count for three or six nights?


I’m currently Discoverist, with 11 qualifying nights YTD. Will I get the milestone reward at 20 nights, if enrolled in this promo?


I was looking into that. I think it becomes a moot point if you stay the 20 nights in this Apr 17-July 16 timeframe and earn Globalist since that 20 night milestone yields two lounge certificates but Globalists get free lounge access (at the Hyatts that have them).


Great post, Nick. I should hit Globalist organically again this year. It’d still be nice to have it as a backup.

The best thing about hitting Globalist organically are the suite upgrades; they’re gold when traveling with family! The most frustrating thing are “earning” the STUPID club-level certs. Totally worthless and actually annoying for those to be “awards.”


Are Hyatt elite benefits granted based on your status at the time of booking or at the time of your stay? Asking for a hotel owner friend.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nick!! This is unbelievable news. I was gearing up to make my first push for Globalist this year, with several Hyatt stays booked for the early part of the year. But I knew I’d have to make a pretty significant mattress run towards the end of the year (maybe ~20-25 nights), which wasn’t going to be easy (or cheap) at all (enough to make it questionable whether I’d follow through). But it just so happens that I have between 20-28 nights (depending on potential cancellations) of pre-planned Hyatt stays literally between 4/27–7/9. I seriously can’t believe it! (Woke my wife up at 6:30a cuz I was so excited, ha ha.)

I’ve benefited SO MUCH already from Frequent Miler, but this is one of the biggest wins yet. Just know that the work the FM team is doing is truly amazing and appreciated (not that you need me to tell you that!).


Will this trial period as Hyatt Globalist allow me to status match over to MGM Gold?


Yes, you can. Just can’t do it online.

Must do it in person in Vegas.


Why the distinction? Do the in person people just look at a physical Hyatt card and status match you without doing any actual checking online of the status of your Hyatt account?


Does Guest of Honor reservation count toward the 20 nights (A Globalist book GoH reservation and put my my membership# on the reservation)?


Thanks Nick, I assume GoH reservation will qualify for Q2 promotion as well?


Nick: “Personally, I already have 10 nights booked during this promotional period”

Do you have to cancel and re-book those nights to make them qualifying stays?


If I am already explorist, does that mean I only need 10 nights to reach globalist thru this fast track? Or still the 20 nights


Still 20.


Do free night awards from Hyatt credit card count as qualifying stay?


Will nights at MGM properties or SLH properties count?Yes, qualifying nights (paid nights) at MGM and SLH properties count.

This only applies to MGM properties booked via Hyatt’s app/website, right? What about if I book via MGM site and credit the nights to Hyatt, will the nights count towards the challenge?


I did a fast track promo last fall and I booked my stay through MGM to get the discounted rate and resort fees removed. I gave my Hyatt number at check in and received the nights towards the promo.


Would you say comp stays through MyVegas also count? It currently does count as elite nights. As long as it post on my Hyatt app then it should count correct?

FM Fan

If the Hyatt number isn’t attached, would it then be possible to submit a missing stay credit?


My business is actually collecting rent – how would Bilt help me?


What’s the best way to join Bilt? Any referral links?


What are some good cheap category 1 off peak hotels? Thanks!


Don’t look on the west coast. Texas has plenty.


Hi Nick, thanks for the informative post to fastrack status! I’ve never done a fastrack match like this before so I have a question on these points from your post:

  • Between March 28 and April 1, choose “Unlock World of Hyatt Elite Status” on the Rent Day tab in the Bilt app.
  • Complete 10 qualifying nights between April 17 and July 16 to keep Explorist status through February 2025, or complete 20 qualifying nights to earn Globalist status through February 2025.

Once I link my Bilt rewards to my Hyatt acct., do I need to make a reservation/stay w/the Bilt app.? Or I can just do all my reservations/stays on the Hyatt app/website even when using points? Thanks!


Key piece of info to add after trying this myself. This has to be done through the Bilt Rewards app, not the website.


Current Globalist, on track to earn it again this year, but it may be a slog. I happen to have 19 nights already booked within the promo period. No brainer to add a stay a cat 1 night or 2 as insurance. I’ll still go for 60 if it’s close for the cat 7 award and MHC, but nice to know I can’t fall short this early in the year,


And the suite nights … I am in a similar position with 15 nights so far, and likely will make Globalist with some extra spending effort. But I will go for this Bilt option as a backup.


Is there any downside to registering? For example, will it disqualify me from a future Hyatt status challenge? I believe Bilt’s United status challenge from last Nov was part of United’s normal status challenge and thus (presumably) disqualifies me from another United challenge for a couple years.


Not everybody is able to join Bilt Rewards right?. only US citizen (maybe canadian inclusive)

Miami Vice

Is Bilt available for American residents only?


Thanks Nick! Just Created a Bilt account and registered for the promo. I’m currently a Globalist through Feb 2024 due to last year’s promos. This should be easy to achieve.


What about a stay from April 11-18? Would I get 7 nights or 2 nights or 0?


0 towards the promo: “To count toward this promotion, your earliest check-in date must be April 17th…”, you’re checking in on 4/11. If you want those nights, you could TRY breaking up the reservation (1 stay checking out on 4/17, another checking in on 4/17), but this doesn’t always work. You would have to coordinate with the hotel so that they do not combine the reservation and actually check you out and back in again. I’ve had to book back-to-back stays for other purposes, and they tend to credit as one stay for the entire period.


Does it qualify previously booked reservations? I have upcoming reservations between April 17 and July 16.

Patrick McNamara

Nick thanks for sharing this so quickly and so comprehensively! Can I just mention that’s it’s my understanding and experience that the free parking for Globalists is only on award stays (some gave it on cash stays as a courtesy back in 2020 but I haven’t had that luck since.) However the waiver of resort fees is on both cash and award stays?


Yes, for Globalist.

Don Johnson

Can you clarify the FAQ about SLH nights? They need to be paid, award nights won’t count?

Don johnson

Thanks! That’s what I figured, for SLH anyway, that’s how it’s worked for me with past promos.


Nick, do you have any updates from your trip to Vegas. Where you have a paid night and other nights comped? Did it count towards Hyatt elite night credits?
Hopefully to mattress run in Vegas if it counts


Anyone having trouble linking your Hyatt account? This happens a lot to me with linking Hyatt (and it’s not my fat fingers).


When I try to link Hyatt, I get the following error message since yesterday:

“Sorry, we did not find that membership. Please make sure your credentials are correct.”


This is awesome! Thanks for making us aware. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to pull this off, but you laid out some good strategies to do it.


What if you already have a number of elite nights earned. Do you still need to earn 20 nights thru this promo for a Globalist status or the previously earned nights will count as well?


Any idea whether night stay credits earned via CC spend during the promotion window will be counted towards the 20 nights needed?


If I already have globalist status through 2024 and I’m currently at 45 nights to retain globalist through 2025, would there be any benefit to register? (I assume not but just want to check i’m not missing something)

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If one earns Globalist this way, could you get AA EP challenge at the end of the year (if similar to last two years)?


I’m not sure I can do 20 nights between April 17 and July 16, but I could probably do 10. If I get Explorist through Feb of 2025, does having that Explorist status get me closer to Globalist? For instance, since Explorist is earned at 30 qualifying nights, would I only need to have 30 more nights to reach Globalist by Feb of 2025?


Ugh I have 12 nights booked right before April 17…. Sad


Very similar boat…7 ending on 16 April.