(EXPIRED) JetBlue Mosaic status with $15K spend from 10/1 to 12/31!

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If you have a JetBlue Plus card and want top-tier Mosaic status, get ready to flex that card. Dan’s Deals has picked up on the fact that JetBlue has added a new way to qualify for Mosaic elite status: spend just $15,000 on purchases from 10/1/21 to 12/31/21 and get Mosaic status through 12/31/2022. While Mosaic status isn’t amazing on its own, it could be a cheap way to pick up status for a status match down the road.

The Deal

  • JetBlue TrueBlue is offering an additional path to Mosaic elite status for 2021 only: Spend $15,000 on a JetBlue Plus card from 10/1/21 to 12/31/21 to get Mosaic status through 12/31/2022.
  • See “More Paths to Mosaic in 2021” on this page at JetBlue

Key Terms

  • No registration required
  • Only open to JetBlue Plus cardholders (not JetBlue Card or JetBlue Business Card holders)
  • Open to both new and existing cardholders

Quick Thoughts

JetBlue Mosaic status is fairly weak as far as top-tier airline elite status is concerned, but it’s better than not having any status. Benefits include:

  • 2 free checked bags for you and travel companions on the same itinerary
  • Free same-day changes, even on basic economy fares
  • 3 extra points per dollar on paid flights
  • Free same-day Even More Space seating upon request and based on availability (this probably sounds better than it is since a middle “Even More Space” seat may be all that’s left)
  • Free in-flight alcoholic beverages
  • 15,000 points upon qualification (I don’t know whether this will apply when reaching status with this $15K spend promotion)

Overall, that’s less than you would typically expect for top-tier status (that ordinarily requires $50K credit card spend in a calendar year) with no published upgrade opportunity to Mint. Still, it could be useful for status matches. For instance, with a Delta Status Match Challenge, it could get you temporary Delta Gold and a reduced path to keep that status. We’ve recently seen Aeroplan offer a status match and Southwest has also had an ongoing match. This could be a relatively cheap way to hop on the bandwagon if you have the JetBlue Plus card.

Note that this path to Mosaic status is only available to JetBlue Plus cardholders. If you just have the JetBlue card or the business version, you do not get access to this path with spend on those cards. The good news is that the JetBlue Plus card is now featuring a welcome offer of 70K TrueBlue points after just $1K in purchases in the first 90 days. A new cardholder would end up with both Mosaic status and 85,000 TrueBlue points if completing $15K in purchases before the end of the year. That’s pretty good.

I could see this being worth it for those who prefer JetBlue or for those looking for that quicker path to elite status with other airlines, though some will obviously find the opportunity cost of $15K in purchases on a card that offers suboptimal return to be too high of a cost for the associated benefits.

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1/19 – My status updated today from the $15K spend. Also received the 15K bonus points upon Mosaic qualification.


Thanks for the update- when did you qualify?


I spoke to both Barclays and JetBlue Mosaic teams today. It seems they are literally manually going through each qualifier manually that was provided to JetBlue by Barclays and are very backlogged, getting through them as quickly as possible. There’s no rhyme or reason the day when it flips, just means they finally got to yours …


Update: Mosaic hit my TrueBlue account this evening,1/24.


I just hit the $15k spend ($2k purchase still pending). Does anyone know when the Mosaic status will kick in? I’m guessing it won’t be before my statement closes (11/26), which is tricky because I have a jetBlue flight on 11/27. Unfortunately, the page that states the offer on the jetBlue website doesn’t have a terms and conditions section with details.


Did you get the 15K bonus points for getting Mosaic status? I’m thinking of doing this deal and getting the 15K points for the spend might decide it for me


Unfortunately, I don’t know. The status hasn’t shown up on my account yet. What I can confirm is that hitting $15k isn’t the trigger, and the statement close after $15k isn’t the trigger. There must be some lag between those events and when jetBlue processes the status (although the normal/everyday spend points I earned during that statement period posted to my jetBlue account the next day after statement closing). I couldn’t get a straight answer from jetBlue as to when the status would kick in. The best they gave me was “4-6 weeks” when I asked over Twitter, but they didn’t specify what it’s 4-6 weeks from. I just gave up on asking and waiting hours before a reply when it seems they don’t really know.


Very disappointed…met the $15k spend requirement by making ~$16K in purchases from Oct 15-Nov 15 on our JB Plus card. Credit Card stmt cut date was Nov 27. Had a flight yesterday MBJ-FLL. Status was not updated to continue our Mosaic status that we previously had for ’21. Called Barclays Cust Svc # today. Finally got a supervisor in Nevada (very hard to get to…had to demand North American supervisor). He told me, “…official terms of this fourth quarter promotion state your status will be awarded 4-6 weeks after Dec 31 2021”. So effectively, the award for jumping through major hoops spending $15K in a quarter are 10.5 months of status in ’22? I like JB (only domestic airline I care about for status)…but not sure the effort was worth it especially since the sign up 70K bonus points (and all JB points) are worth about 30% less when you redeem them on Mint flights.


UPDATE Jan 5. Mosaic Status now reflected on my JB account. The email I received wasn’t really clear as to whether this status was a result of the Q4 Barclays $15K spend promo…or if this was an extension due to the continued pandemic? No 15K bonus as of yet…not sure I’ll get it since the method I used to achieve Mosaic was via a 4Q Barclays spend promotion?

I am Bogie

I hit $15k but haven’t gotten the status yet. Didn’t have status in 2021 so I am still on the look out.

Last edited 1 year ago by I am Bogie

I hit $15k spend in early December (12/2), right before my billing cycle hit (around 12/10). I was informed by JetBlue crew that it takes two billing cycles. However, it’s now 1/12 and it hasn’t hit yet. I travel on B6 in two weeks and hoping it hits by then.


Update: Mosaic hit my TrueBlue account this evening,1/24.


You say:
Note that this path to Mosaic status is only available to JetBlue Plus cardholders. If you just have the JetBlue card or the business version, you do not get access to this path with spend on those cards.

But, following your link to JetBlue, they say:
To accommodate your evolving travel needs, we’ve extended our reduced qualification thresholds for 2021, and added another way to qualify with your JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card.

Can you confirm they are correct before I go and spend $15 on my business card.


So it appears that the way the $15k spend jetBlue offers works is that you get ‘Mosaic Qualifying Points’ at certain spend thresholds. This contrasts with regular “given” i.e. not “earned” status from the $50k spend in one year mosiac you get as a standard benefit. Normally on jetBlue you get 3x Mosaic Qualifying Points aka Base Points on all fares except basic b!tch economy which is 1x, so basic aside pre covid it was $5k spend on B6 flights(5k*3). However because of covid you can get mosiac with half so $2500 B6 spend which is 7500 Mosaic Qualifying Points(MQP). The $15k CC spend offer gives you 1,000 MQP at $5k spend, 3500 more MQP’s at $10k spend, and another 3500 MQP’s at $15k spend. Therefore you’d have 8,000 MQP’s exceeding the 7500 required by flying. I should note that in the email or on B6’s website it does not directly state that the MQP earning is cumulative, however if it wasn’t cumulative then they wouldn’t list 3500 MQP’s at both $10k and $15k if you only got them once. Finally, I could not find the language of “you get 15k bonus points no matter how you qualify” in my emails from jetBlue or Barclays. It’s small print point #2 at this link https://www.jetblue.com/trueblue/mosaic/trueblue-changes

Last edited 1 year ago by Scott

Hey man, that was really well stated. Do you think that if one would have 1500 MQPs from flying preceding this offer, that after 10k spend between 10-1 and 12-31 they would qualify with the math of 1500 preceding+1000 at 5k+3500 at 10k assuming the segments are there?


You should since that would give you 6k mosaic qualifying points and you already have the 15 segments. As always make sure if you’re chasing status it’s really worth it for you. If you’ve done 15 segments this year and are BOS/NYC based and expect to fly more in in 2022 to actually take advantage of the status(bags+early boarding) then I’d go for it. Just be prepared to call jetBlue when it doesn’t post as barclays back end is terrible as usual.


Mosaic is great but definitely not as useful with all the fee waivers. I’m still on the fence about trying for the cc spend or just waiting for next year so the status lasts for almost two years. But part of me thinks they might go ahead and extend mosaic status for one more year like all the other airlines.


If I’m not mistaken then sometime soon Mosaic status will also confer benefits when flying on American.


Is this worth $300, which is what a 2% cash back card would earn on $15k spend? I think not. The E+ seats are long gone by T-24 checkin.