(EXPIRED) Match Hyatt status to MGM Mlife before year end

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Reminder: It is now time to match your Hyatt elite status back to MGM Gold status if you have not already done so. If you had previously matched to MGM Gold before September 30th, that status ended on October 1st. You’ll want to match now to have MGM status through September 2020.

Status match basics

As a reminder, those with Hyatt Explorist or Hyatt Globalist status can match to MGM Mlife Gold status. 

Link your accounts to match status here

You can find the full Mlife Gold status benefits here. Mlife Gold doesn’t necessarily look like much on paper, but it’s actually an awesome status to have for three reasons:


  • Free parking. You get both free self-parking and free valet parking at MGM casinos. Now that Las Vegas strip properties have started charging for parking, this is a valuable benefit to have if you’ll be renting a car. The valet lines can get kind of ridiculous at popular times, but at those times you can just use self-parking. I also recall some resorts having dedicated “Gold and Platinum” parking areas near the front of the parking garages.
  • Better room rates. This benefit isn’t spelled out in the program terms, but I often find that the rates I see when logged in to my Mlife account are much better than what I can find elsewhere.
  • Dedicated check-in area at most properties. This can be yuge on a busy day. See this photo from Mandalay Bay earlier this year.

    The normal check in line goes out of frame to the right and wraps around and around. The Gold check in area is where you can maybe make out an employees way down at the far end of the counter on the left. As you can see, there is
    no line at all down there. This can easily save you an hour. Frustratingly, my preferred property (Delano) does not have this for Gold members, but I’ve stayed at Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Luxor, and checked in once at Excalibur (cheap Hyatt mattress run) and they all have an elite member check in line that’s rarely much of a line.



You also get to skip the line at buffets and maybe you can save something at the gift shop or something like that. The three benefits above are the ones that mean the most to me.

Status match-go-round

jetblue blue flex

Of course, the other benefit of MGM Gold status is that it matches to Hyatt Explorist status. Hyatt’s elite year runs on a different calendar, with qualification based on stays from January to December and elite status resetting in February. MGM’s status year resets on October 1st.

This means that if you are a Hyatt Explorist today, you can match to MGM Gold status right now and that MGM Gold status is good until September 30, 2020. If you are not going to re-qualify for Hyatt Explorist based on your stay activity this year, you definitely want to do this match right now. That’s because in February, when your Hyatt status reverts to “none” (or Discoverist), you can at that point match your MGM Gold status to Hyatt Explorist status that will be good until February 2021. At least, that’s the way it has worked for the past several years. Things could always change, but that’s why I’d recommend positioning yourself to take advantage of this while you can.

Hyatt Explorist status isn’t incredibly useful, especially because matching from Mlife Gold will no longer get you any club access awards (you’ll need to stay 20 nights to get two of those and then 30 nights to get two more). 

However, as an Explorist you will get a few more points on paid stays. More importantly for me, Hyatt Explorist members get a guaranteed 2pm late checkout (which I find that most Hyatt hotels honor without question, though there are times when I’ve had to push back to get it). I often find myself needing a late check out for one reason or another, so having a guaranteed late checkout is sometimes really important to me. 

An ancillary benefit of Hyatt Explorist status could be that you may be targeted for a status challenge with American Airlines. I received such a challenge earlier this year. I didn’t complete it, but I did register for it when I had some customer service issues and thought that access to a dedicated phone line would speed things along (and it did save me some time waiting on hold).

Bottom line

Hopping on the status match go round now makes sense. In my case, I actually stayed 30 nights this year and once the 30th stay gets credited, I’ll have Explorist status the old-fashioned way next year, so I’m in less of a hurry to do the match — but it’s something I highly recommend for those who will not make Explorist this time around and/or those who can use the Mlife benefits.

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My Hyatt Explorist status is valid until through the end of this month, Feb 29. Should I match my Mlife Gold status now to extend the Hyatt Explorist status or do I have to wait until it expires? Thank you!


I have an upcoming stay at Bellagio in March. Booked via Hyatt, it was a mistake rate. I’m Hyatt Discoverist which is matched to MLife Pearl.

Can I keep the reservation under my Hyatt number but still get MLife Pearl benefits? The only one I really care about is free self-parking.


Thanks. Just took your advice. My MLife Gold expired. I am planning a trip to Atlantic City next week. Glad to have Gold back.


Just checked my MIife account and it shows my Tier credits do not expire until September 2020. Does that mean that my Gold status ends on the same date? Thanks for your help and all your insight. Also, my Hyatt status is good until February 2020. Should I match my Mlife status now to extend the Hyatt status or do I have to wait until it expires?


Mlife status resets every October 1, so you will have your current status until then unless you move up tiers.


You maintained gold status for Oct 1-Sep 30, 2020 if the mlife website shows you’re gold status now.

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Related but a bit different — any recon on whether the Wyndham/Caesars status match-go-round works similarly? It looks like Wyndham diamond expires Dec 31 and Caesars diamond expires Jan 31. So can we match Caesars–>Wyndham in Jan and then Wyndham–>Caesars in Feb?


If I had Caesars Diamond for 2019, will I be able to claim another $100 Diamond Celebration dinner if I got one in 2019 but I’m in Vegas Jan 3, 2020? I don’t know when it resets, annually or after Jan 31.


Diamond $100 Celebration Dinner Must be redeemed by January 31.


Agree Explorist is nice to have but WOH says base level Discoverist, which you get with Chase Hyatt card, also gets 2 pm late.check out. Or has anyone noticed a difference in how Discoverist vs Explorist are treated regarding 2 pm late checkout?


If currently have Hyatt club upgrade certs that are valid until 2/21, but did not re-qualify for explorist this year. if i use a match from MGM to get “fake explorist” for 2020, would i be able to use those existing upgrade certs (or will they be deleted from my account?)

Greg The Frequent Miler

The club access awards are no longer tied to your status, so they won’t disappear even if you lose Explorist status altogether. That said, if it was a mistake that the certs are valid through 2/21 instead of 2/20, then there’s always a chance that Hyatt will fix that mistake.


thanks for the heads up! Done and automatically updated – have a Vegas trip next year so this will be handy


Totally insane I stayed @ HOOTERS a few years ago MGM was like the Rooms were Free as in hours to wait.