Get $50 Of Free Dining With This inKind Amex Offer (+$25 With Referral, 500+ Restaurants Available)


A new Amex Offer for a service called inKind showed up yesterday. It’s an app that can be used at ~500 restaurants nationwide to pay for your meal, so this Amex Offer means that you can get $50 of free food at participating dining establishments. inKind also has a referral program that gives both the referrer and referee $25 off.

The Deal

  • Make a single purchase of $50+ with inKind & get $50 back with an Amex Offer.
  • Referral link – Stephen (you’ll get $25 off when spending $50+ while I’ll get $25 after you complete your purchase)

Key Terms

  • Expires February 28, 2023.
  • Offer valid online at US website or through the merchant mobile app.
  • Excludes International restaurants purchases.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.

Quick Thoughts

I’d not heard of inKind before yesterday, but when seeing it listed in my Amex Offers I was intrigued considering it’s giving $50 back on $50 spend.

What’s particularly nice about this offer is that you can load your inKind balance with $50 in order to get the $50 statement credit, so there’s not necessarily any need to spend more than that which could, in theory, mean you can get a completely free meal or two depending on where you redeem the credits.

Note that it seems like it’s best to load your account via the inKind website rather than their app. In their app you can prefund your account via their inKind Pass feature but the minimum load is $99, although that does give you an $11 bonus for a total of $110. Prefunding your account at the landing page listed in the terms of the Amex Offer provides an additional option – the ability to load $50. You won’t earn any bonus like you will with the other denomination options, but this ensures you’re not out of pocket. Update: inKind has removed the option to prefund your account with $50, so the minimum load is now $99. You don’t have to prefund your account in order to use the Amex Offer as you can simply use the app to pay for your meal with an enrolled card, but you’ll need to ensure your bill comes to $50+ before tip as the Amex Offer is only valid for a single purchase.

As for what inKind actually does, it provides the opportunity to pay for meals in the app when dining at participating restaurants. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what benefit this ordinarily provides beyond the ability for you to get a discount on your meal thanks to the bonuses you can get by prefunding your account with the inKind Pass. My initial thought was that it could be useful for times when you have a server who’s rushed off their feet which results in a delay in you getting your check, but to close your check you have to let your server know that you want to pay via the inKind app and so it likely won’t save any time. I imagine there’ll be at least a few servers out there who won’t be familiar with what you’re talking about, so paying with inKind does have the potential to be problematic. That said, for $50 of free food, I’m willing to give it a try.

Even better is the fact that inKind has a referral program giving both parties $25. If you sign up using a referral link (see above for our referral links), that means you’ll have $75 to spend after loading your account with $50 which will be reimbursed courtesy of the Amex Offer. If you have a partner, you can then refer them. They’ll get that same $75 to spend if they have the inKind Amex Offer on one of their cards too, while you’ll receive an extra $25 in credits for a total of $100. For people in two player mode, that’s therefore $175 worth of food for no cost.

I say there’s no cost, but that’s not necessarily true. For starters, your bill could exceed the amount of credits on your account, in which case you’d obviously need to pay the balance. Second, you can’t pay for the tip using your inKind Pass, so that’ll be paid for separately via whichever payment card you select in the app.

Another good feature of the inKind Pass is that funds you add don’t expire, although if you prefund with one of the higher denomination options, the bonus that comes with that does expire after three years. It would make sense to spend your inKind balance sooner rather than later though as there’s no knowing how long this app will be around.

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Option to fund with $50 is back.


Used Stevens link but in the app I only see “$25 on us”. How do I get $50? Obviously I’m missing something.


Intresting looks like they have a location called “Local craft bar + kitchen” at Pittsburgh Airport


Intresting looks like they have a lovation called “Local craft bar + kitchen” at Pittsburgh Airport


Does this code 4X on the Gold card as a Restaurant?


I bought a house account for $50- the charge was pending as inkind, but it posted as the name of restaurant (veggie grill) I don’t see how I am going to get amex offer applied to this charge. This feels like the gopuff credit with Chase that would post as Bevmo for californians. Keep you updated -but I see phone calls and disputes in my future.

J Smith

Did anyone try to fund a “house account”? That is still available for $50 but it is only good at the one store


Hi! Can you provide the link to this?

J Smith

If you go in the app and select a restaurant, I was given a choice to add money to that


My guess is that it should work – as it is: “through the merchant mobile app” I’m going to try it – I’ll be the DP – Ill post when I get the Amex email.

I signed up using @Stephen Pepper link

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J smith

I tried it. Did not get the email, but I didn’t get the email for the regular one either and that posted. Will revert back


Interesting – I wonder if anyone that funded the $99/$110 got the credit – I’m not to worried – I have it on several AU cards that I can churn to get my money back once – we figure out what works (or at least get the referral credits to offset the $50.

I suppose I should have checked FB for current DPs on what was working in some of the groups- not many affordable options in Portland only VeggieGrill – not a Vegan – but I will eat vegans.

J smith

I was able to get one in when they still let you buy $50. That credit posted fine (but no AMEX email)


Thanks – I will give it a week to see how it plays out and if the credit offer posts.

Depending on how the VeggieGrill’s food is I may do the $99 on P2s account.

Thats $240 of food for a net $91 cost


How did the cOneharges post?


UPDATE: The house account charge posted – I checked in the app under offers and its showing redeemed and “Total savings to date” jumped $50 – so it will eventually post the credit.

Actually I used the in-house credit yesterday for lunch take-away didn’t want the breakage if it wasn’t free money. Also I had an errand on the otherside of to that had a location. Nearest to home is downtown with no great parking options nearby.

Was shocked VeggieGrill was delicious for being meat free. Just wish it was more convenient.

J smith

My in-house charge also posted and I receive the credit.

It shows up as the name of the store instead of in card, but if you look on the app, it says in card and the credit did post.

Chris Danford

These were the most-interesting small amount offers I could find. They weren’t linked from the front page for me.

Get $100 For $80 ($20 FREE)
Get $140 For $99 ($41 FREE)


Yes, you can play with the number and find other interesting deals, but if you find something good and post it here, they will just take it down.


I am curious if they will trigger the offer.

I saw some BF offers – when signing up on my laptop – not sure if they were better or worse.


I was amused to see that not only are there no inKind restaurants in my state, there are no inKind restaurants in any of the four states that are adjacent to my state.

Kawa Lau

I used your link Steven. Don’t see the option on their website to do $50 only. Did they take that away?


Mostly major cities only…


Where are folks seeing the ability to load $50? I’m not seeing it on the website or the app. I’m not seeing it on the link provided by AMEX. It seems like the minimum load amount is $99 which gives $110 in credits with the bonus.

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[…] there is a spend $50 and get $50 for dinning with “In-Kind”. Please use my referral link here to get $25 on sign up: […]


Used it first time last night. Worked as promised. The instructions on the website could be a little more detailed. Wish I’d seen your link Stephen!


don’t see this offer


I use this app all the time for a local restaurant. They used it to fund expansion rather than a business loan. InKind sold credits specific to that local restaurant at a discount and I bought up a year or so worth of my normal spend there.

For how it works, the local restaurant brings my check with a check number on it. I simply click pay in the InKind app, select the restaurant, and enter the check number to pay using InKind credit. Only thing out of pocket each visit is the tip as it requires a credit card for the tip portion and InKind credit cannot be used. The credit card is saved or entered on the InKind app and billed at the same time I pay the check.


Can you pay a different amount? For example, if your bill is $100, can you specify that you want to pay $50 and then another $50 in some other way?


I haven’t had to pay yet where my credit was less than the bill due, but I have to guess the app would allow you to pay the rest of the bill and the tip on your saved card. I haven’t had to do this just yet, but image the option would be there.

Yanmin Lee

So sales tax on the check can be charged to the account too? Do you enter the tip amount in the app too if you pay the balance (if you run out of house credit) with the credit card in app?


Yes, all charges for items, taxes and fees are able to be paid with the account balance. Only the tip is not allowed to be charged to the balance.

Tip is also done in the app, but requires a separate credit or debit card as it cannot be charged to the account balance.

I image if you run out of credit, the remaining amount + tip could be charged to a credit or debit card stored in the app. I haven’t run into this personally, though the functionality makes me fairly certain it would work seamlessly to charge the remainder on a credit card.

Final addition, my Amex Gold and Ink Cash recognized this as restaurant spend when paying the tip, so it appears that both Amex and Chase will give you the restaurant category even going through the app, at least for the restaurant I frequent.

Yanmin Lee

Thank you for your detailed explanation, Steve! Appreciate it. I’ll try the app later today. 🙂

Last edited 9 days ago by Yanmin Lee
Yanmin Lee

I used it a few days ago and want to circle back with my experience for those interested: I ran out of credit and was able to charge the remainder to my credit card like Steve said. Interestingly, I think the screen said I bought credit equal to my balance, then the tip showed up as a separate line item. In other words, there are 2 line items on my credit card statement: 1 said InKind card (for the balance including tax), 1 said the restaurant name (for the tip). My Amex offer statement credit showed up a few days later too!


I’ve been doing some reading on in-kind and its a really interesting business concept. They are able to sell discounted credit because they buy the business’s credit upfront based on their capital needs. So for example a coffee shop doesn’t want to go the traditional banking way, doesn’t want to lose equity or doesn’t want a high-interest quick capital injection, they can go to inkind and sell them credit at an agreed upon discount price and the business gets a large upfront cash inflow to cover whatever they see fit. Assuming the markup on food is sufficient, this isn’t a bad idea.

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Thanks for the post, Stephen! I used your link. I’d be interested to hear how well the app works for you (or I’ll try to remember to post something if I get a chance to use it).


will use your link


nothing near me


Wow.. it changed. When the offer first came out, it was load $99 get $125


BTW, I used your link.


I don’t think there is the ability to load only $50 anymore.