How to fast track to meaningful hotel elite status

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I like having hotel elite status.  Depending upon the level of elite status you have and depending upon the hotel chain, you may get perks like welcome gifts, free internet, free breakfast, free lounge access, room upgrades, and more.  That said, I don’t stay in hotels often enough to earn elite status through stays.  When traveling, I usually prefer B&Bs, home rentals, or time-share rentals over hotel rooms.  But, when I do stay in regular hotels, I like the perks that elite status offers.

Here’s a guide to obtaining mid-tier elite status at a number of major hotel chains without hotel stays:

Club Carlson Gold

Gold status offers a 2000 point online booking bonus and a 50% point bonus on paid stays, and an in-room welcome gift.  In my experience, the welcome gift can range from a small bag of gummy bears to an elaborate multi-tier desert tray (I preferred the latter).

Path to Gold status: Get the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Signature card or its similar twin business card.  Both are awesome cards and well worth their annual fee ($75 or $60, respectively).  For details about these cards, see “Club Carlson rocks our world… Again.”

Fairmont President’s Club Premier

Fairmont Premier status offers free room & suite upgrades, a $50 dining or spa certificate, complimentary 3rd night on 3 night stay, etc.

Path to Premier status: Get the Chase Fairmont Visa card.  It has an excellent signup bonus (2 free nights) and a free night each year in which you spend $12000.  $95 annual fee.

Hilton Gold

I’d argue that Hilton offers the best mid-tier status benefits of all the chains.  It offers free breakfast at Conrad, Hilton, and Doubletree properties for you and up to one guest, free internet, two free bottles of water, and a 25% point bonus on paid stays.

Paths to Gold status: There are quite a few ways to get to Hilton Gold status easily:

  1. Get the Amex Hilton Honors Surpass card. $75 annual fee.
  2. Get a Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card.  $95 annual fee.
  3. Get the Amex Hilton HHonors card.  This card offers Hilton Gold status each year in which you spend $20,000 on the card.
  4. Email and ask if you can “fast track to Diamond status”.  Include proof of top tier elite status with a competing hotel chain.  The result is that they are likely to enroll you in a challenge in which you need to complete a number of paid nights to achieve Diamond status.  Even better, they will give you complementary Gold status (at least, that’s what happened to me).
  5. Watch for promotions.  Hilton has been known to offer easy paths to Gold status quite often.
  6. Get a Visa Infinite card.  Details here.

Hyatt Platinum

Platinum status is the mid-tier of Hyatt’s Gold Passport program.  It offers a 15% point bonus on paid stays, a preferred room upgrade, and free internet access.

Easiest paths to Platinum status:

  • Get the Hyatt Visa Signature credit card.  In addition to a nice signup bonus (2 free nights at any Hyatt in the world), the $75 annual fee pays for itself with a free night each year at any category 1-4 Hyatt property.
  • Get the United MileagePlus Club card.  The $395 annual fee is largely offset by United Club membership, 1.5 miles per dollar earnings, and other miscellaneous perks.

IHG Rewards Club Platinum (previously named Priority Club)

Platinum is actually IHG Club’s top tier status, but it’s more akin to mid-tier in other chains.  It offers a 50% point bonus on paid stays and free room upgrades.

Easiest path to Platinum status: Get the IHG Club credit card.  In addition to a strong signup offer (currently, 80,000 points), you get a free night every year at any IHG property in the world (this includes very expensive Intercontinental hotels!).  Annual fee: $49.

InterContinental Ambassador

Even though InterContinental Hotels are part of the IHG chain, they have their own loyalty program that is in addition to the IHG program.  With Ambassador status you get a guaranteed room upgrade, a complimentary weekend night certificate (with a paid stay), 4 pm checkout, an in-room welcome gift, and more.  Getting Ambassador status is easy: simply pay $200 or 32,000 points the first year and $150 each year afterwards to renew.  You will also be given 5000 IHG points when you sign up.

Just, FYI, there is a higher level called “Royal Ambassador” that is invitation-only.

Marriott Gold

Marriott’s Gold status is interesting because it is the only mid-tier hotel status that I can think of that automatically offers free lounge access.  Specifically, Gold status offers “Free daily continental breakfast, light snacks and beverages for members and one guest in the Executive Lounge*. In the U.S. and Canada, choose between 750 bonus points or breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant if the lounge is closed.”  Unfortunately, certain hotels and all resorts are exempt from this benefit, but still its pretty good when it works for you.  You also get free internet, a 25% point bonus on paid stays, and more.

Paths to Gold status:  Ever since Marriott did away with their Taste of Gold / Taste of Platinum Challenges, obtaining mid tier Marriott status has become a bit harder (see “Marriott bids adieu to tasty challenges“), but it’s not impossible.  Here are a few options:

  1. Obtain United elite status first.  Thanks to United and Marriott teaming up with their RewardsPlus program, United elites with Premier Gold and higher status can get free Marriott Gold status.
  2. Obtain Delta elite status first, challenge to United, and complete the challenge.  OK, this is the hard way.  If you have (or can easily get) Delta Gold status, you can challenge to United Gold status (here).  According to the RewardsPlus T&C, you can’t use your temporary status from the challenge to get Marriott status.  Instead, you will need to complete the challenge (e.g. fly 12,500 butt-in-seat miles on United metal in 90 days) and then ask for Marriott status.  I think that should work, but I don’t recommend this path unless you already have plans to fly enough to meet the challenge.
  3. Get the Ritz Carlton credit card.  It offers Gold status first year, and then each year following in which you spend $10K or more (Ritz Gold status gives you similar benefits at Marriott properties).  The card does have some nice perks, but costs a whopping $395 per year.  See “The Ritz 140K offer. Should you take it?” for details about a couple of good signup offers.  Please read the comments of that post, though, since some readers have detailed issues they’ve had with the Ritz card.

I don’t recommend earning Gold status through spend on the Marriott Rewards Premier card.  The card gives you 15 nights of elite credit plus 1 night of elite credit for every $3000 in spend.  You would have to put $105,000 spend on the card to get to Gold status!  Yes,that would give you enough points for a couple of free nights, but the same spend on a card like the Barclay Arrival card would get you over $2300 worth of travel benefits!

Starwood Gold

Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status offers a 50% point bonus on paid stays, 4 pm late checkout, room upgrade when available, and your choice of welcome gift: free internet, bonus points, or a free drink.

Paths to Gold status:  There are a couple of good options…

  1. Get an American Express Platinum card.  Simply call the number on the back of your card and ask to be setup with SPG Gold status.  Platinum cards cost $450 to $475 per year, but come loaded with benefits such as free lounge access, $200 airline fee credits per calendar year, and more.
  2. Spend $30,000 on your Starwood American Express card.
  3. Get both the SPG personal and SPG business Amex cards and complete 6 stays.  OK, this option requires stays, but not too many.  Each SPG card offers 2 stay credits towards elite status and you need 10 stays to reach Gold status.  Six stays should be within reach for many, especially since SPG counts award stays towards elite status.
  4. Get a World MasterCard and complete one stay in the Asia-Pacific region.  Details here.


All of the hotel chains listed above offer a quick and easy path to mid-tier status.  Usually the easiest path requires obtaining a credit card.  I only recommend doing this if you’re pretty sure you’ll use the benefits of the card and/or the status.  If the benefits do outweigh the costs for you, though, the options presented above can be a great way to reach mid-tier status and hopefully enjoy your hotel stays more (and/or save money).

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Updated post now that the Amex Hilton Surpass gives free Gold status


Marriott does, too. In my mind, I think all hotels recognize your status even during reward stays — at least, marriott, starwood and hilton do. I used to reward-stay at Choice hotel and they recognize it, too.


HYyatt Platinum is not as good as Hilton, Marriot and Starwood because it has no free breakfast. I guess you should downgrade it from your list.

How about IHG Reward Club Plat and Club Carlson Plat status? Do they offer free breakfast?


IHG platinum award stay gives either free breakfast or faster wifi in the room ( vs slow wifi)
Club Carlson Concierge (platinum) gives free breakfast but not for Gold.


FYI, Not all IHG properties offer this.

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I tried getting Hilton gold using my AMEX business platinum. Called the number on the back of the card. He is not aware of this feature. He mentioned SPG gold and set me up with it. I asked him to check if Hilton gold is available for personal Platinum card and he checked with them and mentioned that it is not available for personal platinum card as well. Did anybody successfully get Hilton gold using business platinum card.


Apparently some Amex reps know about this and others do not. Might be worth another call or two.

Better By Design

As a note, completing a United Challenge will NOT get you Marriott status – I successfully completed a United status challenge last year and it will NOT give me the ‘free’ Marriott status.

T&C of the Marriott/United reciprocity/matching do specify that status gained through a match/challenge is not eligible, and they do, indeed, seem to have a flag somewhere that does, indeed, actually make this denial systematic.

Honestly, fair enough.


Better By Design: Interesting. The way I interpreted the T&C was that they wouldn’t give you status during the challenge (which makes sense), but I’m surprised to hear that it didn’t work after completion of the challenge. FYI: It did work for me in the opposite direction. That is, I challenged to Marriott Platinum status (no longer available option) and was able to get free United Silver status as a result.


World mastercard holders get SPG Gold after one stay at any Asia Pacifc Property.


Thanks. Got similar tip via email. I’ll update shortly.


I am gold/ platinum with most of the hotel chains and will be spending several nights each at radisson blu, Intercontinental, Park Hyatt and Conrad on a RTW next year. Do you know which hotels extend the gold/platinum benefits when redeeming points? Or will they deny benefits such as upgrade possibility or lounge entrance because this in non rev?

John K

@Dennis I know that hyatt, hilton, and SPG will recognize your status and provide you with benefits on points stay.


Is it possible to get the points for the Ritz Carlton card if you have already received them for a Marriott card? There seems to be conflicting information about that.


Can you spend $30k on either AMEX SPG, the personal or business? I see the $30k spend bonus listed for the business but not for the personal, just wanted to double check. Thanks


Greg, SPG is one of the only hotel credit card that does not provide a free night every year you psy the annual fee. Since the annual fee is on $65 I think, I’m curious what your thought are if they raised the annual fee and provided a free night. Do you think that would be a good deal? If they raised the annual fee from $65 to $95, you would be paying only $30 for a free night, probably at a cat 1-3 or something.


Grant: Yes, it would be great if SPG added a free night benefit, but I haven’t heard anything to suggest that will happen. Have you?
Paul: Yes, either SPG personal or business.
heather: Good question. I expect that you can, but I don’t know for sure.
Dennis: Most hotels do extend status benefit for reward stays. I think that Intercontinental might be an exception, but even there individual hotels often do honor the benefits. Others: please correct me if I’m wrong here.


No I haven’t heard anything, but it would be nice. Wishful thinking mostly.

PS I like the new reply option. Did you upgrade something in WordPress?


Grant: Thanks. I simply found an option in my WordPress settings to allow nesting of replies. I set it to allow 3 deep. We’ll see how that goes.


The Chase United Club Card also offers Hyatt Platinum.


You can also purchase top tier Intercontinental Ambassador status for $200.

Rob P

Also get Hilton Gold status with a Milepoint Premium membership for $49.95.


Rob P: Thanks for the reminder. Added Milepoint.
Jessica: Thanks. Added Intercontinental Ambassador status (FYI: it’s not top tier, but pretty good)
Leigh: Thanks. Added United Club Card


Well done. Very useful guide.