Point.me now on Bilt Rewards website, not just their app


A few months ago Bilt Rewards added a great new feature that lets you run award searches thanks to an integration with Point.me. The results only display Bilt transfer partners, but it can be a helpful free tool. See Bilt adds free Point.me integration for award searches with partners for more details.

When that launched the functionality was only available in the Bilt Rewards app, but at some point recently they added the ability to run those searches on Bilt’s website too.

Bilt pointdotme website searches

Pankaj in Frequent Miler Insiders highlighted this seemingly new functionality today. To run award searches on Bilt’s website, go to this page (you’ll need to log in first) and then click on the ‘Transfer Partners’ tab. When you’ve entered your airports, dates, passengers and travel class it’ll open a new tab where it’ll run a search on Point.me’s website even if you don’t have a regular Point.me subscription. As mentioned previously though, it’ll only display results for Bilt transfer partners.

Bilt pointdotme search results

Nick’s mentioned before that he likes to run award searches on his phone while out and about. I’m a little jealous of his patience with that because I personally can’t stand doing it on my phone – I much prefer doing that kind of activity on my laptop. This new desktop-based functionality is therefore particularly useful for people like me who’d rather run award searches on a non-handheld screen.

An added benefit of these searches now being available on the Bilt Rewards website is that you can run many searches at the same time because it opens each search in a new window. That’s helpful when you’re flexible with at least one element of your searches, whether that’s departure airport, destination airport, dates or even whether you’re happy to fly in economy or business class. Point.me will just keep running in however many tabs you have open, allowing you to click back and forth between them to compare the results.

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[…] FM notes that you can now access Point.me lite through Bilt’s desktop website after logging in and clicking on the Transfer Partners tab. This lite version only searches Bilt’s partners which makes it useful but not a game-changer. […]

Earl Lee

The website was MUCH better and had more capacity when it was Juicy Miles vs. Points.me.


wow, I’m famous! 😉