(EXPIRED) IHG Fall 2018 Promotion: Double Points Plus More

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IHG Rewards Club has launched their fall 2018 promotion and it’s called Double Points Plus More. There are two parts to the promotion; the first offers double points starting from your second stay, while the second part is targeted.

IHG Double Points Plus More

The Deals

  1. Earn double points on every stay, starting with your second stay, up to 15,000 bonus points.
  2. Targeted offers (see below for examples)

Key Terms

  • Registration required – direct link.
  • Each Offer must be completed between 16 September 2018 and 16 December 2018.
  • Only one room per member per Qualifying Stay will be awarded the applicable bonus points, or other benefits (if any) available under the applicable Offer.

Quick Thoughts

The double points portion of this promotion isn’t particularly great seeing as the bonus points are only earned from your second stay. You’re also limited to 15,000 bonus points which, seeing as you earn 10 IHG Rewards Club points per dollar at most of their brands (Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites offer 5 points per dollar), means you’ll only earn double points on up to $1,500 of spend.

The targeted offers are where things get interesting though.


These offers range from awful to enticing. My wife’s is on the awful end of the spectrum and means we won’t bother trying to complete her task.

IHG Double Points Plus More - Shae

My tasks on the other hand are much more interesting. So much so that I’m tempted to cancel some upcoming award stays to book paid stays.

IHG Double Points Plus More - Stephen

Completing those final two tasks means we’d earn just over 50,000 bonus points. To do that, we’d need to stay at least nine nights during the promotion period. Two stays of four nights at two different brands and at least one night at a third brand.

When also taking into account the base points earned, double base points from Spire Elite status and 10x points for paying with the IHG Premier credit card, we should easily end up with 60,000 points or more. That total would be higher, but there’s a good chance two of our three brands will be Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites which earn at the lower rate.

We try to maximize our IHG Rewards Club points by only redeeming at properties costing 5,000 or 10,000 points per night. With the fourth night free on award stays, that means our 60,000 points would get us at least eight free nights. That’s pretty good for an investment of nine paid nights.

Seeing as you’ll only earn bonus points on paid stays, you can also earn ~10% cashback by clicking through from a portal.

Did you get a good offer or was yours as bad as my wife’s?


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I got a great offer too.

15k double your stay
38,400 stay at 3 brands
6,400 book 2 stays with IHG app
6,800 book 4 stays using your corporate rate
25,800 complete 3 of the 4 offers and earn an additional 25,800.

So if I book 4 stays at my corporate rate, at say $150 each, I’ll get:

150x10x4 = 6,000 base + 6000 double = 12k
TOTAL: 83,000 (leaving the IHG app booking bonus on the table)

Anyone know what it takes to “complete” the “double your stay” offer? Do I just need to stay at least twice so that I get double points at least once? Or do I have to fulfill all 15k max in that bonus?


Good idea. I don’t think I can use my corporate rate on the IHG app, but I might be able to book a regular rate on the app, and then have them modify it to my corporate rate at the front desk. Maybe…


Now I just need to hunt for my corporate ID though…. I’ve never actually seen it anywhere. Will review some confirmation emails and poke around, thanks!


Spire Elite here and I received a crappy offer:

15,000 pts Double your stay
5,000 pts Discover our Brands, Stay at two of our brands
4,500 pts Weekend Stay, Stay two weekends, Saturday and another night

Really crappy considering most of my Accelerate promos are in the 85,000 – 125,000 range. Not sure why but I’ll be able to work on my other hotel accounts for the last four months of the year.


I got the same as your wifes. Quickly cancelled any ihg stays for work and went to hilton with exception of 2 stays using app and getting 3400points.


I’m cancelling at least ten nights as a result of my offer and maximizing the Hilton double points/Lufthansa miles offer instead. Force me to cancel existing stays and rebook at different rates or use the app? Brilliant move IHG!


I received a 64,600 offer as a Spire Elite…
1. 15,000 Double Your Stay – every stay staring with second up to 15,000
2. 41,600 Discover Our Brands – Stay at 5 brands (yes 5!)
3. 8,000 Earn More, Faster – book 2 Bonus Points Package stays

First time in 3 years I will not be able to complete a full offer (though this one would have been doubtful from the start with 5 different brands needed). I also only have one official biz trip left for this year for 6 consecutive nights in late September. I may have to consider breaking up the reservation and try to rebook as multiple reservations. There is nothing in the terms that would indicate that I could not though the churning may be flagged.


Yes of course but impossible in my case. Business trip to Paris with the HI already at my upper end of my allowance. There is an Indigo, CP and IC in town (all too expensive) and an HIE near CDG that I usually stay at the night before I leave so there are choices, just not practical. BTW…ALL my points these past 3 years have been earned via my biz trips and charged to the IHG MC. Add the bonuses (even with 2 or 3 $79 paid mattress runs to at a local HIE meet goal) and it’s been a great ride that has cost me virtually nothing but will soon come to an end. Turned the points in to two week long stays at the Indigo St. George in Rome with plenty left over.
Thanks for managing this forum.


My offer is the worst! I have 2 offers….double points starting with the second stay..no biggie…but then I got stay 6 (YES, 6!!) different brands and earn 24,000 points! What kind of deal is that for an Spire Elite?

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I have a super crappy offer that would entail me making 2-night stays and staying over the weekends, which is going to be absolutely none of my planned travel for the next few months. I guess they’re basing the offers on what your stay history looks like, except that my most recent stays with IHG aren’t representative of my general stay patterns. If they’ve gutted the amazing Accelerate promotions they used to have to make them look like this, then it’s a huge disappointment.


Lucky. I have a four brand offer for fewer points.


I think I got a decent offer:
1) Stay at 2 brands 32,000 points
2) Book 2 stays on the App 2,600 points
3) Stay 2 weekends 24,000 points (2 nights on each stay, must include Saturday)
4) Get bonus 29,300 points

Am I right in assuming I get all these points (plus the double points) if I just stay twice, each stay being 2 nights over a weekend) at 2 different brands, all booked on the App and I’ll get 87,900+ points for the 4 nights?

Can these be points and cash stays?

I have Ambassador status – which gives a second night free with a weekend stay at an Intercontinental – could I do this and essentially pay for only 1 night for one of the weekends?

Any help would be appreciated as I have some trips coming up.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, 29,300 for doing all 3. I should be able to do it with some trips I am taking anyway.


15,000 Double Your Stay
Earn double points on every stay, starting with your second stay, up to 15,000 bonus points.
5,000 Discover Our Brands
Stay at 2 brands and get 5,000 bonus points.
4,500 Saturday Stays Bonus
Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 4,500 bonus points.

Complete all of your Double Points plus more offers and earn 24,500 total bonus points.

I am confused, is it totally 24,500 or 49,000 after I finished them all