Marriott Platinum Premier 75. Should I go for it?

Starting August, Marriott resorts like The Playa Largo Resort & Spa in Key Largo Florida will offer free breakfast to Platinum elites.

Given Marriott’s announced new program, I’ve been thinking a lot about different options for earning high level elite status (see this post for ideas: Marriott SPG Windows of Opportunity).  The new program has three levels of meaningful elite status: Platinum 50* (requires 50 nights per year), Platinum Premier 75 (requires 75 nights per year), and Platinum Premier 100 (requires 100 nights per year, plus $20K spend).  It has occurred to me that if one was ever to go for Platinum Premier 75, this may be the perfect year to do so.

* There isn’t really an elite level called “Platinum 50”, it will just be called “Platinum Elite”. I find it helpful to include the nights required in the name, though, to make it clear that I’m not talking about the pre-August Platinum status which requires 75 nights.

Platinum status perks

In the new program starting August this year, Platinum 50 status will offer the following meaningful perks (a full list can be found here):

  • 4PM Late Checkout
  • Room upgrade includes suites when available
  • Welcome gift (free breakfast is one option and it will be available at resorts)
  • Lounge access
  • Annual Choice Benefit: 5 Suite Night Awards or Gift Option

Platinum Premier 75 adds the following:

  • Additional Choice Benefit: 5 Suite Night Awards or Gift Option
  • 48 Hour Guarantee
  • United Airlines Silver Premier status by enrolling in RewardsPlus.

Platinum Premier 100 adds the following:

  • Ambassador Service
  • Your24: Request any check-in time for an upcoming stay
  • United Airlines Gold Premier status via RewardsPlus? This has not been confirmed.

The benefits offered in the above list that I care most about are available to Platinum 50 members: 4PM late checkout, free breakfast & lounge access.  Prior to this year, I’ve had Marriott Platinum status for the past 5 years and I’ve both gotten a lot of value from these perks and have been frustrated when they weren’t available at resorts or Courtyard hotels (both of these issues will be corrected in the new program).  I consider the suite night awards a nice to have addition.  Sure I would like to get United elite status from the next level of status, and I’d especially like to get the Your24 option from top level status, but I’m pretty happy with the collection of benefits available at the 50 night level.

If I’m happy with Platinum, why consider going to Platinum Premier 75?

In the past, Marriott has always offered “soft landings” to elites who didn’t qualify for the same level of status that they had before. This means that Marriott would drop them down to the next level of status rather than taking away their status altogether.  For example, if you had Platinum status, but didn’t re-qualify, you would be given Gold status the next year (sometimes they even gave Platinum status just for the heck of it, but that never happened to me).  If that practice continues then this may be the year to go to Platinum Premier 75, even if you only really care about Platinum.

This year only, it should be possible to get up to 40 elite nights simply by having credit cards: SPG consumer and business cards (5 nights each), and Marriott Premier consumer and business cards (15 nights each).  Next year, each card will offer 15 nights, but those nights won’t stack.  So, this year only, it is possible to get Platinum status with just 10 nights above those offered through credit cards.  If you achieve Platinum 50 status that way, your status will be good for all of 2019 and through Feb 2020.  After this year, you’ll need 35 nights to re-qualify for Platinum 50 status since your credit cards will offer a maximum of 15 elite nights.

This year, for anyone with all four credit cards, it’s a no-brainer to go for Platinum 50.  In my case, I’ve already earned 3 SPG nights and have 3 Marriott nights reserved (two with free night certificates from my Marriott credit cards).  The extra 4 nights needed will happen easily with my usual travel.

The question is whether to go beyond Platinum 50.  In the future it will require 35 nights above the 15 offered by credit card membership to get to Platinum 50.  Once you have Platinum 50, though, it requires only 25 nights to get to the next level of status.  As a result, if the new Marriott program continues to support soft landings, you should be able to lock in two years of Platinum now at a reduced rate (where “rate” = number of elite nights earned).

Let’s compare multiple options for earning 50 night Platinum status for the next 2+ years, assuming that you currently have (or will get this year) all four credit cards:

Option 1: Earn status each year

Assuming you have all 4 credit cards in year 1 and at least one credit card past year 1:

  • 2018: 10 nights required above those given by credit card membership. Status is good until Feb 2020.
  • 2019: 35 nights* required above credit card membership. Status is good until Feb 2021.

Option total: 45 Nights required to keep Platinum 50 status until Feb 2021.

* Alternatively, it will be possible to earn Platinum status through $75K credit card spend with the new SPG Luxury card.

Option 2: Earn Platinum Premier 75 status this year

Assuming you have all 4 credit cards in year 1 and at least one credit card past year 1:

  • 2018: 35 elite nights earned through stays or meetings will get you to Platinum Premier 75. Status is good until Feb 2020.
  • 2019: Relax and enjoy Platinum Premier 75 status
  • 2020: In March you’ll hopefully be soft landed to Platinum 50.  Status would be good until Feb 2021.

Option total: 35 Nights required to keep Platinum 50 status until Feb 2021.

Option 3: Alternate years

Assuming you have all 4 credit cards in year 1 and at least one credit card past year 1:

When you obtain Marriott elite status, that status is good for the rest of the current year, all of the next year, and through February of the year after that.  Assuming the Feb end date remains as-is, it is then possible to alternate years to keep status continually:

  • 2018: 10 nights required above those given by credit card membership. Status is good until Feb 2020.
  • 2019: Enjoy status this year, but don’t pursue renewing it.
  • 2020: In January and Feb, earn the 35 nights* required above credit card membership. Status is good until Feb 2022.

Option total: 45 Nights required to keep Platinum 50 status until Feb 2022 (note that this option extends status for an extra year over the other options).

* Alternatively, it will be possible to earn Platinum status through $75K credit card spend with the new SPG Luxury card.

Option 4: Be happy with Platinum 50 through Feb 2020

Assuming you have all 4 credit cards in year 1:

In many ways this is the most prudent option.  As I wrote earlier, I’m going to get Platinum 50 status this year through credit card membership and regular stays with no additional effort required:

  • 2018: 10 nights required above those given by credit card membership. Status is good until Feb 2020.

Option total: 10 Nights required to keep Platinum 50 status until Feb 2021 2020.

In 2020 I could switch to Hilton which offers some of the same perks and requires only credit card membership to get to meaningful status.  Or, better yet, I could forget about loyalty altogether and just pay for the things I need.

Choices, choices…

If I really didn’t care about the additional perks of Platinum Premier 75, then options 3 and 4 are arguably best.   In fact, they’re compatible with each other: both would have me earn Platinum 50 status this year and then I could wait until 2020 to decide whether to abandon Marriott loyalty (option 4) or go with the every other year plan (option 3).  In fact, with the every other year plan it may be possible to do a Marriott Platinum challenge now and then to secure the next two years of status with just 9 separate stays.

On the other hand, there are a few factors that are tipping the scales towards seeking Platinum Premier 75 this year (option 2):

  • I may have a stay or two this year before August where I’ll book multiple rooms.  If I can book Starwood properties, I’ll get elite credit for each room.  This is an option that won’t be available when the programs merge in August.
  • In August, top tier SPG properties will suddenly be significantly less expensive to book with points, but the best deals will last only until early 2019 (see: The huge wins in Marriott’s announcement)  I’m eager to take advantage of some of these deals.  St. Regis Princeville? Sign me up!  If I book those stays for this year, the stays will help me get to Platinum Premier 75.  If I book those stays for next year’s travel or for late this year, I should then be able to take advantage of the 5 additional Suite Night Awards that come with Platinum Premier 75.
  • The ability to earn 10 elite nights by hosting a meeting will continue in the new program, but it’s unclear whether the terms and enforcement will remain the same.  In other words, if I want to earn elite nights through hosting meetings, it’s somewhat safer to do so before August.
  • This year it’s possible to earn elite night credits from credit card spend on the Marriott credit cards: Each $3,000 in spend gets you 1 elite night.  I think it’s likely that this option will go away next year (but we don’t know that for sure).  Given that our current Reasonable Redemption Value of Marriott points is 0.72 cents each, we can estimate the opportunity cost of this spend compared to the same spend on a 2% cash back card: $3000 x (.02 -0.007) =  $39 per elite night.  That’s a cheap price for an easy alternative to a mattress run.

OK, yeah.  I’ve convinced myself.  I’m going to go for it.  Platinum Premier 75, here I come.  And I hope to do it primarily through actual stays booked with points at fantastic resorts.  I haven’t told my wife about this plan yet, but I have a feeling she’ll approve…

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[…] In 2018 I made a very deliberate effort to reach near-top-tier Marriott elite status.  At the time, the status level was called Platinum Premier Elite, but now it is Titanium elite.  I made the push for that 75 night status, not because it’s much more valuable than 50 night Platinum Elite status, but because I thought it would be the best way to keep mid-tier Platinum status for multiple years (for an explanation, please see: Marriott Platinum Premier 75. Should I go for it?) […]

[…] to the August 18th Marriott Mergerpocalypse I talked myself into reaching for Platinum Premier 75-night status.  And, I’m getting close.  I see the end in sight.  I have 70 nights “on the books” and a […]

[…] both the SPG consumer and business credit cards. See Greg’s post for more on how this works: Marriott Platinum Premier 75. Should I go for it?. The new Premier Plus card does offer a route to Gold status by spending $35,000 on the card […]


I’m trying to work another angle. I am currently Marriott Gold and I enrolled in a Gold to Platinum challenge which ends 8/31 and I will hit that goal. I will then be Marriott Platinum under the old categories, which should translate to Platinum 75 rather than Platinum 50 when the levels change over. Hopefully it works.


Note: repost of comment from “Marriott SPG Windows of Opportunity” since its more relevant here.

hey greg/nick.

in which post do u talk about hitting status strategy before the AUG 1 and Jan 1 cut-over? i thot it would be clearly spelled out in “Marriott Platinum Premier 75. Should I go for it?”, but it really focuses on your personal situation. which is fine, but where do you talk about the overall strategy for various situations? meaning, lets talk about qualifying for 2019/2020 status under current rules and what will happen after the cut-over.

for example, someone who has already qualified for SPG plat for all 2018/2019 until 2020 based on 25 stays. same for SPG golds. what do we need to do before Aug 1st if anything and what about before Jan 1st 2019? SPG plat should get Marriott PP until 2020.

furthermore, the new program eliminates stay-based elite qualification and has min spend for 100 night Ambassador status. so it looks like we have to gun it for the SPG status before Aug 1st right? all SPG Plats get Marriott PP right? but until when? until 2020 if we are SPG Plat by Aug1st?? and i would think people want to qualify for Ambassador status without meeting the $20,000 minimum spend requirement. so all your 40 EQN via CC may be good but for those that dont have the cards, theres a different strategy too. thats key for many i would think.

also you have a few posts on the merger announcement, but there should be one big MASTER THREAD POST to summarize all the various posts so your fans have one place to reference. that would be a huge help for us or maybe im just talking for myself.


just to clarify and add:

many are still super confused about the new elite status pre/post AUG 1st and Jan 1st 2019. i myself is even still searching for definitive answers. especially around matching. its been noted that matching does NOT count.

its not just about Ritz Gold and Amex Plat Gold, but also, things like will SPG Plat (less than 50) get Marriott PP post Aug 1st for 2018 and into 2019? or will SPG Plat only get Marriott Plat 50 vs PP after Aug 1st thru 2018, but drop to Marriott Gold in 2019 unless the combined EQNs are over 50 or 75 to get back up to Plat 50/75?

many still believe SPG Plat (under 50) will match to Marriott Plat which will get PP after Aug 1st. not sure if thats true. still many questions.


It’ll be hard for me to stay platinum yearly at 35 nights as I have bursts of travel, I have this sort of educated guess that the Marriott Chase business card will have some sort of incremental spend for nights, perhaps $5k instead of $3k that stacks w/ the 15. If they do this I will go all in on Marriott, if not I will use up points etc as the status winds down then just go w/ and pay for breakfast etc, if we need a suite for a family situation just go to Homewood or Embassy, in fact Hilton Gold w/ breakfast will start looking really really good.


seems both SPG and marriot business cards don’t have 5 or 15 nights at sign up any more


Do you know if the regular Marriott Rewards Credit Card’s 10 elite nights can be stacked on top as well? If so, that would get us to 50 just through cards!


No, but I think I was looking at a legacy card that isn’t offered anymore. NVM!


If I apply for the Ritz card now, it seems I will be upgraded to the new Platinum 50 in August.However how long would I have Platinum 50 just until Feb 2019 or a for a year from receiving card? Have week long trip to Maui March 2019 and free breakfast would be nice. Thanks


In terms of lifetime platinum, let’s say that I earned platinum 75 in 2018, valid through feb 2020.

Then let’s say in 2019 I only had a few nights, and Marriott downgraded me as a courtesy to just platinum 50 through feb 2021.

18 earned platinum
19 courtesy platinum
20 extension of the platinum period.

Would I have one year or three years of platinum for lifetime purposes?

Also, do previous years of Starwood 25 stay platinum status — 50 nights not reached — count towards the minimum ten years for lifetime platinum 50 under the new rules?

Wondering if spending a couple of thousand dollars plus per year on unneeded and unwanted nights from 2020 through 2022 would be worth it. Would be buying some of the points now through my Amex card.

Thank you


I’m a lowly Marriott Silver with 13 rollover nights from 2017. I should be getting my 15 nights from my Marriott credit card on 6/1/18 (that’s when I expect the $85 AF to post).

With 2 SPG cards that I already have (gives me 10 nights) and a 7 night Marriott redemption in November and using my free night certificate from the Marriott credit card , that should get me to 28+10+7+1=46 nights towards reaching Plat50. So I only need 4 more nights this year to qualify for Plat50 until Feb 2020, correct?


Greg, do you know whether it is *currently* possible to sign up for the Marriott business card and get 15 nights worth of credit toward elite status? That offer was available recently, but when I click the link on your “best offers” page, and when I look at other landing pages, i.e., or, it seems that is no longer available. Instead, along with the sign-up point bonus and the free annual night, the offers promise (1) automatic silver status and (2) gold status following $50,000 in spend. I see no mention of the 15 nights worth of credit.

If it’s still possible to sign up now for the business card to stack 15 nights with the 15 from the personal card, I’d like to do it.



My personal Marriott credit card is due for a renewal in October. Will I still receive the 15 nights credit then?


Greg – Looking over the Marriott Business CrCard offer today and no longer see any mention of 15 nights credit, The personal Marriott card shows it in the offer but not the business card. I have the personal card and I’d get the business card if that offer is still available…any thoughts on where that offer may still be posted? Or is it simply gone now?


“you earn 15 credits toward Elite Status annually, after your account anniversary” – doesn’t look like you get it year 1.


Has the 15 night language ever been there on the business version? I’m not seeing it now either…


I am interested in this also. If I sign up for the business card, will the 15 nights be applied now like with the personal card? Or will they be applied at the first anniversary?


I found the following language in the offer terms. It talks about silver status, but it defines an “Account Anniversary Year.” I think this means the 15 elite nights should be applied after the account is opened. Thoughts?

“AUTOMATIC SILVER ELITE STATUS: You will automatically receive Silver Elite Status each account anniversary year as a cardmember (“Account anniversary year” means the year beginning with account open date through the anniversary of your account open date, and each 12 months after that).”


Hey Greg—Thanks for this super helpful post and for answering all of your readers questions. I don’t think I saw an answer yet to this one:

If I hit 25 stays with SPG exclusively by 12/31 of this year will I have Platinum Premiere 75 until Feb 2020 or do I have to hit 25 stays before 8/1? What happens if I don’t make the 8/1 deadline and only hit the 25 SPG stays by 12/31?



Are the 10 nights for meetings with SPG or Marriott?


If I hit platinum this year via challenge and will be under 75 nights, will I have Platinum75 until Jan 2019 or Jan 2020? When I signed up for Marriot platinum challenge and hit it 2 months ago they told me I would have status until 2020


Will I also recieve 10 SNA starting 8/1? and for the following year as well? Thanks in advance

Rajat Madan

Greg, is the following another possible option for reaching Marriott Platinum Premier 75 this year?
Get SPG platinum by getting 25 stays before Aug 1 = Marriott Platinum which will map to Marriott Platinum Premier 75 when the two merge on Aug 1. I just don’t know how long will this one last – through 2019 or 2020?
What are your thoughts?


Thanks Greg, nice post. I am already enrolled in the taste of platinum challenge. I only have 2-3 stays planned as of now but I plan on mattress running the rest. I think I can do it for around $300-400 after considering points I will receive and cash back from portals.


Another alternative if you have a cat 1 Marriott close by would be to put spend on the SPG card – $2K spend = 6K Marriott points required for a saver award cat 1. Then book a night with Marriott points to earn your elite night. Cost is slightly higher since you’re not earning points as in Greg’s example. But less spend is required – 2K SPG vs 3K Marriott. Does this make sense? Was trying to check category 1 Marriott locations, but I can’t seem to get the category search function to work on Marriott’s site right now.


Brilliant! Thank you!!


Is there a list of SPG category 1 hotels I can use?


Never mind, I found it. There’s only 4 cat 1 SPG properties in the US (in Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Utah). Cat 2 increases your odds (i.e., add 77 more hotels in 24 more states). But it takes the cost per night up to 3k (on par with the Marriott alternative), if you can find availability.


I apologize up front for the unusually long post.

I am in Shanghai through mid-May for work (the reason for my late/very early replies, as well as the extra time I have to research this – it’s the national May 1st holiday weekend here and my wife just left after 10 days of intensive touring with me, and I need a break from running around while the rest of the country floods all the transport and vacation venues).

So, I tried looking at cat 1 and cat 2 Starwood properties nearby, finding a cat 2 (there’s also a cat 1 a short bullet train ride away, but that increases the cost). I then tried reserving 3 rooms for two weekend nights using 3k SPG points (or 2k SPG points and $35 cash) for each room next weekend. I got the following message – “SPG Free Night Award and SPG Cash & Points reservations booked online are limited to 1 room per reservation. Call SPG Customer Care for additional support.”

Looks like there’s a speed bump to this plan. Any suggestions (other than calling SPG Customer Support)? Also, interested in suggestions on what I should say to them if I call.

If not, then the 6 EQNs per weekend will become 2 EQNs (i.e., 1 room for two nights). My plan was to do them for 2 consecutive weekends (= 4 EQNs) before i leave China (I live in a university-provided apartment while in Shanghai). I also found a Cat 2 Aloft a 1.5 hour drive away from where I live in the U.S. (and with weekend availability in June), so I could manufacture more EQNs that way later this year.

By my calculations, this approach costs (net) about $65/EQN using all points and $75/EQN using Cash and Points . . . It is less expensive than simply placing $3k of spend on my Marriott card – where I calculate my (unusually high) opportunity cost at about $140/EQN (since I would be replacing plastiq spend using a Cash Ink Preferred card – the only way I can generate that much spend at a rate of $3k = 1 EQN per month, for a total of 8 EQNs in 2018). This approach is the least labor intensive – my plastiq spend is all automated, but “ouch” on the relative cost. Perhaps I can achieve $12k in Marriott card spend for 2018 outside of plastiq, which would make the opportunity cost far less (~$30/EQN) for 4 EQNs. To be conservative, I’ll assume I can get 2 EQNs using this approach.

Next, I’m exploring meetings at Marriott properties around where I live in the U.S. There’s two possibilities (I’ve got a request for quotes out to them). I figure if I can do a “meeting” for “all in” less than $675 per, then I’m coming out ahead of the “mattress run” alternative (i.e., $675 spend = 3,375 Marriott points which knocks $25+ off the cost – and, getting 10 EQNs per meeting, that translates to about $65/EQN). I’m hoping I can get the meeting costs down to $400 or lower, in which case, it appears to be the best alternative, after low opportunity cost Marriott card spend, to generate EQNs.

The meetings look like a way to go, if I can find a hotel to work with me (the crucial key). If so, it’s “relatively” cheap and scales (with 2 meetings between now and August 1st) to the # of EQNs (28) that I project I will need to “manufacture” Plat 75 status for 2019 and a soft landing to Plat 50 during Feb 2020 – Feb 2021. . .

Alternatively, I could declare Plat 75 a “bridge too far,” and simply shoot for the 3 extra EQNs that I project I will need to qualify for Plat 50 during 2019 and call it a day (but I will lose that extra year of Plat status I was after). This probably will end up being my decision, given the costs involved.

28 manufactured EQNs for two years of Marriott Plat status (and – like Greg – it’s the lounge access and free breakfasts, especially while travelling overseas, my wife and I really value) probably will cost alot (assuming a combo of 2 meetings at $400/ea, low opportunity cost ($30/EQN) Marriott card spend for 2 EQNs, and 6 ea. cat 2 manufactured EQNs at $65/EQN). That adds up to $1,250, or about $625 for each year of Platinum status

A bit steep for me, especially considering that I can get one year (at Plat 50) through Feb 2020 at only 3 manufactured EQNs costing about $125 (i.e., 2 EQNs for $30 each and 1 EQN for $65).

Then, again, the meetings at Marriott properties will be a business expense, borne by my wife’s solely owned small company and will be tax deductible, lowering their cost by 25%. Also, I need to explore how I can increase my low opportunity cost Marriott card spend. So, I will look a little more at those before throwing in the towel on Plat 75.

A long post, and I apologize again for it. But hopefully this helps others like me who are trying to think this through. And I also hope someone can show me a smarter path than those I’ve been going down. Comments, anyone (aka, Greg)?


Best I could come up with was Marriott cat 1 (non saver) for 7,500 Marriott which= 2,500 spend on my SPG card. So close to the 3k on the Marriott card, will probably just do the Marriott spend and get the points instead of going to the trouble of cheching into rooms. There is a PITA factor to consider!


How does the Amex Platinum factor into this? I saw a previous article that said it would map to gold status in the new program even though currently it maps to gold which will be platinum in the new program. Has this been confirmed?


Given the lack of benefits with gold in the new program, this decreases the value of the Platinum greatly for me. Looks like I will have to consider one of the options you identified.

Brian H.


Under your option 1 paragraph, shouldn’t the option total be still just 35 nights required to keep plat through 2021? The 10 and 35 shouldn’t be additive as it’s just 40 nights from credit cards and 35 actual nights.

Also would meetings still work at 10 nights a pop?

NVM, I kept reading your option 1…scratch that.


How many rooms do you have to book?


Greg: I’m sold on the Plat 75 option. With credit cards, rollover nights, cc spend and actual stays, I’m already on track to have 50 EQNs by the end of 2018. Meetings seem a fairly inexpensive way to get most of the way for the remaining 25 nights. My question – where/how do I find the terms and conditions for meeting EQN rewards and how do I determine a property that will waive the rooms booked requirement? Thanks – great and very informative article.


Uh oh. I just read elsewhere in this thread that on August 1st, no more stacking of EQNs from multiple cards. Does this mean (since I have 2 SPG cards and 1 Marriott personal card that I’ve already gotten a cumulative 25 EQNs from this year), that my Marriott business card that renews in November 2018 will not give me an additional 15 EQNs for 2018? If so, my path to Plat 75 just got longer . . . Additionally, with the merging of the programs, has the RRV of Marriott points changed? Right now, I’m using the 0.78 cents per point you have been using. It’s a critical question as I calculate opportunity cost of shifting $3k of spend from the Chase Preferred card (in paying bills in plastiq – at 3 points for each dollar at 1.82 cents per point) to my Marriott business card in order to get extra EQNs . . . and should I plan on shifting all that spend before Aug 1st also (or is getting 1 EQN for each $3k spend on Marriott cards intact through at least the end of this year)? Alot of questions, I know, but this is a complex shift that needs a thoughtful strategy.


I am currently a Platinum level for life at Marriott. What level of Platinum will I get when these changes take place, Platinum 50, 75, or 100.


The other question I have is about those 5 suite night awards, what will be their validity? Does it make sense to hit 75 combined nights later in 2018 so as to make them more useful?


For example, qualifying on, say, October 1st means the suite upgrades are good until 10/1/2019; so qualifying later would make them more useful if you need more time to use them.

One of the more annoying things with Megabonus certificates for me.

Russell Shepherd

I was lifetime Gold til last December, then became regular Platinum in January.
I have total of 726 Lifetime nights. Only 10 earned this year)
If I achieve 750 nights before August will I get Lifetime Platinum?
I have over 2.25m points.


If I get the Marriott cards now, will I get the 30 nights before August or upon my anniversary next year?


I got the 15 EQN from Marriott Biz in about 1 week after applying for the card (and before even receiving the card). This is as per last week.


Greg – any insight on how much you have to spend on meetings to get the elite nights? Seems like it might be a way to Meeting “Mattress” Run.

Erik Thorberg

I am primarily a Marriott hotel guest and I have Platinum status with close to 60 nights already this year. I also have 5 nights at SPG properties so far this year, do you know if those nights will be added together for my grand total nights?

Erik Thorberg

Is there a way to see the actual $ spend at the Marriott properties so we can how close we get to the $20K?


Is there a benefit to getting to 75 nights before August 1st? Did I read somewhere we double up on suite night awards?


If you get 50 nights purely from SPG nights before august 1st you should get platinum SPG matched to new platinum 50 and get the 10 suite nights from the old SPG program.


Oh wow I didnt know that. I am at 45 nights and switch my stays to other brands because I thought I was set. I am gonna do those 5 nights asap.


but that should be added within ur post as its a major opportunity. if u go for SPG 50 nights before aug 1st, you get 10 SNA from SPG. then ur matched to Marriott Plat 50 on Aug 1st which should get you another 5 at the beginning or end of year. but since we are talking about gunning for Plat 75, then that means getting 10 SNA from SPG before aug 1st then another 10 on the marriott side. unless im missing something here.


I’m currently a Marriott Plat so I believe I’ll be matched to Platinum Elite? Will this status likely be valid till Feb 19?


Greg does status reset Feb 1 or Feb 28…I am considering a st regis maldives mid feb 2019 and the free breakfast would be a big deal before a status drop from platinum to gold


It was my understanding that the nights the SPG card could only count towards the SPG elite status for this year. Is that inaccurate? So the ten nights couldn’t be combined for status with the Marriott 15 nights.


I’m kinda in the same boat. Issue really is the soft landing–if that’s official then it makes the calculation much, much easier.


Would getting all four cards count toward 5/24 thought?


I’m not under 5/24 until Aug 2018, so I am unable to take advantage of the 10 elite nights the marriott personal would have granted me?


Any updates as to spending $75K on Ritz Carlton Card will get Marriott Platinum Premier? Thanks!


Just noticed on the Ritz-Carlton and Chase websites that the language has been updated and states that $10k annual spend awards “Gold Elite” and $75k annual spend awards “Platinum Elite.” This seems like great news for those interested in status through spend.